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Chapter 9: Clubbing (2)

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her and said faintly, “Call your mother back.”

Ye Zhenzhen was stunned and said, “Ah, I put my phone in silent mode and forgot to tell her not to go home for dinner at night.”

Having said that, she went inside to find a cell phone and made a call.

Seeing her like this, Ji Qingying couldnt help but smile.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his head and smiled back.

They were so close that he could clearly see the little fur on her face.

The light in the room was warm, making her skin fair seem tender, bright, and charming.

The wind blew from outside the window and messed up her hair.

A few loose strands brushed his cheeks, making him feel itchy.

Fu Yanzhi paused and took a step back.

Ji Qingying didnt notice his actions and looked right into his eyes.

“Do you want to come in”

“No need.” Fu Yanzhi said, “You are busy.”

“All right.”

With that both fell silent; Fu Yanzhi was about to turn around when Ye Zhenzhen ran out again.

“Brother, I called my mother.

I will go home soon.

Please treat me to dinner with Sister Ji.” She confidently added.

“I have been troubling Senior Sister Ji for the whole afternoon, and we havent eaten yet.”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her but did not refuse.

He just “ummed” and looked at Ji Qingying.

“What do you want to eat”

Ji Qingyings eyes were bright again.

She and Ye Zhenzhen looked at each other and said in unison, “Barbecue!”

The two had spent an entire afternoon together, and a revolutionary friendship had been imperceptibly forged.

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

Since the two people wanted to eat barbecue, he could only agree.

After leaving Ji Qingyings house, Ye Zhenzhen swiped her phone and suddenly shouted.


Fu Yanzhi looked at her coldly.

But Ye Zhenzhen looked at him with delight.

“I just scrolled down to one of my friends Wechat Moments and saw Jiang Chens brother post a video.

Do you want to know what it is”

Fu Yanzhi didnt respond.

Unfazed, Ye Zhenzhen continued chirping.

“Theres a girl group performing in his club today.

Lets go watch.”

“No.” Fu Yanzhi flatly refused.

Ye Zhenzhen: “…”

She flinched and could only hold back.

She was about to say something when there was a voice next to it.

“What girl group”

Ye Zhenzhens eyes lit up.

How could she forget she has a trump card!!!

“Just the one that was very popular last summer, Senior Sister Ji, you must watch them.”

Ji Qingying nodded.

“I know.”

“Therefore, Senior Sister Ji we must take a look.”

Ji Qingyings eyes lit up, she looked at the person who would be their driver, turned to look at Ye Zhenzhens poor doe-eyes, and euphemistically said, “Dont you want to eat barbecue” And then out of curiosity added.

“But who is Jiang Chen”

“My brothers friend, he has opened a very interesting bar.” Ye Zhenzhen explained,

Now, Ji Qingying really became interested.

“Is there any good wine”


The car was quiet for a few seconds before Ye Zhenzhen broke the silence.

“Senior Sister Ji, do you like to drink”

Ji Qingying smiled abashedly.

“Not really.”

She looked at Ye Zhenzhens sly smile: “Really”


Waving her hand, she changed her target.

“Brother! Can we go to the bar”

Fu Yanzhi was silent for a few seconds, then looked at the two people in the back seat.

“Are you sure you want to go”

The two nodded together.


When they arrived at the bar, the parking spaces on both sides were full, the entrance was bustling, and there were more bouncers than usual.

When the three entered, the waiter who knew Fu Yanzhi well came over and greeted.”Hello Brother Fu.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded and asked lightly, “How about President Jiang”

“He was here before, but just then Miss Shen said she wanted to eat something from the south side of the city, and the two of them left.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

“Why dont we go upstairs to the private room, Ill make arrangements for three people.

Once they were on the second floor, Ji Qingying took a peek downstairs.

The girls band had yet to officially start, but there were many people in the hall already grooving to the DJs lively but deafening music.

Once the trio had settled in a booth, Fu Yanzhi ordered a barbecue among other things.

Once she was done eating, Ye Zhenzhen ran away.

She had been here several times, and the waiter was familiar with her.

Besides, even Fu Yanzhi wasnt worried about her safety, so he didnt stop.

After a while, the cheers rose from the hall below.

Ji Qingying curiously eyed the man before her.

There were several girls revealing upper clothes (crop top) and short skirts.

She raised her eyebrows and enjoyed it for a few seconds.

“Fu Yanzhi.”

The man looked up at her.


Ji Qingying pointed out and said, “Lets go down too.”

The two went down and had barely found a corner when the band appeared, the music started, and they began to perform.

The girls on stage were cute and sexy.

There were screams and cheers on both sides of the ears, Ji Qingying looked fascinated while drinking.

After watching for a while, she subconsciously talked with the person next to her.”Dr.

Fu, who do you think is the best dancer”

When the words fell, there was no response from the side.

Ji Qingying turned her head to see him.

At first glance, she was shocked.

Fu Yanzhi was asleep, leaning on the sofa with his head in his hands.

The flashing lights in the bar outlined his handsome face.

His long eyelashes, when shut, formed a fan-shaped shadow under his eyes.

Further down was a tall nose and thin lips tightly closed.

His lips are well-shaped.

Perhaps because of the bars light, Ji Qingying had an illusion from time to time–

His lips seemed very attractive.

Looking at it, she naturally leaned in front of him.

The distance between the two was more and more near, her breath fell on his cheeks, wrapped in damp and hot.

Ji Qingying has not had time to do anything.

The man opened his eyes suddenly, and she fell into his deep pool eyes.

Ambiguity surrounded the two people.

After a long time, Fu Yanzhi looked down at her and said, “What are you doing”



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