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The organizer had asked Zhou Zhilan to award the winner.

Ji Qingying’s face remained indifferent as she received the trophy with a smile.

As she was leaving the stage, a soft voice whispered, “Congratulations.”

Ji Qingying didn’t show any surprise or strong emotion, maintaining her smile.

A single sentence from a complete stranger, which Zhou Zhilan was, wouldn’t change anything.

She wouldn’t have anything to be happy about, because she no longer needed her approval.

As the winner had to be interviewed by reporters, she couldn’t leave just yet.

The interview was to be broadcasted live, and as soon as Ji Qingying stepped down from the stage, she was surrounded by a sea of cameras.

When the reporters got a closer look at her, they found that this designer was even more beautiful than most models or celebrities.

Her skin was as white as porcelain, her eyes were bright, and her other facial features were delicate and beautiful as well.

Ji Qingying looked at the flashes of the cameras in front of her, she was not used to it.

Ji Qingying looked like she wasn’t used to the flashing cameras, but she remained relatively calm and didn’t shy away from them.

Although she had never experienced such an occasion, she wasn’t frightened at all.

She briefly introduced herself while looking at the TV camera.

The media was keen on getting the scoop about such a beautiful designer and began asking her questions.

Such Q&As were generally not too complicated, and they were mostly about her thought process when she worked and her plans for the future.

Of course, some flattery was mixed here and there too.

Ji Qingying smiled slightly while answering all the questions without seeming overly humble or arrogant.

By the end of the interview, a reporter asked a key question, “Ms Ji, it seems you know a lot of cheongsams.

In the preliminaries, you also did a cheongsam.

Why Have you ever thought of designing other things”

Ji Qingying paused a moment before softly replying, “I design cheongsams because I like them.

Of course, I will design other things when I have the opportunity, but I personally prefer cheongsams.”

“Have you liked them since childhood”


The reporter nodded to express her understanding.

She was about to continue asking more questions when a phone was handed to her showing questions from the netizens watching the live broadcast.

She smiled before looking at Ji Qingying, “Some of our netizens are also curious about Designer Ji, so can I ask you a few more personal questions”


The reporter grinned, “So the first question: Designer Ji is so beautiful and talented, but does she have a boyfriend”

Ji Qingying lips curved into a smile, “I do.”

The reporter was surprised because she didn’t expect her to answer so frankly, “Ah, then a lot of the netizens who just fell in love with you are all heartbroken now.”

Ji Qingying smiled.

The reporter saw the smile on her face and became even more curious, “Is it alright if you tell us a bit about this person Everyone must be curious about what kind of person can capture the heart of a beauty.”

Ji Qingying thought about it for a moment before looking straight at the camera and saying, “Nope.”

The reporter was stunned.

Ji Qingying smiled before clarifying, “I can’t summarize how good he is in words, which I think can only be personally felt.” Her smile beamed before she continued, “Sorry, I want to keep things private so I won’t be sharing him with anyone.”

Fu Yanzhi was her treasure.

A treasure she wanted only for herself.

She didn’t want to share his goodness with anyone else.

Only she alone should be able to taste him.

Off to one side, Ye Zhenzehn, Fu Yanzhi and the others were still together, with none leaving.

Ye Zhenzehn held her mobile phone to watch the live broadcast.

After she heard Ji Qingying’s declaration, she couldn’t help but burst into cursing and shouting, “WOAH! I’m so damn jealous! I’m jealous to death!! How can senior Ji be this awesome!”

While exclaiming, she turned to look at Fu Yanzhi.

As soon as she saw him, Ye Zhenzehn witnessed her cousin’s atypical expression.

His eyes were smiling and he radiated an aura of unspeakable softness as he watched on his own mobile phone.

This was the very first time Ye Zhenzhen had seen Fu Yanzhi like that.

Her glance quickly shifted between Fu Yanzhi and Ji Qingying on her screen, and she felt an inexplicable envy well up inside her.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Though, she also couldn’t deny that the two of them were a perfect match.

It was as if they were born to be together.


She whispered, “Are you happy now”

Fu Yanzhi didn’t answer.

He simply continued looking at the person on his screen, with eyes ablaze, not wanting to look away for even a moment.

Ye Zhenzhen took a few more glances and stopped disturbing him.

Not long after that, Ji Qingying’s interview ended.

Fu Yanzhi’s phone vibrated.

It was a message from her.

Ji Qingying: [Have you all left]

Fu Yanzhi: [Not yet, we’re waiting for you.]

Ji Qingying: [I have to stay a bit longer, so how about you guys eat first]

Fu Yanzhi: [I’ll tell them.]

Fu Yanzhi put away his mobile phone before he looked at the other, “She said she still needs to stay a bit longer, so how about we go to a restaurant first”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Chen Xinyu thought about it a little and concluded that being a third-wheel isn’t really good.

She nodded before speaking, “ Okay then, we’ll go to one first.

You two can come after she finishes.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

After her interview, Ji Qingying paid her respects to the organizers as she wanted to leave right after.

She had almost finished packing her things and was about to go when Zhou Zhilan suddenly appeared.

Their eyes met, but Ji Qingying didn’t even bother with her, as she bent down to continue.

In contrast, Rong Xue was stunned for a moment, before she stammered a greeting, “Mrs… Mrs Zhou”


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