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Chapter 1: Fate (2)

She was curious but did not ask the little girl what she meant.

It was only when the nearby passengers were getting off that someone finally asked the little girl, “Do you know who that doctor was”


The little girl said excitedly, “He is a doctor in the North City Elite Hospital! The senior students in the school next door are very famous.

I have been to their school before, and his name is on the roster of honor! Hes a heart surgeon! Extremely skilled, kind, and very handsome.

Everyone witnessed this with their own eyes.

As for his fierce nature, it seemed to also have been confirmed.

Even when she was out of the high-speed railway, Ji Qingying could still hear the girls high pitched voice.

“If it werent for the gap being too big, I would have wanted to go to their school and ask for the contact information of those senior students.”

“He is really special and has published many SCI articles when he was still studying.”

“When he appeared and said,I am a doctor, I felt at ease in an instant.”


The steady stream of voices became all but white noise in her ears.

Ji Qingying turned over and cut off the conversations.

However, the mans appearance could still be clearly seen.

——When he bent down, his shirt was perfectly suitable for accentuating his figure, leaving a false shadow with an unspeakable beauty.

The sunshine outside the window fell on him, outlining the profile of the mans handsome side face and deep eyebrow eyes.

At that very moment, that picture was fixed in her eyes.

And when he left, he looked back into the train.

At that moment, the sight of the two people seemed to meet for a second through the stream of people.

One second later, he moved away.

Suddenly, Ji Qingying woke up.

She pulled off the blindfold, blinked and stared at the ceiling for a long time.

She picked up the cell phone by her side and sent a message to her friend.

Ji Qingying came here this time to meet a famous director.

The director wanted to shoot a drama in the Republic of China setting and invited her to be his fashion designer.

In the past, Ji Qingying would not have agreed, but now she felt that the matter could be reconsidered.

After seeing the address of the Elite Hospital, Ji Qingying raised her eyebrows and saved it.

Only then did she lift her quilt and got up.

After waking up, the two friends planned to go out for dinner.

Ji Qingying wore a pale yellow cheongsam embroidered with small sequins.

It looked elegant and beautiful.

Chen Xinyu was amazed at how good her friend looked.

Others relied on the cheongsam style to look nice, but Ji Qingying was able to make cheongsam beautiful by herself.

The cheongsam was worn on her body with vivid aestheticism and artistic conception.

Who wouldnt become amazed by this dress

Ji Qingying looked at her friends exaggerated expression, lowered her eyelashes, and fastened her buttons.

“Why are you so pompous”

Chen Xinyu refused to accept, pulling her to the front of the mirror, “Look at yourself, am I pompous or are you too beautiful”

Ji Qingying looked up at herself in the mirror and said nothing.

“Still looks okay”

Chen Xinyu, “People will grieve if they ever hear you say that.”

“Lets go.”

Ji Qingying tossed her hair and pulled Chen Xinyu out of the house.

The two went to eat light to cushion their stomachs before walking to the bar.

The bar mentioned by Chen Xinyu had just opened, but business was already booming.

The atmosphere in the bar was good, with many luxury cars parked at the door.

After the two entered, Chen Xinyu also met with several of her friends.

After negotiations, the group of people sat together without any reason.

Ji Qingying didnt like to talk to strangers, but she couldnt resist being beautiful.

Shortly after she sat down, several people came to talk.

After dealing with them for a while, Ji Qingying was tired.

She and Chen Xinyu changed positions and she sat quietly in the corner.

The light and shadow of the bar fell on her, flickering and darkening, pointing out her languid appearance, delicate brow and eyes, and skin like coagulated fat.

When people look at her all alone, some of them started stirring.

A friend beside Chen Xinyu casually looked at her and pulled her in to whisper, “Your friend is too beautiful.”

Chen Xinyu proudly raised her chin, “Of course.”

She then smiled, “Dont hit on her, she is different from you.”

The friend smiled and said, “She doesnt talk much.”

“She is in her own world.

It is good to let her drink alone.”

This was Ji Qingyings habit, which Chen Xinyu had always known.

She was a wonderful person, and sometimes she needed an extremely quiet environment, while other times she could find inspiration in the noisiest of environments.

It was a little weird but cute.

Ji Qingying ignored the conversations of the people beside her.

She looked out towards the stage and was stunned.

There were young men and women dancing on the stage, the scene was very sensual.

She looked for a while and found it meaningless to do so.

She was about to withdraw her eyes when she saw a silhouette.

White shirt, black trousers, the person had just stood up and under the light of the changing bar colours, his figure was displayed.

Tall and straight with bright eyes.

The friend sitting opposite noticed her eyes, followed them then smiled and spoke to her, “So you also noticed him”

Ji Qingying nodded.

The man continued, “That man is very good-looking.

An hour ago, there were a lot of women who went up and talked to him, but they all failed.”

Chen Xinyu heard the two people talk, and also looked curiously.

“Why doesnt he go around”

“Probably afraid of being seen.” The friend smiled and said,”Just now someone spoke two sentences to him, but he didnt respond.”

“No way”

Chen Xinyu was a little surprised, “Did you gain anything from that exchange”


“Arent you the best judge of people Cant you tell what he does”

“I cant tell at all.”

Ji Qingying quietly said by the side, “I know.”

A few people turned to look at her, slightly surprised.

She smiled and turned to look at the man, “Hes a doctor.”


Ji Qingying then said word for word again, “He.







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