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Ji Qingying paused to gather her thoughts before saying, “When I was in my senior year, my grandma was also hospitalized for a long time.”

At that time, Ji Qingying felt like the sky was falling.

Her design had just been accused of plagiarism, and some students in the same class as her started to talk behind her back.

Their judgmental eyes and pointing fingers, it wasn’t as if she was blind to it all.

Even the teachers were disappointed with her.

In addition, a prospective internship she was interested in got tipped off by someone, and had thus rescinded their invitation, reasoning that they didn’t want a designer that could only plagiarize.

The company that had previously wanted to win her over and was kind to her was now avoiding her.

As for the competition, she was even disqualified.

That was the first time she felt ‘the reality sink in’.

She finally understood what being ‘betrayed by one’s relatives’ really feels like.

Even some of her schoolmates who were kind to her, no longer appeared in her contact list, just because of that matter.

But the most frustrating thing of all was actually the phone call which informed her that her grandmother had been hospitalized.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying was in her dormitory at the time, but she ran downstairs as soon as she received the call.

She went down haphazardly, even skipping several stairs.

It was only because Chen Xinyu had grabbed her immediately that she didn’t get into an accident herself.


While Chen Xinyu stopped her, Chi Lu informed their school immediately after.

The two accompanied her back to Jiang City to go to the hospital.

At that moment, Ji Qingying’s hands and feet felt cold, and her face was paler than normal.

To the extent that Chen Xinyu could only joke about that time when they got together.

She said that her expression back then scared them both.

That was the time that Ji Qingying had realized that the struggle was meaningless, and the light of her world was disappearing, and that her faith had been broken.

The world was full of injustice.

She returned to Jiang City to accompany her grandmother in the hospital.

Noticing her unhappiness, her grandma didn’t even ask, before telling her that if she wasn’t happy about something, then don’t do it.

That she ought to follow her heart and just do whatever she wants.

After her grandmother was discharged, Ji Qingying headed back to school.

She ended up not going into any internship, simply going back to her hometown to accompany her grandmother for a half a year, before opening her own studio, away from everything and everyone familiar with that incident.

It was okay to call her a coward or something similar.

At the time, she felt that nothing was more important than her grandma.

She no longer cared about the consequences and just wanted to live quietly, to enjoy doing the things she loved.

Of course, it was also because, at the time, she had no ability to fight back.


Fu Yanzhi stretched out his arms to pull her in an embrace, “Why was she hospitalized”

Ji Qingying muttered a reply, “It’s just her high blood pressure and some other health problems.

She’s old and overworked.”

Fu Yanzhi then proceeded to brush her hair with his hand, “You went back to stay with her”


Ji Qingying rubbed her chest to try to relax her voice as much as possible, “When we were in the hospital, seeing how busy the medical staff were really impressed me.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his brows inquisitively and joked, “So, you went drinking with us because we impressed you”

Ji Qingying looked him straight in the eyes, “That’s right.”

Smiling, she said, “You should also be thankful that there were no other handsome doctors in the hospital at that time, otherwise, I might have run away with someone else.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

He broke into laughter, before gently saying, “That’s true! I will thank my parents the next time I go home.”

Ji Qingying laughed as well.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his head and looked at her, before whispering, “When your competition is over, let’s go back to meet your grandma.”


Then Ji Qingying added, “Of course I have to visit her, or else she’ll scold me for being heartless.”

Fu Yanzhi curved his lips.

They just stood there on the balcony for quite some time.

When Ji Qingying finally got tired, they went back inside to wash up and rest.

That night, Ji Qingying fell asleep in Fu Yanzhi’s arms.

Thinking of those past events, she had finally been able to face them calmly.

In a blink of an eye, it was already the third round of the competition.

On that day, Fu Yanzhi had personally escorted her there.

Getting out of the car, Ji Qingying had asked him for a special reward.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

This round of the competition was even more intense than Ji Qingying had originally imagined.

Each person was assigned a room and the required design had to be made within a certain time limit.

Because after this round was the finals.

Ji Qingying wasn’t able to have any contact with Fu Yanzhi for rest of the competition as she spent all her time on her design draft every day.

For her, cheongsams weren’t just a cultural dress, nor were they just retro.

They could be retro and trendy at the same time.

For three consecutive days, Ji Qingying basically never left her house and was always inside her room.

Only when she fastened the last frog fastener did she finally relax.

When Rongxue looked at the cheongsam on the mannequin, the tiredness in her eyes disappeared.

“Sister Qingying, this is another big step forward.”


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