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Chapter 8: Win An Inch, Want A Foot (2)

Fu Yanzhi had mentioned that his cousin would be coming over to deliver his meal.

He looked at Ji Qingying, and before she could answer his question he just said, “Just wait in our department lounge.”


Ji Qingyings lips moved, she wanted to explain that she was not his cousin.

But Xu Chengli beat her speed again, “I thought it was another one of Fu Yanzhis admirers who came through the back door.

I didnt expect that it was his cousin this time.

Come in and sit down.”

Ji Qingying was stunned and asked curiously, “Admirers”


Xu Chengli lazily explained, “Ever since Fu Yanzhi joined our department, so many girls have come to deliver meals for him every day, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, all of them were deceived by his face.”

Nurse Zhao snickered beside him, “Youre one to talk Doctor Xu, there have been quite some meal deliveries for you as well.

Xu Chengli seemed disgusted, “No, Im not as attractive as Fu Yanzhi.”

After speaking, he looked at Ji Qingying with a smile, “This is the first time weve met, Im Xu Chengli, Fu Yanzhis colleague.”

Ji Qingying looked at the hand in front of her and smiled, “Hello, Im Ji Qingying.”

When Fu Yanzhi walked through the departments door, he ran into Nurse Zhao.

“Doctor Fu, youre done with your rounds”

He could hear Xu Chenglis laughter from within the room, which made him frown, “Is there a patient inside”

Nurse Zhao shook her head, “No, your cousin is in there.”

“Doctor Xu is chatting with your cousin.” She added.

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He lightly knocked on the door.

The two people who were chatting happily turned around.

After seeing the person who appeared, Ji Qingyings eyes lit up.

Fu Yanzhi was still wearing his white coat.

He was tall and straight, with a light gray shirt and black trousers .

He looked handsome and beautiful.

Before, Ji Qingying could only imagine him wearing a white coat.

Her thoughts were that of him being aloof and cold.

But when she saw him in person, she felt that there was a problem with that description.

To be precise-

It should be aloof and sexy.

His shirt button fit snugly to his Adams apple, giving him a decent look.

The white coat was wide open; his shirt tucked into his black trousers, showing off his strong and thin waist and slender legs.

All the little details of his clothing made her cant help but stare with wide eyes.

Fu Yanzhi stood at the door, looking down at her.

The two looked at each other, but before either of them could begin speaking, Xu Chengli shouted, “Are you done”


His Adams apple rolled down.

Xu Chengli pointed at him and said, “Your cousin has been waiting for you for half an hour.”

Fu Yan frowned and looked at Ji Qingying.

Ji Qingying blinked innocently.

She didnt mean it.

She had to do this mainly because she was afraid of being driven out after being misunderstood as his admirer.

Moreover, they were the first to misunderstand.

Fu Yanzhi retracted his gaze and looked at Xu Chengli, “Arent you going to rest”

Xu Chengli was stunned.

He replied, “In a while I will.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded, turned around, and said to Ji Qingying, “Lets go.”

Xu Chengli was confused, “Where are you going Youre not going to eat”

Fu Yanzhi said indifferently, “Im afraid well be disturbing your rest.”


Before Xu Chengli could react, Fu Yanzhi had already left with the lunch box on the table.

Ji Qingying pursed her lips and smiled, “Doctor Xu, Ill take my leave now.”

After the two went out, Xu Chengli was still in a daze.

Since when was Fu Yanzhi so kind

“Fu Yanzhi.”

Ji Qingying followed him and shouted, “Youre walking too fast!”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say a word, but he slowed down a bit.

“Why did you come here today”

When she heard this, Ji Qingying looked up and replied, “I always have the time to look for you.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

Looking at his expressionless face, Ji Qingying didnt dare tease him anymore.

“I just came here to rest.”

Fu Yanzhi said nothing and went to press the elevator for the top floor.

Ji Qingying took a glance at his face and decided not to ask anything.

The two went upstairs.

There was a lush terrace connecting the buildings.

There were a few stone tables on both sides of the garden for people to sit on.

Ji Qingying looked around, her eyes falling on the lunch box in his hand.

His fingers were slender, and the veins were visible.

When the light hit them, they were made transparent, and looked just like jade.

“Doctor Fu.”

She spoke subconsciously.

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her, “Huh”

Ji Qingying raised her eyes and met his dark and bright eyes, and said earnestly, “Has anyone ever said that your hands are also beautiful”


The wind whizzed past the terrace.

Ji Qingyings mind instantly sobered up.

“That—” To prevent the same situation that happened on the balcony from recurring, she quickly explained, “Im telling the truth.”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her, “Have you eaten”


Ji Qingying looked at the food in the lunch box.

There was chicken soup, and a few meat and vegetable dishes.

The nutritional mix was ​​particularly good and the portion was indeed quite large.

She pointed at the lunch box, “Zhenzhen did say that her mother made this for two people.”


“If Doctor Fu doesnt mind, you can separate out a portion for me.” Ji Qingying said brazenly.


Fu Yanzhi stared at her for a while, then handed her the chopsticks in the lunch box, “Eat.”

He couldnt tell whether Ye Zhenzhen knew Ji Qingying would help send the food.

There were two pairs of chopsticks in the lunch box.

Ji Qingying couldnt eat much, so she gave Fu Yanzhi half of the food before eating her portion slowly.

After eating, Ji Qingying glanced at the time, “At what time do you need to return to your shift”

“Three oclock.”

She glanced at the time and urged, “Then you go and take a rest first.”

She knew how precious a doctors lunch break was.

“Im going back.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say a word and looked at her, “How did you come here”

“Huh I took a taxi.”

As soon as she said that, Fu Yanzhi took the lunch box, “Lets go.”

Ji Qingying was startled.

“Where” She asked, surprised.

“To send you back.”

“No.” Ji Qingying smiled and refused, “Doctor Fu, although I came to give you your meal, I didnt want you to send me back.”

“You go rest, Ill just get a taxi, its not that far anyway.” She added.

The two looked at each other silently.

As if there was a stalemate, Fu Yanzhi pursed his lower lip, “Go first then.”

After arriving at the entrance of the hospital, they found that there were many taxis waiting.

Ji Qingying turned to look at him, “Im leaving.”


Ji Qingying took two steps forward then stopped.

She was not satisfied with small gains.

She turned her head and looked at the person standing on the spot with one hand in his pocket.

She walked back two steps, “Doctor Fu, shall I give you a call when I reach home”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her.

Ji Qingying raised her eyes and looked at him, with an upright face, “But I dont have your phone number though.”

Funny, the two were neighbours, had eaten together and the relationship between them was much better than strangers, but they still hadnt exchanged their phone numbers.

What she wanted to say was more straightforward.

Then the mans voice passed her ears.

Just like a spring breeze.

“Pass me your mobile phone.”


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