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Chapter 8: Win An Inch, Want A Foot (1)

Thus, the consequence of her teasing Doctor Fu was her never seeing him in the next few days.

Ji Qingying was very sad.

Was it her fault since she lost control of her mouth

Chen Xinyu was speechless at her roguish behaviour.

After laughing at her for a long time, she gave her some advice.

And so, a plan to get back together was created, but she was too busy and had to put it on hold for now.

After rushing to work for several days, the movies primary cheongsam costume and several sets of daily cheongsam were finally ready.

Ji Qingyings design conformed to the theme of the drama and also fit the protagonists personality pretty well.

Director Guan and other designers were full of praise, and even the actors who saw the pictures did not hold back their praises.

Ji Qingying thus had two days free as she had to prepare to join the group.

After staying up all night, she went back home.

With the sun about to rise, and the wind quietening down, she arrived home at around 5 a.m.

After arriving home, Ji Qingying was not anxious about what to do.

She took a bath and rested for a while.

She wanted to cheer herself up.

When Ji Qingying woke up, the hot sunlight had pierced through the thick curtains, coming into the room with a faint warm feeling.

She took out her mobile phone to check the time, only to see that Ye Zhenzhen had sent her several WeChat messages.

Ye Zhenzhen: [Sister Ji, are you free today ]

Ye Zhenzhen:[I finished reading the book and I have several questions to ask.


Ye Zhenzhen: [Sister Ji, are you busy If you are busy, I will let my brother return the book to you ]

The last one was ten minutes ago.

Ji Qingying paused and lowered her head to reply: [Not busy; you can come to me today.


Ye Zhenzhen: [Good! Then I will go to your house after I deliver the food to the hospital.]

Ji Qingying: [Deliver food ]

Ye Zhenzhen: [Yes, my mother knew that I would come to meet you, so she handed me my brothers lunch so that I could drop it off along the way.


Ye Zhenzhen: [I dont know if my mother thought about how tiring it would be for me to go to the hospital with a book in hand and food in the other!]

Ji Qingying paused with her fingers, she lowered her head to reply: [If you dont mind, you can come here first and Ill deliver food for you.


Ye Zhenzhen: [Huh ]

One hour later, Ye Zhenzhen appeared at the gate of the villa.

When she got out of the car, she saw Ji Qingying standing not far away.

“Sister Ji.”

Ji Qingying walked straight over.

“Is it heavy Ill carry it for you.”

Ye Zhenzhen quickly refused.

“No, Im fine.

I have a lot of strength.”

Ji Qingying smiled and took the book in her hands.

She looked down at Ye Zhenzhen, who was holding an insulated lunch box in her other hand.

“Is that your brothers lunch”

“Yes indeed.”

She said, “Its so heavy, my mother made a lot of food for him, like shes feeding a pig.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Qingying smiled faintly.

“Feeding a pig”

Ye Zhenzhen touched her nose, embarrassed.

“Just a metaphor.”

The two talked and laughed while walking.

As soon as she entered the house, Ye Zhenzhen saw the cheongsams hanging in the living room.

Her eyes brightened and she put down the lunch box before walking to the cheongsams.

“Sister Ji, did you make all these cheongsams”

Ji Qingying glanced at her, “Yes, you can study them as much as you like.”

She then pointed to a long and wide table in the middle of the living room on one side, “Can you sew”

Ye Zhenzhen nodded, “I can.”

She looked at the sewing machine in front of her, “But Im not very good at it.”

Ji Qingying understood what she was thinking, “Theres a manual next to it, and the materials to practice are over there.

Your design draft is finalized right When do you plan on making it”

Ye Zhenzhen turned to look at her and blinked, “I came for that reason.

My teacher didnt know much about cheongsam.

Can I ask you to teach me”

After she said that she quickly added, “Without delaying your work of course, and I will also pay.” She was afraid that she would be rejected.

Ji Qingying laughed.

She looked at Ye Zhenzhen and shook her head, “No.”


Ye Zhenzhen was disappointed.

Ji Qingying looked at her and continued with a smile, “Im not refusing, Ill teach you.”

She pointed to the lunch box next to her, “Why dont we start after I deliver the food to your brother”

Ye Zhenzhens eyes lit up.


She urged, “Sister Ji, go quickly.”

Ji Qingying couldnt decide whether to laugh or cry.

She whispered, “You can print out the design drawings first, then study the sewing machine and choose the cheongsam fabric over there.”

She pointed to the materials nearby, “Then start cutting accordingly, then Ill teach you the rest after I come back.”

Ye Zhenzhen nodded, “Okay.”

Seeing Ji Qingying change her shoes at the door, she was silent for a few seconds, then she suddenly piped up, “Thank you Senior Ji for your hard work and for delivering the food to my brother.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

Fu Yanzhi was busy in the morning and couldnt rest until noon.

It was almost 1:00 pm when he left the ward after doing his rounds.

He took off his gloves and checked his phone.

He saw a message from Ye Zhenzhen.

Ye Zhenzhen: [Brother, Im busy learning sewing at Senior Sister Jis house, I asked her to deliver your food! ]

The message was sent forty minutes ago.

He put away the phone and walked to the department.

The two nurses on one side saw him walking towards them and greeted enthusiastically, “Fu——”

However, they could not complete their words as the person in question had already disappeared around the corner.

“Why was Doctor Fu in a hurry”

“Maybe there was an emergency.”

“And I finally met him once too.”

“Dont be discouraged, he wont remember you anyway.”


When Ji Qingying arrived, she could not find Fu Yanzhi anywhere.

So, she asked a nurse if he was still busy.

She wondered whether to let the nurse pass on the box or wait.

Before she could reach an answer, a mans voice came from behind.

“Nurse Zhao, who is this”

Ji Qingying turned her head and saw that a handsome man had appeared next to her.

Nurse Zhao was taken back and said quickly, “Shes delivering Dr.

Fus food.”

Hearing this, Xu Chengli raised his eyebrows, “Youre Dr.

Fus cousin”


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