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Zhou Zhilan merely nodded, before she paused to look at Ji Qingying again, “I want to talk with you.”

Ji Qingying replied with an, “Oh!” before expressionlessly saying, “I don’t want to.”

Zhou Zhilan’s expression darkened, but she didn’t make scene and leave.

She just stood there watching Ji Qingying before advising her, “Don’t be so capricious.

International competitions aren’t as easy as you think.

If you really want to show your edge, you should first gain an understanding of the public’s preferences and the other designer’s materials.”

Ji Qingying listened, but her eyes never moved away from packing.

Only when she pulled up her suitcase did she look up to her, “I know.”

She then asked Rong Xue to go out first, before she looked her straight in the eyes and said, “There’s no need for Mrs Zhou to worry about these things.

If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going now.”

Zhou Zhilan watched as she turned her back before shouting, “Wait!”

She then asked, “Since when did you find a boyfriend”

Hearing this, Ji Qingying’s eyebrows raised, “Why does it have anything to do with Mrs Zhou”

Zhou Zhilan gritted her teeth, becoming visibly irritated by her attitude, before saying, “Ji Qingying, I’m your mother.”

“That’s right.” Ji Qingying chuckled as she snidely replied, “A mother so wonderful, she’d rather raise other people’s children instead of her own.”

Zhou Zhilan’s expression changed.

Ji Qingying knew that she had hit the right spot.

She sneered as she looked at her, “Is there anything else If you really have free time, you might as well visit grandma.

Since she is your mother.”

After saying that, Ji Qingying ignored her completely as she left through the door without any hesitation.

As soon as she was out, Ji Qingying saw someone standing not too far away.

The afternoon sun illuminated him, drawing out his eye-catching figure.

Her eyebrows raised as she hurried toward him, and as she drew nearer, Fu Yanzhi suddenly opened his arms.

Seeing this, Ji Qingying rushed straight into his arms without any hesitation.

His embrace was as warm as ever as she pondered on the many things she wanted to say.

She buried her head in the nook of his neck, poked him in the chest, before saying, “Dr Fu.”


Fu Yanzhi tilted his head as he bent over to kiss her on the side of her ear, “Congratulations.”


Ji Qingying smiled, “And”

She looked up to him expectantly, “Where’s my ice cream”

Fu Yanzhi smiled before touching her lips and replying, “I’ll take you to the shop later.”

Ji Qingying looked him in the eyes, “That won’t do.

I want it now.”

In front of Fu Yanzhi, she delighted in being unreasonable.

Fu Yanzhi’s brows raised, “Okay.”

He took Ji Qingying’s hand, slowly went down to her wrist, then intertwined his fingers with hers, “Then I’ll take you there now.”

Ji Qingying nodded.

She looked around before hugging him again and asked, “Did Xinyu and the others already go to the restaurant”


Fu Yanzhi pulled her to the parking lot before whispering, “Let’s go buy ice cream first.”

Ji Qingying smiled and thought for a while before replying, “Let’s cancel that for now.

Let’s go eat first, because I’m hungry too.

Let’s just buy the ice cream later.”


“You sure”


Ji Qingying continued hugging his arm as she followed him to the car.

After getting in, she took the time to survey the area as she didn’t have the opportunity to do so because of the competition.

Ji Qingying realized then that they were in quite a well-off area, with high-rise buildings everywhere that made it seem luxurious.

“Right.” Ji Qingying glanced at him from the side, “I have to attend a banquet tonight.”

Fu Yanzhi raised an eyebrow.

Ji Qingying clarified, “It’s being held by the organizer, so I’ll feel bad if I refuse them again.”

Even the two runner-up designers are joining, so how can she, the winner, not join In addition, some of the organizers and judges, as well as some of the sponsors of the entire event will also be in attendance.#pleaseread thischapteratfoxaholic.com

For her to enter this circle, attending was essential.

Although she didn’t like it that much, she had to try to adapt.

Fu Yanzhi nodded before asking, “Is it still in the hotel”


I’ll go back to my hotel to have a rest first, before attending the banquet in the evening.”

It was already past 1PM when the competition ended.

Fu Yanzhi nodded before gently saying, “Then I’ll drive you back after this.”


When they arrived at the restaurant and as soon as they entered, Chen Xinyu pushed aside Fu Yanzhi to hug her.

Excited and jubilant she said, “Congratulations! Did you know that there are so many people on the Internet praising you and calling you a goddess”

​​Hearing this, Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows.

Ji Qingying smiled, “Thank you.”

Chen Xinyu was very excited, “I knew you wouldn’t have any problems! After two years of biding your time, you’re still the queen of cheongsams!”

Ji Qingying was still smiling.

They chatted for a while before sitting down to eat.

Because Fu Yanzhi was there, Chen Xinyu and Ye Zhenzhen didn’t dare to make trouble too much.

After the meal, Chen Xinyu offered to send Rongxue and Ye Zhenzhen home, to give the other two time alone.#pleaseread thischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying didn’t refuse.

When they exited the restaurant, the sun was already high in the sky.

Fu Yanzhi took her hand and gently asked, “Should we go get some ice cream”

Ji Qingying thought for a while before shaking her head, “I’m full.”

Fu Yanzhi burst into laughter.

He paused for a bit and said, “I’ll make it up for you later then.”



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