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Warning 18 !!!!!

Ji Qingying was pulled into his embrace, with one of his hands even cradling her leg while the other was wrapped around her waist.

She could not move at all.

She could feel his warmth from both his palms, which made her heart race.

But at the same time, she felt an inexplicable need to laugh.

It turns out that Fu Yanzhi was drunk.

Really drunk.

She lowered her gaze as he touched the tip of his nose, “Dr Fu, has anyone else seen you like this”

Fu Yanzhi opened his eyes to look at her.

Her bright silhouette was reflected in his pupils.

He gulped and replied in a deep voice, “Only you.”

“Really” Ji Qingying raised her eyebrow when she asked, “I’m the only one”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

Ji Qingying smiled, “Then I’m the only one who’s seen you drunk, eh”

Fu Yanzhi closed his eyes again to rest as he bobbed his head.

‘He normally didn’t even drink at all, so how many times could he have gotten drunk’

When Ji Qingying got his affirmative answer while she was staring at him, she couldn’t help but have her lips curve into a secret smile.

She drew closer to him and kissed him on the lips, “How sober are you now”

Fu Yanzhi didn’t speak.

His suddenly withdrew his hand on her back as he actually managed to undo one of her frog fasteners* of her cheongsam before her eyes.

*Frog Fasteners are what holds cheongsams up, much like buttons are for normal shirts/shorts/pants.

Difference it, they are made of fabric too.

Google to see.

Her eyelids jumped as she looked at the man lounging on the sofa with surprise.

When Fu Yanzhi was about to untangle the second one, Ji Qingying stopped his hand, “Don’t.”

She very shyly added, “The curtains aren’t drawn yet…”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes.

Ji Qingying pushed him away before getting up and walking over to the window.

The cheongsam she wore was made of lace, sleeveless, and had a slanted lapel.

It reached to her calves, but from her thighs down, embroidered knots were used to block her most fascinating features.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying closed the windows and drew the curtains closed.

Only the warm light of the chandelier was left illuminating the room.

She turned back to look at the man who was still half-lying on the sofa.

Fu Yanzhi had his eyes open the entire time, looking at her with a burning gaze.

Their eyes met.

Ji Qingying smiled and started to bend down under his gaze.

She had always been in good shape, great curves, with a ‘meaty’ front and back.

She had always been slim too, but had all she needed in all the right places.

Wearing cheongsams accentuated her nice figure.

Fu Yanzhi’s eyes were glued on the body of the woman standing not too far away.

When she bent down, her calves tensed, while her soft white hands made quite a juxtaposition with the pink lace.

It seemed that even the skin on her body was tinged pink.

She turned aside, against the light, leaving only a shadowy silhouette on the ground.

She untied the frog fasteners one by one with her fingers as Fu Yanzhi watched on.

Moving from her calf up to her upper side, she slowly unfastened.

Then she looked up to Fu Yanzhi, with her gaze betraying shyness and seduction.



She deliberately lowered her voice, like a goblin out to do mischief, “I’ll teach you how to untie these, okay”

The cheongsam that Ji Qingying was wearing that day had special fasteners at the top.

Compared to the ones on the side, they were much more difficult to untie.

It wasn’t surprising that Fu Yanzhi had failed to untie them even after several tries.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Fu Yanzhi’s eyes seemed to be afire, gradually burning bigger and bigger.

He sat straight up and replied hoarsely, “Okay.

Come here.”

Ji Qingying smiled and walked towards him gracefully.

As soon as Ji Qingying arrived, she was pulled and put on top of him.

The untied cheongsam was lifted up to expose her lustrous legs, their white and tender skin was really seducing.

Fu Yanzhi looked down so that he could gaze everywhere.

Then he looked up at Ji Qingying’s face and asked in a low voice, “Teach me”

At that moment, Ji Qingying had realized that she had dug this hole for herself.

Nevertheless, down the hole she goes.

She pursed her lips in thought, looked down at his slender hands, and replied softly, “…Okay.”

She took Fu Yanzhi’s hand and placed it by her collarbone, before speaking to him in a soft voice, “You grab this thread and wind it here twice.

There’s a small point on it and it’ll untie after you finish unwinding.”

Fu Yanzhi did as instructed.

His fingers lingered on the knot as he studied it with careful attention, just as she taught him.

Being so close, Ji Qingying was able to see that Fu Yanzhi’s nails were trimmed very neatly, and were clean and beautiful.

Feeling his fingers fumble over the area, her body couldn’t help but tense up.

He had only been trying for 10 seconds, but to her it felt like a year.

She unconsciously swallowed her saliva, before feeling a moistness on her ear, and a man’s voice asking her, “Is it like this”

When he finished speaking, the topmost knot was untied.

Ji Qingying said, “Hmm”, as her eyelashes trembled.


Fu Yanzhi lowered his head to kiss her earlobes, “Did I do well”


Fu Yanzhi grinned as he began to study the second knot, whispering a reply, “Well, I had a good teacher.”

Ji Qingying blushed fully before trying to move out of embarrassment, but was restrained from doing so by Fu Yanzhi.

“Don’t move.”


She lowered her gaze as she began to stare at his movements.

She no longer tried moving.

It was the first time in her life that Ji Qingying had found untying frog fasteners as torture.

Just a few knots to untie, but it felt like a century had passed when a man was trying to undo them.

When he had finally managed to undo them all, she had a fleeting moment of wanting to flee to her room, but before she could even stand up, Fu Yanzhi’s hand went down from the knot to somewhere else.

Both of Ji Qingying’s legs tensed up instantly as she felt an indescribably strange feeling come over her.

“Fu… Yanzhi.”



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