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Chapter 10: Shameless Request (2)

“Almost done.”

Ji Qingying was surprised to see him, “Why did you come over though”

“Hmm” Fu Yanzhi replied, then gave her the things in his hand, “Have some breakfast before continuing with your work.”

Ji Qingying was stunned and looked at the breakfast in her hands.

“Thank you.”

Fu Yanzhi did not say much, and said in a low voice, “Once you two are finished let Ye Zhenzhen go back, Im off to work now.”

Hearing what he said, Ji Qingying looked at his callous expression helplessly, “Okay.”

Once she saw Fu Yanzhi entering the elevator, Ji Qingying closed the door.

“Senior Ji, who was it”

“Your brother.”

Ye Zhenzhen was stunned, and looked at the closed door, “Why did my brother come”

“To deliver breakfast.”

Ye Zhenzhen looked at Ji Qingying placing the breakfast on the table, and her voice went up a pitch, “Since when was my brother so nice”


Ji Qingying couldnt bear but smile, “Your brother used to be bad”

Ye Zhenzhen shook her head, “Sort of, not good, not bad, quite cold.”

Fu Yanzhis personality had been cold since he was a child.

No matter who he was with, he had the same attitude.

Ye Zhenzhen also did not hold any more hope for her brother, she was already used to it.

However, this time she was caught off guard by his sudden and strange care.

After having breakfast, Ji Qingying did the finishing work for Ye Zhenzhen.

After all the busy work, the house was quiet again.

Ji Qingying yawned, and after receiving a message from Ye Zhenzhen saying she had arrived home, she muted her mobile phone and went to sleep.

When she woke up again, Chen Xinyu had came with her dinner.

“Why are you still sleeping”


Ji Qingying hid herself in the quilt and replied sullenly, “Im sleepy, what time is it”

“6pm, want to tell me what happend”


Ji Qingying replied with an “Oh” before closing her eyes.

“Then Ill sleep for another hour.”

“No way!”

Chen Xinyu pulled her up and said seriously, “You must get up, if not you wont be able to sleep at night.”

She looked at Ji Qingyings face and frowned, “Until what time were you busy from till noon”

“Since ten oclock.”

Chen Xinyu was helpless, “I know you want to help Dr.

Fus sister, but at least think about yourself.

How many days now have you stayed up late Have you forgotten about your own body”

Thinking about it, she had not had a good rest for more than a week in order to create cheongsams for the film.

Ji Qingying was silent for a while, then suddenly said, “Its not like that.”


Chen Xinyu asked while opening the window.

Ji Qingying returned to her bed and stared at the ceiling, “I lent a hand not because she was Dr.

Fus sister.”

Chen Xinyus hands stopped and she looked back at her “I know.”

She pursed her lips and walked to the bed, “Let me tell you something okay”

Ji Qingying looked at her eyes “I already know what you want to say though.”

Chen Xinyu was speechless.

She had intended to say the several words that were on her mind but decided to change her sentence, “How did you know what I wanted to say”

Ji Qingying looked at her.

Chen Xinyu calmly continued, “What I wanted to know is, do you know San Qing”

Ji Qingying opened the quilt and got up, “Mmm.”

San QIng was a domestic luxury brand with multiple subsidiaries, and clothing was the companys flagship.

Chen Xinyu nodded, “San Qing is preparing a new generation designer competition recently, there is no registration restriction.”

She stood at the bathroom door.

“I think you should try it.

Ji Qingying did not say a word.

Only after she had brushed her teeth did she say something, “I have no time.”

“How come you have no time Time depends on how you handle it.”

She looked at Ji Qingying directly, “Im not even asking you to participate in that one national event.

So you are not willing to do even this one”

She did not wait for Ji Qingying to refute, and said directly, “Are you going to not participate in any competitions for the rest of your life”

Ji Qingying was about to speak, but was stopped by Chen Xinyu, “Or have you given up on your dream”

The room was quiet for a long time.

Ji Qingying bent down to wash her face.

After drying the water drops on her face, she turned to Chen Xinyu.

The two people were in a deadlock for a moment, before she dropped her eyes, saying softly, “No.”

“If not, then sign up.”

Chen Xinyu continued bluntly, “You only need to draw a design sketch, and I will help you with the rest.”

It was not that she was a busybody, nor did she want to force Ji Qingying to do anything.

But if she didnt force Ji Qingying, she would keep herself in the same place all her life.

Its not bad to stay in the same place.

However, Chen Xinyu knew what Ji Qingying wanted, what she longed for and where her heart was.

She didnt want to see her friend like this all the time.

Chen Xinyu knew that this was a breakthrough from the moment she joined the film as a costume director.

She stared at Ji Qingying and said in a low voice, “If you still have no other ideas after participating in Sanqing, then I wont force you.”

“Think about it.

Just give me a reply before the 15th.”

After dinner, Chen Xinyu left.

When Fu Yanzhi got home, it was getting late.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw a person squatting in front of his house.

She was wearing a light white household dress, showing her white ankles and dragging slippers on her feet.

Her hair was loose and sagging, blocking half of her face.

Because the person looked thin, they looked very pitiful.

After hearing the sound, Ji Qingyings eyes moved away from her mobile phone and looked up at him.

Fu Yanzhi looked down at her, “Why are you squating here”

“A gust of wind came and closed the door.” She explained.

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and looked at the password lock on the door.

Ji Qingying followed his eyes and added, “I forgot the password, and I also wanted to use a lock instead.”

Fu Yanzhi stared at her for a long time, “Why dont you call the locksmith”

Ji Qingying blinked and looked at him, “I dont have the phone number of the locksmith.

And its now ten oclock, the locksmith should be having a rest.

She bit her lower lip and said cautiously, “Can I stay with you for one night I wont disturb you, I will sleep on the sofa.”


Fu Yanzhi stared at her for a while and bowed his head to open the door.

He opened the door and took two steps.

He looked back at the person who was still squatting in place.

With his deep voice, he said, “Come in”.


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