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​​Ji Qingying didn’t say anything.

While holding her cup, she also mulled over how anyone in this world could be so shameless.

“Where is she”

Chen Xinyu looked around.

Ji Qingying looked at her and asked, “You want to fight with her”

“No, not going to fight.

I’m just going to pour some green tea on her.”


“There’s no need.” Ji Qingying simply smiled.

“We’ll be meeting her in the competition.”

Chen Xinyu just stared at her before whispering, “Are you okay”


Ji Qingying kept a determined expression, “I’m quite good.”

She then added, “Previously, I was the cowardly one, being so inexperienced.

I’m different now.”

She grew up.

Even if someone will pour more dirty water over her, she will no longer flinch.

Rong Xue looked at the two on the opposite side of the table and felt a bit confused.

“Sister Qingying, Sister Xinyu.

What are you talking about”

Chen Xinyu paused to glance at Ji Qingying, before replying, “We’re talking about a disgusting person.”

Rong Xue blinked.

Ji Qingying smiled, “Well, it’s complicated.”

The grudge between her and Lin Xiaoshuang had probably started from the moment they entered the same university.

At first, they actually had a good relationship.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Lin Xiaoshuang, Chi Lu, Chen Xinyu and herself originally lived in the same dorm.

In fact, Lin Xaioshuang was the very first person Ji Qingying met after admission, so their relationship was naturally quite good.

Then came Chi Lu, and then Chen Xinyu.

The four of them had different personalities, but they held the same interests.

Chen Xinyu was lively and cheerful, whereas Chi Lu was aloof and cold.

Moreover, the latter was tall and thin, and didn’t really have a good temper, so no one dared to provoke her.

Ji Qingying and Lin Xiaoshuang had relatively similar personalities, neither hot nor cold, and a come-what-may attitude.

The four of them got along very well.

Chi Lu wasn’t all that into fashion design, while Chen Xinyu was already set for life, having a family that owned mines, thus her interest on the subject wasn’t that strong from the get-go.

Only she and Lin Xiaoshuang really had a passion for fashion design.

She preferred cheongsams, while Lin Xiaoshuang leaned towards modern fashion.

Their ideas often collided, which often resulted in sparks.

But that didn’t dissuade them from brainstorming together to make new ideas.

And that was the reason why the two stayed close to each other the longest.

Occasionally, Chi Lu and Chen Xinyu would even get jealous, commenting that they were like conjoined twins that never separated from one another.

Ji Qingying would often just smile and shrug it off, while Lin Xiaoshuang would reason that it was because she liked Ji Qingying the most.

She had even gone to call Ji Qingying a treasure for anyone who wanted to deeply study the culture of cheongsam fashion.

She was her best friend.

At least, she Ji Qingying had thought so.

Four years of college was neither long nor short.

Ji Qingying was beautiful.

She was praised as one of the twin beauties of the school, together with Chi Lu.

One was radiant, while the other was frigid.

Many people had crushes on them, but since Chi Lu had said from the beginning that she already had a boyfriend, many of her would-be suitors gave up their chase of her.

In that way, a lot more people chased after Ji Qingying.

Who doesn’t like a free-spirited beauty, let alone one that was also an alluring talent

Ji Qingying rarely talked to boys as she always thought of them as too boastful, which she very much disliked.

The only males who maybe had a good relationship with her were her classmates.

The best of them was He Yuan.

He Yuan was in the same batch as Ji Qingying in their freshmen year, but he changed his major when they turned sophomores.

He wasn’t one of Ji Qingying’s suitors, at least, he hadn’t yet made his intentions clear.

However, he took good care of Ji Qingying, even when she didn’t want him to–he took good care of her in every way.

The two had even collaborated on projects, and were on speaking terms.

He Yuan’s family was in the clothing industry, so he could already be considered a rich man.

Surprisingly, he didn’t have any of the bad habits rich men typically had.

It is well known that he was good to Ji Qingying.

He was also the kind of person who had a sense of propriety.

Even if Ji Qingying wasn’t particularly interested in getting closer to him, their worlds somehow always intersected due to schoolwork.

As time went by, the two gradually became even more acquainted.

But, from the beginning to the very end, He Yuan had never said anything about him pursuing her.

They got along only as friends.

Because he knew that if he tried to take things a step further, Ji Qingying would take a step back.

She would always keep a certain distance from him.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

She didn’t have feelings for He Yuan and didn’t want to inadvertently lead him on.

She has even talked to him frankly about this.

In this life, they could only be friends.

He Yuan would smile and assure her that: “Of course they’ll be friends forever.”

In fact, Ji Qingying never believed that a pure friendship could ever be formed between a man and a woman.

But since He Yuan had already said he had accepted this status quo, she couldn’t say anything else.

After He Yuan had changed his major, the interactions between the two of them became fewer and fewer.

Occasionally, he’d invite the people from her dormitory over to celebrate his birthday, or he would always give Ji Qingying something for her birthday.

Of course, he didn’t just give gifts solely to Ji Qingying, but to all four of them during their birthdays.

He kept up appearances so well that nobody could find any fault at all.

In addition, He Yuan had shown himself capable of having unique insights when it comes to designs.

As time passed by, Ji Qingying would often confer with him about her ideas.

When she was stumped on a certain design, she would include him in the discussion together with her roommates.

This simple friendship was maintained for nearly three years.

By the end of their junior year, Ji Qingying was informed by her professor that an international school might make an exception to admit a local student in their school provided they applied and that the application would be from their best student and would also be strongly recommended by the teaching staff.


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