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“Hmm” He replied, which he followed up in a sexy way, “Shouldn’t I be rewarded for properly learning it”

And with that, he got her back for every action she did that took advantage of him.

All her clever maneuvering had been paid back ten to a hundred times more.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying muttered, “So what reward do you want”


A single decisive word was said.

The next second, Ji Qingying felt Fu Yanzhi’s hand moving.

Her body trembled uncontrollably and her throat overflowed with soft moans.

Contrasted with the quiet night, it was a passionate romance.


The living room was much brighter than the bedrooms because of the many lightbulbs on the chandelier.

With her cheongsam lifted up, it was a particularly dazzling sight under the bright light.

Gradually, more things were flung to the floor than when they first arrived, but it wasn’t many.

Nothing in the room had changed, and no strangers were present.

Only the two of them were present.

Gradually, their inhibitions were released as time went by.

Their heavy clothes were taken off and seemingly disappeared.

The curtains were shut so no one could see the scenes that were happening inside that could make anyone blush and heart skip a beat.

Occasionally, you could hear a cacophony of different sounds that evening, that would make others sleepless and aroused.

Judging from shadows under the light, the man’s hands swam across the woman, while the woman’s legs were splayed out in the air, as if she couldn’t manage to latch herself on him.

When she finally relaxed her legs, a big hand came and tangled with them like a vine.


From the living room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the table in the dining room, their shadows left traces all over the house.

It was as if a repressed person had finally managed to take off their mask to completely air their true nature they’ve been suppressing all these years with a little help from alcohol.

Just because of the person he was with.


The wind grew silent, and so did the sounds.

Everything turned calm, as fallen petals and leaves would float on the lake and eventually pool together at its banks, no longer thrown about by the currents.

When Fu Yanzhi woke up, the person next to him was still asleep.

The curtains were tightly closed.

Did Ji Qingying force him to draw them close last night when they were doing ‘it’, or did he do it voluntarily for her sake

He thought about this for a while before pausing to look at the person in his arms.

His face couldn’t help but soften at the sight of her.

He lowered his head to kiss her on the lips.

He then quietly got up to take some medicine from the cupboard.

She didn’t kick him this time around.

After having her take the medicine, Fu Yanzhi pinched her cheeks, before telling her in gruffly, “I’m off to work.”

Ji Qingying’s eyelids fluttered, but she didn’t want to look at him yet.

Fu Yanzhi smiled knowing that she was already awake.

He lowered his head and touched her lips again, before teasingly saying, “Message me when you wake up.

I’ll have someone bring you breakfast.”

“Don’t wanna.”

Ji Qingying mumbled this reply inside the blanket before adding, “Just go to work already! I’ll eat with Rongxue.”


Fu Yanzhi reached out his hand to brush the strands of air on Ji Qingying’s face before whispering, “Let’s have dinner together tonight.”



When Ji Qingying heard his murmured apology, the crazy things they did that night immediately came flooding in again.

She kicked him in embarrassment again and exclaimed, “Just go already!”

Fu Yanzhi smiled.

He knew she was just being shy.

He began standing up, before bending down again to give her another peck on the lips.

“I loved last night’s reward,” he teased.


Only when he had left did Ji Qingying hesitantly open her eyes.

She felt like crying but had no tears to shed when she looked down at the clothes she was wearing.

He liked it.

But she didn’t!

She regretted it… deeply regretted it! She shouldn’t have taken the initiative to seduce him last night.

Who knew that a drunken Fu Yanzhi would be like that…

Thinking of last night, pictures of the deeds they did made Ji Qingying want to find a hole to bury herself in.

They had a lot of sex last night, and morever she tossed and turned all around.

If she didn’t already normally exercised, she felt that she would have fainted due to all the sexual acts they did.

Now, she had clearly realized how much Fu Yanzhi loved cheongsams.

‘Men’s fetish for uniforms is too scary!’

When Fu Yanzhi arrived at the hospital, he wasn’t surprised with all the congratulations he was receiving from colleagues.

He just accepted it all calmly, as if he breaks character here and show emotions, it would be obvious that he was in a good mood

Xu Chengli looked at him suspiciously before stating, “You’re in a good mood.”


He raised an eyebrow questioningly, “Because of the competition”

But he quickly corrected himself, saying, “It can’t be.

You weren’t like this when you’ve previously won.”

Fu Yanzhi only glanced at him without saying anything.

Of course he would be in a good mood, but it was definitely not because he won.

Xu Chengli stared at him for a while before realizing something, “…Oh.

I see.”




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