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“Just go then.

You’ll be able to eat meat by the time you return.”

Ji Qingying smiled.

The restaurant they chose had a high rating in the apps, so it had a good reputation for its service.

The restaurant was huge, but the only negative was that there was a huge queue at the toilet.

Ji Qingying waited at the end of the line.

She casually played on her mobile phone, and even messaged Fu Yanzhi about their whereabouts.

As soon as she posted a photo of the barbecue place, an unfamiliar voice sounded from in front of her.

“Ji Qingying”

She paused while subconsciously turning to see who it was.

The toilet wasn’t too big as there was only a small walkway in front of the door.

Everyone was lined up in a row in front of it.

When someone came out of the toilet, they’d have to rub shoulders with those waiting to get out, so it could be regarded as fairly cramped.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Not far from where Ji Qingying was, the toilet entrance was up a single stair.

A woman in a white dress now stood upon that step.

She was delicate and petite, and very much looked like the little sister next door.

Compared to the radiant Ji Qingying, she was a bit lacking.

She looked at Ji Qingying with obvious surprise.

After Ji Qingying saw her face clearly, she suddenly recollected when she first met this woman a few years ago.

‘She said her name was Lin Xiaoshuang.’

‘The same as the one in the poem of Master Wang: Whoever is Drunk in the Forest at Dawn, Always Leaves in Tears.’

Just seeing this poem induces people to feel the beauty of autumn’s winds and frozen leaves–a poem full of meaning!

At that time, Ji Qingying also felt that it was very beautiful.

They even became good friends for this reason.

When her reminiscence was over, she stared the woman directly in the eyes.

Seeing as the other party didn’t deny knowing her, so she laughingly asked, “Why are you here”

Ji Qingying’s eyebrows raised as she rebutted, “Is this your home”

The smile on Lin Xiaoshuang’s face froze over as she didn’t expect the other party to strike back so sharply.

She paused before softly saying, “That’s not what I meant.

I just didn’t expect to meet you here.”


Lin Xiaoshuang looked at her and asked, “Did you come with friends”

Ji Qingying didn’t answer.

Lin Xiaoshuang looked around before whispering, “I heard you’re also participating in the national design competition.

How is your preparations”

Ji Qingying simply stared at her before smiling, “You want to know”

Lin Xiaoshuang was taken aback, “Qingying, you’ve changed a lot.”

“That’s right.”

Ji Qingying said nonchalantly, “Of course I’ve changed a lot.

You’ve changed as well.”

She made a show of carefully inspecting Lin Xiaoshuang’s face, before stating without paying the people around them any mind, “Is the soil and water abroad not good for people I feel you’re aging too quickly.” She also quickly added, “You’re looking so stressed, you’re no longer beautiful.”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com


“You-” Lin Xiaoshuang’s eyes widened as she never expected to be attacked so viciously.

Ji Qingying bit her lower lip while remarking, “It was a pity that I wasn’t even able to make a scene back then.”

Lin Xiaoshuang eyes grew even larger as she gritted her teeth and asked, “Ji Qingying, are you crazy!”

“Not at all.”

Ji Qingying stepped forward and calmly said, “However, I plan to see you go crazy.”

With a deadpan face, she stated, “Before you go crazy, I won’t stop.”

And after making this declaration, it happened to be her turn for the toilet.

Ji Qingying didn’t even bother to give her another look as she went inside.

When she went in, what stood in front of her was a wash basin and a mirror.

She looked at the person in the mirror, feeling a bit unfamiliar.

Ji Qingying put on a thoughtful expression before taking her time washing her hands.

She then turned and left.

Back at their table, Chen Xinyu eyed her suspiciously before asking, “Why are you the one in a bad mood now”

Ji Qingying took out her mobile phone and opened her chat box with Fu Yanzhi.

She slowly asked, “Is it that obvious”


Chen Xinyu looked around before looking at her straight, “Did you run into some trouble”


She then sent Fu Yanzhi an emoji expressing her need for a hug, before turning to look at Chen Xinyu, “Have you seen Lin Xiaoshuang and the others”

Chen Xinyu was stunned.

Her lips moved as if to speak, but she ended up only staring in disbelief.

Looking at her expression, Ji Qingying knew she had guessed correctly.

She took a sip from the cup in front of her before weakly saying, “I ran into her just now.”

Chen Xinyu’s eyes widened in an instant.

“She took the initiative to talk to you”


“Damn!” Chen Xinyu didn’t hold back her voice as she angrily said, “Why is she so shameless!”


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