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Chapter 10: Shameless Request (1)

With a fixed expression, he looked down at her.

In his eyes, there were no special emotions.

There was only indifference, making it so one couldnt fathom what he would ask next.

Ji Qingying stopped and said slowly, “If I said I was counting your eyelashes, will you believe me”


Fu Yanzhi kept quiet.

To prove that she had actually counted, she added, “Your eyelashes are longer than most girls.”

Fu Yanzhi finally raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

The woman in front of him looked so self-confident that shyness didnt seem to be a thing she knew of.

He paused a bit, and just when he was going to say something, screams broke out on the other side.

——It was the female group on stage that had changed their clothes, wore loose white shirts, and started dancing on stools.

Their figures were charming, and with them doing bold movements, the audience became excited.

Ji Qingying seized the opportunity and immediately changed the topic, “Fu Yanzhi, what do you feel about this”


Perhaps because he had just woken up, his voice was a little hoarse.

“The dance happening on the stage”, Ji Qingying said while watching.

“I dont know.”


Ji Qingying choked on his reply, not knowing how to express her wordlessness.

She turned to look at him, only to discover that he had already withdrawn his gaze.

It was as if he had not a tiny bit of interest in the hot dance on stage.

Ji Qingying gazed at him for a while, and asked astonishingly, “You dont like to watch these kinds of performances”

Fu Yanzhi reluctantly turned to look at her eyes, “En.”

Ji Qingying continued “You mean you like men

She had said that line in a low voice, so Fu Yanzhi did not hear her clearly.



Ji Qingying bent the corner of her lips and suddenly felt that she had unique foresight to have found such a treasure.

“I praise you for being unique.”


He glanced at her and did not answer.

Ji Qingying didnt care about his meaningful glances and continued to look at the stage.

Both of them remained quiet for a while.

Ji Qingying focused on the performance happening onstage while Fu Yanzhi looked at his mobile phone.

Occasionally she glanced at his phone and saw paragraphs in English with black characters on a white background.

Ji Qingying took a look at several words to know what he was reading about.

——-He was looking at medical-related information.

Nevertheless the words were in all English.

He was indeed awesome.

They stayed in the bar until the female groups performance was over before returning home.

Ye Zhenzhen had not yet finished her work and she conferred with Ji Qingying after the event.

The two then intended to stay up late to continue doing it.

Fu Yanzhi listened to their conversation and asked in a cold tone, “Staying up late”

Ji Qingying nodded, “She needs to hurry with the work to get it done in time.

I only have time to teach her from today until tomorrow, so I can only stay up late.”

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Ye Zhenzhen, “Can you handle it”

Ye Zhenzhen nodded, “Of course I can.”

She looked at Ji Qingying, a little curious, “Senior Ji, the day after tomorrow, will you be busy with your work”


Ji Qingying smiled and said, “I joined a film as a custom director.

I have to stay with the crew and cant go home regularly.”

Hearing what she said, Ye Zhenzhens eyes shone.

“Thats excellent! What film”

“Its confidential for the time being.”

Ye Zhenzhen understood and nodded, “Thats just excellent! In the future will it be shown in the cinema”

Ji Qingying broke into laughter, “Should be able to.”

After the three of them got home, Fu Yanzhi repeatedly warned Ye Zhenzhen, then let her go.

After Ye Zhenzhen entered the room, he looked down at Ji Qingying and said, “Sorry to bother you.”

“ Its not that troublesome.”

Ji Qingying said with a smile, “But can I ask you for a reward”


He raised his eyes and looked at her quietly.

Ji Qingying looked at that pair of eyes, which did not hold much emotion, yet still attracted her.

She inexplicably became a little nervous.

She pursed her lips and looked at his serious expression, “Im just kidding.”

“I myself am willing to teach her.” She pointed out.

Fu Yanzhi responded in a low voice, “I heard her say you dont want her to pay for your lessons”

Ji Qingying smiled, “This takes very little effort from me, I also did not teach her much.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded and said, “If you need help in the future, please tell me at any time.”

Ji Qingying looked up at him and winked, “Sure!”

Of course, she would not refuse a service delivered to her doorstep.

Although the reason she helped Ye Zhenzhenhen was not because of Fu Yan Zhi, but if she could kill two birds with one stone, why not.

That night, Ji Qingjing and Ye Zhenzhen basically did not sleep at all.

Except for when she couldnt help but sleep for an hour in the middle of the night, Ye Zhenzhen was busy the whole night.

A genuine handmade cheongsam was not as easy to make as most imagine.

Measurements, plate making, cutting and bucking needed to be done by yourself.

When sewing, if you made any mistakes, you may have to start all over again.

The clocks hour hand turned half a circle, signifying the passing of the night.

The light outside the window was getting brighter, and a cheongsam taking shape.

After finishing the final detail, Ji Qingying put the cheongsam on the mannequin, and instantly the whole room seemed to light up.

The cheongsam hung there, completely decorating up the room.

When she looked at the completed cheongsam, Ye Zhenzhens sleepiness was driven away instantly.

She was pleasantly surprised and looked at Ji Qingying, “Senior Sister Ji! Its so beautiful.

Ji Qingyings eyes were as bright as stars at this point, and she looked at ye Zhenzhen, smiling brightly, “Congratulations, you have done very well.”

Ye Zhenzhen was excited, and embraced the person next to her, “Thank you Senior Sister Ji!”

Ji Qingying smiled, understanding her excitement.

“Dont thank me, the work was mostly done by you, I just taught you the basics.”

Ye Zhenzhen shook her head, wanting to say something yet at that moment the doorbell rang.

Ji Qingying stared blankly, “Ill go open the door.”

“Then Ill go to the bathroom.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at the person who came to open the door, his eyes falling on her face for a moment, “Still busy”


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