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Xu Chengli sighed, “When will I find a girlfriend”

Zhao Yidong happened to pass by and couldn’t help but interject, “If you talked a lot less, you’d be able to find a girlfriend, Dr Xu.”


He looked straight at her eyes and said, “You busy today”

“Busy.” Zhao Yidong replied, “Super busy! So I’ll take my leave first, Dr Xu, Dr Fu.

Have a nice morning.”

Xu Chengli snorted as he looked at her leaving, “Heh, Nurse Zhao is really…!”

“She’s right, you know.”

The smile on Xu Chengli’s face froze as he looked at him, “What did you say”

Fu Yanzhi merely glanced at him before calmly replying, “I said, if you talked a lot less, you’d find a girlfriend.”


Fu Yanzhi’s schedule today was a lot busier than he thought, that he wasn’t even able to reply to Ji Qingying when she messaged him.

During his lunch break, he only managed to take two random bites before rushing off again.

Ji Qingying didn’t mind that he wasn’t able to reply to her message yet, because she knew how busy and tiring Fu Yanzhi’s work could get.


He’s busy with his life, and so was she.

She also had her own stuff to do.

When they were together, she poured all her attention on him.

She’d even act coquettish and let him spoil her, really acting as if she was a three-year-old brat.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

But when they were apart, she morphed into an independent and self-reliant woman.

She could manage anything that could go her way, even when she was alone.

After discussing the initial design ideas with Rong Xue, the two ordered delivery.

Rong Xue glanced at her and whispered, “Sister Qingying.”


Having caught a glimpse of Ji Qingying’s neck, she smiled while asking, “Are you going out at night”

“No, I don’t.”

Rong Xue only nodded, before whispering, “Well, remember to cover your neck if you go out at night.”


When Ji Qingying managed to see her neck area, she was able see the hickeys Fu Yanzhi had given her last night.

Rong Xue stared at her chuckling, “Calm down! I understand.”

She held her own cheeks and said, “Aren’t you surrounded by happiness when you’re with your lover, Dr Fu”

Ji Qingying paused to think for a moment before nodding in agreement, “Yes.”

She didn’t hide anything.

She even wanted to tell the whole world how happy she was to fall in love with Fu Yanzhi.

As Rong Xue stared at her, she couldn’t help but say, “That’s good.”

She leaned on Ji Qingying’s shoulders before sighing, “Sister Qingying only deserves the best.”

Ji Qingying smiled before looking at her seriously, “Don’t taunt the bull if you’re not ready to deal with their horns.”

Rong Xue grinned, “No problem.

When we’re done eating, let’s finish up the previous orders.

We need to start focusing on the competition in a few days.”


That afternoon, when Ji Qingying and Rong Xue were busy, Chen Xinyu suddenly appeared.

They both were taken aback.

Ji Qingying saw her unhappy expression so she asked, “What’s wrong”

Chen Xinyu plopped down on the sofa, seemingly unsure how to start.


Ji Qingying smiled.

She got up to get her a glass of water from the kitchen before softly asking, “Did you get off work early today”

Chen Xinyu accepted the glass of water before saying, “Yes.”

She lowered her head and began taking a sip.

Ji Qingying didn’t continue to broach the subject, merely going back to her own work.

Chen Xinyu sat on the sofa alone for a while before walking over and asking, “Is there anything I can help with”

Ji Qingying pointed, “I’ve already finished drawing that one over there.

Help me cut it.”


The room grew quiet as the three busied themselves.

After finishing the stuff she needed to do, having glanced at the time, Ji Qingying finally saw Fu Yanzhi’s message.

It stated that he had to work overtime that night, so she should just eat dinner with her assistants.

Ji Qingying thought about it a bit before looking at silent Chen Xinyu before asking, “What would you like to eat tonight”

“Anything will do.”

“Then let’s eat barbecue.”

Ji Qingying was in high spirits.

“I haven’t eaten barbecue in a long time, and since the competition will be an enclosed type again, we definitely won’t be having nice meals for its duration.

Chen Xinyu only stared at her speechless.

“Okay then, let’s go eat barbecue.

But are we not going to finish these first”

Ji Qingying nodded, “We still have a few days left.

We’ll make it in time.”

They three left right away and in about 30 minutes, they were already in a barbecue restaurant.

Ji Qingying and Chen Xinyu were sitting on one side, while Rong Xue was on the opposite side.

Ji Qingying glanced at the person beside her then started poking her, “Hey, are you still not going to say anything”

Chen Xinyu looked at her, then promptly leaned on her shoulders, before shaking her head.

“Still don’t wanna.”

Ji Qingying didn’t know what to say.

“If so, then stop making such a face, since you’re making Rongxue not be able to speak with you.”

Suddenly, after receiving Ji Qingying’s gaze, Rong Xue nodded and smiled as she gave a tea cup to Chen Xingyu, “Sister Xinyu, did quarrel with someone at work.

Please stop being angry.

Whatever it was, our Xinyu is still the best!”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Chen Xinyu laughed as she looked at Rongxue, “Our Rongxue’s still so sweet.”

Rong Xue smiled, “It’s because Sister Xinyu taught me well~”

“Then you’re welcome.”

Listening to their shamelessness, Ji Qingying was speechless.

She smiled while excusing herself, “I’m going to the toilet.”


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