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Chapter 7: Dr.

Fus Aesthetic (3)

She looked at the little clueless girl before her, lightly knocked her head, and said, “Go to your Sister Qingying and help her out, I will step out and wait for the food delivery.”


Rong Xue didnt mind her instructions, instead, she ran off inside with a small bag of snacks.

Chen Xinyu quickly sat up from the sofa and after a few seconds of contemplation, she finally sent a message to her friend.

During dinner, the topic of the conversation among the three naturally shifted to Ji Qingyings work.

“How long are you going to do this job for”

Ji Qingying only shook her head.

“Im not sure yet, but I estimated that it will only take three months if everything goes well.”

Chen Xinyu nodded in assent, then she asked in a low voice, “What about the orders from the studio”

Ji Qingying had a separate studio of her own, and the clothing she made were all cheongsams.

Moreover, she would only accept haute couture requests (custom-made orders) for cheongsams.

“Dont worry, I will quickly manage it.” Then, she asked after, “Why are you suddenly asking this”

Chen Xinyu paused for a moment.

The words were already on her lips, but she quickly swallowed it back and only said, “Its nothing, Im just worried about you.”

JiQingying: “… oh.”

After eating, the three packed up their takeout waste and went out.

As they were waiting for the elevator, theres also a person who just happened to come out from the other side.

“Doctor Fu, what a coincidence!” Chen Xinyu called out excitedly.

She already knew that the two lived next to each other.

In fact, last night, she was able to snatch a red packet from Ji Qingying because of it.

Fu Yanzhi only nodded with an indifferent expression.

His gaze trailed over to Ji Qingyings hand that was holding the plastic bag with their leftover takeout.

Noticing his line of sight, Ji Qingying lowered down her head in slight embarrassment.

She pursed her lips and asked in a small voice, “Are you going somewhere this late”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

“Well, I need to go to the hospital.”

“What” Ji Qingying added.

“Is it urgent”

“No.” Fu Yanzhi faintly said, “I just need to get something”

With that, Ji Qingying didnt ask any further.

As the four of them entered the elevator together, Rong Xue and Chen Xinyue tried their hardest to minimize their presence as much as possible.

After they got to the first floor, Ji Qingying and the other three came out.

She looked back at the man who was still standing in front of the elevator and said, “You can go.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

As soon as the elevator door closed, Chen Xinyu let out a sigh, “Doctor Fu is really too cold.”

Ji Qingying raised an eyebrow.

“Is that so”

Chen Xinyu: “… Isnt his attitude cold”

Ji Qingying threw the trash into the bin, curled her lips into a smile and said, “Thats much better.”

After all, she liked this coldness and indifference of him.

Rong Xue couldnt understand her words so she curiously asked in return, “What do you mean better”

As she answered, Ji Qingying smiled even more.

“Everything about him.”

Abstinence stimulated her desire to make him break down his reservations and self-restraint even more.

Cheng Xinyu was speechless at Ji Qingyings words.

She turned her attention to Rong Xue and explained.

“Right now, your Sister Qingying is like a demon wanting to devour the flesh of Tang Monk, so you better not mind her.”

Rong Xue: “…”

JiQingying: “…”

The trio took a walk for a while but only two of them went back.

The wind lightly blew Ji Qingyings hair as she decided to stroll for a bit longer.

And once she had organized her thoughts, she went back home.

When she got home, she went outside to the balcony to call her grandmother.

“A-ying.” A pleasant voice spoke from the other end.


JiQingying felt the blow of the evening breeze through her skin, and in a cheerful tone, she asked her grandmother, “What are you doing right now”

“Watching TV.” Came the monotone.

JiQingying: “…”

She held her forehead, “Isnt it a time for you to go to bed”

Soon, they were chatting about this and that when in the midst of their conversation the lights from the balcony next door suddenly turned on.

Ji Qingying instinctively turned her head.

And at the same, Fu Yanzhi appeared on the balcony in his pajamas while holding a mobile phone.

He was about to make a phone call.

Seemingly noticing the movements from the other side, he raised up his head to look over.

The two of them met each others gaze, but JiQingying was the first one to look away.

Coincidentally, her line of sight happened to land at Fu Yanzhis collarbone.

A few seconds later, Fu Yanzhi raised his other hand and swiftly buttoned up his pajamas right in front of her, tightly covering the lower part of his neck.

Ji Qingying only pouted and muttered in a small voice: “Stingy.”

“What did you say” her grandmother asked as she could hear her clearly.

Ji Qingying came back to her senses.

Then, while covering her phone with her other hand, she said to her grandmother, “Its nothing, Grandma.

You should go to sleep now, Im hanging up.”

“Okay, okay.

You should too.”

As she hung up her phone, Ji Qingying gazed at the person who had also put down his phone.

“Doctor Fu.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her.

JiQingying: “What were you doing just now”

Fu Yanzhi: “… Why Is there something wrong”

“Nope,” Ji Qingying said in a relaxing manner.

“Just talking with you.” She seemed quite comfortable.

Fu Yanzhi didnt say anything.

As the cold wind blew, Ji Qingying propped her elbows on the balcony railing and looked at the distant scenery.

Probably because the person next door was too silent and Ji Qingyings brain was a little muddled by the wind, she suddenly asked, “Doctor Fu, do you often work out”

Fu Yanzhi had a hard time answering her sudden question.

“You have a very nice figure.” She slowly mumbled.


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