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Su Wanying didn’t take it seriously at first.

After all, Fu Yanzhi was such an excellent eligible bachelor that there were countless women chasing after him.

She was used to the buzzing flies, but she never imagined that Fu Yanzhi would actually get caught.

Like all the previous ones before, he had rejected them all.

The list went on and on, longer and longer.

Once she found that one of the chasers actually managed to eat out with him and was permitted to enter his office, she grew afraid.

She couldn’t hold herself back when she found out it was Ji Qingying!

At noon that day, she lied to Ji Qingying that Fu Yanzhi was still in surgery.

As the number of rumors grew, so did her jealousy fester, upto the point where she lost control of her words.

She had clearly despised the notion of pursuing a man, before she did it herself.

But in order to get closer to Fu Yanzhi, she had even resorted in using their beloved work as pretext.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com


Su Wanying had thought long and hard after she was clearly rejected by Fu Yanzhi, saying that he was already in a serious relationship.

Afterwards, he’d even introduce Ji Qingying as his girlfriend and call her his ‘family’.

Maybe she shouldn’t have been so forceful.

Or maybe… These types of thoughts were constantly on her mind.

If… if she had just put away her pride and took the initiative to openly pursue Fu Yanzhi from the start, would anything change

However, what ifs were useless and there was no re-do button in life.

Su Wanying stood there, motionlessly contemplating.

Suddenly, someone gently hugged her from the back.

She looked up.

It was her father.

“Having a hard time”

“No.” Su Wanying hugged her father’s arm back.

“Dad, I apologized.”

Father Su smiled and patted her head.

“I know.”

“Although Yanzhi’s truly outstanding, the hospital is full of other excellent people.

My lovely and talented daughter, there are other fish in the sea! I’m confident you’ll find someone else you’ll like.”

“Yes, Dad.

You’re right.”

Father Su nodded before saying, “Let’s get going then.

Your mother is waiting for us at home for dinner.”


Su Wanying was lucky, but also unlucky.

In love, she didn’t get what she wanted.

But with family, she hit the jackpot.

She’s still a proud daughter of heaven.

Ji Qingying, Fu Yanzhi and the others went to dinner.

During the dinner, in order to appropriately celebrate Fu Yanzhi’s victory, everyone was making a fuss about drinking.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying knew that Fu Yanzhi didn’t really like alcohol, so she took a few cups for him right away.

Fu Yanzhi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

When she tried to block the wine for a third time, he had to go grab it himself.

“What are you doing”

Ji Qingying looked at him.

Fu Yanzhi’s eyes narrowed as he said, “Don’t be a busy body!”

Upon hearing that, Lin Haoran was dissatisfied and asked, “What’s wrong with you”

He ended up yelling, “What kind of person invites guests to dinner and doesn’t drink!”

So he looked at Hi Qingying before saying, “So Beauty Ji, stop drinking for him.”

“……But he doesn’t like drinking.”

“So what”

Lin Haoran smiled, “Isn’t it good to get Dr Fu drunk once in a while Aren’t you curious about how he is drunk”


Honestly, she wanted to see!

Ji Qingying had only ever seen him sober, so she was really curious.

When Fu Yanzhi saw her inquisitive gaze, Fu Yanzhi felt a headache forming.

“Want to see me drunk”

“A little bit.”

Fu Yanzhi gave a low laugh, “That won’t do.”

Ji Qingying’s eyes widened and she asked curiously, “Why”

Fu Yanzhi paused as he lowered his head to whisper in her ear, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to see anything.”


After speaking, Fu Yanzhi took the wine glass she had just snatched from him and drank it all in one go.

Ji Qingying stared at his undulating Adam’s Apple and subconsciously licked her lips.

‘So sexy.’

Just watching him drink had convinced her yet again that this guy was extremely sexy!

Fu Yanzhi no longer allowed her to intercept any drink for him for the rest of the dinner.

Their celebration went on for quite a while, and by the time it ended, it was already 10 o’clock in the evening.

They were both drunk so Fu Yanzhi called for a cab.

After getting on, Ji Qingying glanced at him sideways, asking, “Are you drunk!”

Fu Yanzhi chuckled lightly before saying, “Nope.”

Ji Qingying disappointedly said “Oh.

They said you were a lightweight because you don’t drink often, but you really can hold your alcohol, huh”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

“Uhm.” Fu Yanzhi responded in a deep voice.

The two sat quietly in the backseat, but Ji Qingying gradually felt that someone wasn’t quite right.

She craned her head to stare at Fu Yanzhi’s hand for a long time before blankly removing it from her body.

As soon as she took his hand off, he started to lean towards her.

At that moment, Ji Qingying realized…

Fu Yanzhi was drunk.

But he didn’t want to admit it!

She gritted her teeth and extended her hand to stop Fu Yanzhi’s idle ones.

“Dr Fu, stop it!”

Laughter could be heard from the driver in front.

Ji Qingying blushed as she put her head down his shoulder.

“Dr Fu, please act appropriately”

She didn’t really know if Fu Yanzhi had understood her or not, but he really stopped moving from then on.

After the car ride, Ji Qingying tried to have a few words with the driver.

The driver just laughed as he said, “Thank you! I wish you both happiness!”


When they got home, Ji Qingying reached out to him to take off his necktie, while softly asking, “Dr Fu, are you there!”

Fu Yanzhi muttered a reply before plomping down the sofa directly.

Ji Qingying paused but decided to follow suit.

Before she could even sit down, he had pulled her down into his arms.

Ji Qingying was surprised.

Just as she was about to protest, Fu Yanzhi’s hand had fallen on the button of her cheongsam.

The look in his eyes was a bit hazy as he kept trying to unbutton it.

She just stared at him and his hands, fascinated by the scene.

‘Is this man really drunk’

“Doctor Fu.”


He looked at her.

Ji Qingying couldn’t help but laugh as she whispered, “Can’t solve it”

Fu Yanzhi frowned, but drew closer to her instead.

He lowered his head to kiss her lips, before replying, “Mmm.”

He engulfed her lips, before saying a gruff voice, “Take it off yourself”

After he finished speaking, he held Ji Qingying’s hand and put it on his belt buckle.


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