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Ji Qingying thought for a while, then pointed her finger up and said, “But I definitely wont be able to refuse, I will just drink a little bit.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows, squeezed her fingers and said, “Five glasses at most.”

“…Huh” Ji Qingying looked at him aggrievedly, “Only five glasses”

Fu Yanzhi responded in a deep voice and kissed her soft lips, “If its more than five glasses ….”


Ji Qingying blinked and looked at him, “If its more than five glasses, you wont want me anymore”

Fu Yanzhi chuckled, “I will punish you.”

Ji Qingying raised her head and asked later, “How will you punish me”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her meaningfully, “Well talk about it later.”



Ji Qingying was not afraid of being punished by him at all.

She knew that Fu Yanzhi was reluctant to do anything to hurt her.

Thinking about it, she smiled charmingly, with a hint of meaning, “Then Ill wait for it.”

Fu Yanzhi pinched her face as punishment.

Not long after that, the organizer sent someone to pick them up.

Originally, only the top three were invited.

Later, they didnt know what happened, but it was decided that the eight contestants who entered the finals could attend it too.

This kind of banquet was actually for getting to know people, socializing, and to make future development more convenient.

In addition to designers, there were many directors and CEOs of famous design companies, etc., who would attend.

Of course, the judges would come too.

After all, it was a grand banquet, so the organizer specially arranged makeup artists to do makeup for them.

In addition to make-up, the organizer also prepared dresses for them, but did not force the designers to wear them.

Most of the designers chose clothes which were designed by themselves.

Naturally, Ji Qingying chose her own cheongsam.

When the makeup artist asked about her makeup, she pondered for a few seconds, then she pointed and said, “Help me do a bun.”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

She smiled and said, “Thats the dress Im going to wear tonight.”

The makeup artist took a look and appraised.

She smiled and said softly, “Okay, no problem, Ill definitely give you suitable makeup.”

“Thank you.”

The organizer was considerate and arranged for everyone to be picked up by a personal driver.

Ji Qingyings style was relatively complicated, her hair had been turned from side to side for quite a long time, and when it was done, other designers had already left.

When she changed her clothes and came out, her makeup artist exclaimed in astonishment, pulled her aside and asked, “Can I take a photo”

Ji Qingying smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

After taking photos, she got in the car and went to the banquet.

The banquet was held in the villa area halfway up the hill.

​​When Ji Qingying arrived, there were many luxury cars already parked around.

​​She thanked the driver and got out of the car wearing her cheongsam.

There were already many people inside.

Under the lights, they were drinking and preparing to cheer.

It was very lively.

​​She stood at the door and took a deep breath.

Then she walked in with her small bag on hand.

​​Ji Qingying came in a low-key manner, not even bringing an assistant with her.

​​Originally, she planned to go in and find a corner to stay in, but as soon as she stepped in, someone noticed her.

Someone made an exclamation, it was Xu Bingying.


In an instant, the exclamations that followed one after another fell, and the people who heard the sound turned their attention to the person at the entrance of the hall.

The cheongsam dress Ji Qingying was wearing today was modified by herself.

It was no longer a traditional stand collar, and there was no chinese frog fastener.

It was a cheongsam with a small V-neck.

The dark green velvet material was selected, and it looked elegant and grand.

The sleeve was a slightly convergent lantern sleeve, and the cuff joint was made of two chic frog fasteners.

Further down was what the center of attention was.

In this cheongsam that was designed by Ji Qingying, the slit was no longer the traditional on the side or more to the back, but on the front.

While she was walking, everyones attention was immediately placed on her legs.

Her legs were long and straight, and they were dazzlingly white under the light.

As she walked, her jade-like legs were visible, which made others have wild and fanciful thoughts.

Although she was young, there was a lingering charm when she wore a cheongsam.

It didnt even make her look old, people could see through her age at first sight, but they were bound to admire the charm of her body.

Her makeup was not exaggerated, it was delicate and clean, with a retro style, a revealing slender swan neck, and it was embellished with pearl jewelry, which made it even more sexy and charming.

At the sight of the person who appeared, many people started to whisper.

“Is she the invited star”

“No, I never saw her before.”

“This is the designer who just won the national championship.”

“Damn! Do all designers nowadays have this kind of body and face”


Ji Qingying felt the gaze from everyone and felt a little uncomfortable.

She smiled slightly, nodded and walked to the side.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Xu Bingying ran over immediately, pulled her and said, “My God, Qingying, your cheongsam looks incredibly beautiful today.”

With sparkling eyes, she held her voice and said, “A female star came in just now, and everyone didnt pay much attention.”

Ji Qingying broke into a fit of laughter and said in a low voice, “They are exaggerating.”

“Absolutely not.”

Another designer listened to the conversation between the two of them, then looked at Ji Qingying and said, “Todays game, I accept my loss.”


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