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Ji Qingying took the glass and said humbly, “You are too kind.”

“Im really not.”

Xu Bingying touched the fabric of her clothes and muttered, “If you designed this one for todays competition, we would have lost even more.”

Ji Qingying couldnt help laughing, “Thats unlikely.”

She said with a smile, “This dress would not represent freedom.”

The person next to her said, “This dress represents sexy.”

Ji Qingying sat and chatted with several designers, relatively relaxed.

She was more familiar with Xu Bingying, and Xu Bingying was also more enthusiastic, which made Ji Qingying feel comfortable.

After chatting for a while, the judges also joined in their chat.

Ji Qingying turned around, greeted the unfamiliar faces, and then returned to the corner sofa.

Xu Bingying looked at her and asked, “Arent you going there to chat with them”

“Im not going.”

Ji Qingying shook her head and whispered, “Im tired.”

Xu Bingying looked at her and said helplessly, “What a waste!”

If this were another designer, that designer would have already had a chat with those directors and CEOs long ago, and would have seized every opportunity to make himself or herself famous and get to a higher level.

She looked around and said in a low voice, “I just checked, the CEO of Sanqing and Mrs.

Zhou havent come yet.”

Ji Qingying held onto the wine glass for a while, and nodded, “Soon theyll come.”

Xu Bingying nodded and said in a low voice, “I plan to ask for Mrs.

Zhous autograph later.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was an exclamation from the door again.

Ji Qingying and Xu Bingying subconsciously looked over.

At the door, Ye Qing was standing there wearing an elegant black dress, with a male partner standing beside her.

Ji Qingyings eyes fell on her male partner, who was standing tall in a straight black suit.

His temperament was noble, his facial features were three-dimensional and exquisite, and his face outline was sharp.

The arrogance exuded from the inside out could not be ignored.

Seemingly aware of the particular gaze, he raised his eyes and looked towards her.

Before Ji Qingying could react, Xu Bingying held her hand and shouted in her ear, “Oh my God! The male partner that Mrs.

Ye brought is so handsome.”

“And he seemed to be looking at us just now, didnt he” she said.

Ji Qingying looked straight over, and suddenly smiled, “Hmm.”

She nodded and said, “Yes.”

She suddenly thought of the afternoon conversation.

When she was about to leave, she was a little reluctant.

But, Fu Yanzhi said that he would come to pick her up at night.

​​Ji Qingying thought that he had to work tomorrow, and was not willing to let him work too hard, so she bluntly said no, and that the banquet place was too far from home.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her with a smile and said its not far.

It was very convenient for him to pick her up.

At that time, Ji Qingying didnt quite understand the meaning of his words, but now, she finally understood.

Seeing the smile on Ji Qingyings face, Xu Bingying looked at her suspiciously, “You seem to be quite happy.”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Arent you happy when you see a handsome guy”

Xu Bingying, “…Happy.”

She had to admit this.

Ji Qingying retracted her gaze, lowered her head and took out her mobile phone from her handbag, and sent a message.

After Fu Yanzhi and Ye Qing arrived, he looked around and said, “Mom, Im going to the bathroom.”

Ye Qing looked at him with cold-shoulder, “Go, do you need me to call Qingying over there as well”

Fu Yanzhi, “…No need, she will come.”

Ye Qing choked.

Fu Yanzhi walked to the bathroom, Ji Qingying dawdled, and after talking to Xu Bingying a bit, she also took her handbag and went to the bathroom.

Ye Qing couldnt help laughing as she looked at the two people one after the other going to the bathroom.



The person in front of her shouted curiously.

Ye Qing nodded with a smile and said, “Speak.”

That person smiled and chatted with Ye Qing about cooperation matters.

Ji Qingying walked slowly to the bathroom, and before she went in, a hand stretched out from the side and dragged her over.

She was stunned for a moment, but after smelling the familiar smell, she took the initiative to lean over.

On the way to the bathroom, and through a safe passage.

Fu Yanzhi pulled her over and closed the door to the safe passage.

Ji Qingying fell into his arms and she put her hands around him subconsciously.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his head and looked at her.

The two of them didnt speak, but their eyes glistened.

His eyes were too straightforward, which made Ji Qingying couldnt bear it.

Her cheeks flushed, and she hid her face into his clothes to avoid his gaze, “Dont look anymore.”


Fu Yanzhi lowered his head, his eyes stopped on her shoulder and neck line, and then fell on her delicate collarbone.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

“Not letting me see”

Ji Qingying blushed and muttered, “Its not that.”

She said shyly, “Im embarrassed.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled, then looked down at her eye-catching legs, and said in a low voice, “This dress.”


“Does it have to be designed like this”

Ji Qingying, “……”

She was speechless for a while, then looked down and said, “It doesnt look good”

“Not that.”

Fu Yanzhi paused for a moment and said bluntly, “I dont like the way they look at you.”

When he first came in, he noticed the men staring at her at the banquet.

Everyones eyes were naked and straightforward, with a little malicious grin.

Fu Yanzhi was a man, so he naturally knew what those people were thinking.

So some were indescribably uncomfortable.

Ji Qingying was slightly startled, but said helplessly, “I cant control that.”

She hugged Fu Yanzhis thin waist and acted coquettishly, “I cant give up beautiful clothes because of this, right”


Fu Yanzhi turned his head and kissed her ear, “I know, its not that I dont allow you to wear it.”

He admitted that he was a bit of a male chauvinist.

But for Fu Yanzhi, everything Ji Qingying liked was number one, and everything else about him can be pushed back.

As long as she liked it and was happy, he could go along with anything.

Ji Qingying smiled, knowing what he meant.

She thought for a while, then she hooked his neck and said, “Then I will wear something more conservative next time.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled, “No need, you can wear whatever you want.”

Hearing this, Ji Qingying giggled, “Oh, okay then.”

After a while, Fu Yanzhi stared at her lips and asked, “Did you bring lipstick”

“Huh” Ji Qingying looked at him, “Why”

Fu Yanzhi stretched out his hand, wiped her soft lips with his fingertips, and said in a low voice, “I want to kiss you.”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying looked at the lipstick on his fingertips, her eyes flashed, and she raised it to meet his deep eyes.

In those eyes, the desire was spreading.

The author has something to say:

What if she didnt bring lipstick Would you still kiss her or not

Accepted answer: You can kiss her and make it more rosy and attractive than what lipstick can do.

Beauty Ji:


Fu: Good idea.



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