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Chapter 11: Taking A Selfie With Her Flower (2)

Ji Qingying raised her eyes to look at her and smiled, “Why are you here”


I want to eat with you today.” Yan Quizhi replied.

Ji Qingying looked at her expression and grinned, “Why”

Beside, Rong Xue raised her hand, “I know.”

She said excitedly, “Older sister Quizhi, is it because of the scene you had to film this morning”

Yan Qiuzhi looked at Rong Xue with her gaze filled with adoration.

“Really smart.”

Ji Qingying was inside the room all morning, completely unaware of what was happening outside.

She raised her eyebrows and said, “What did you shoot this morning”

“A scene where Teacher Chen murders Older sister Quizhi.

Everyone was scared!


Ji Qingying couldnt help but laugh: “Isnt that just a scene”

Yan Qiuzhi nodded and said confidently, “Its just a scene, but I hold a grudge.

As soon as I saw him after that, I only thought of how he had just murdered me, and I couldnt swallow that for a moment.”

Three people talked and laughed.

Ji Qingying chatted with her while eating and occasionally looked at her mobile phone.

Seeing that she picked it up and put it down several times, Yan Qiuzhi asked curiously, “Are you chatting with that person”

The last time she said she could introduce a man to Ji Qingying, she refused and told her that she had someone who was her absolute favorite.

Ji Qingying nodded, “He didnt reply to my message.”

Yan Qiuzhi, “… Thats too much, ignoring a message from a big beauty like you ! You should put him on your blacklist!”

Ji Qingying laughed and didnt explain.

Fu Yanzhi was usually busy at work and it was normal for him to not reply on time.

After eating, Ji Qingying returned to her small studio for a nap.

When she woke up, she saw Fu Yanzhis reply that was sent half an hour ago.

Even when she was busy working with the group, she certainly didnt forget to make her moves.

Every day she sent a message to Fu Yanzhi and asked him about his work and life.

Yet, he spared no effort to reject her and cruelly said that he was tired or busy.

From time to time, she also cared to ask about whether her two pots of jasmine had blossomed, whether they were still alive, and so on.

Fu Yanzhi was not diligent with his replies and didnt talk much.

Sometimes his messages just consisted of one-word answers.

But fortunately, this imperceptibly gave Ji Qingying confidence.

Fu Yanzhi: [I just finished my work.


Ji Qingying lowered her eyes, and pulled the corners of her lips upward: [Did you eat]

Fu Yanzhi: 【En.

Ji Qingying glanced at the time: [Are you busy today ]

Fu Yanzhi: [Fortunately]

Sometimes, the two would start chatting like this idly.

Although he was cold, this coldness wouldnt allow Ji Qingying to play a one-man role.

This was enough for her.

After chatting a little bit about their daily lives, Ji Qingying asked her daily questions about her little jasmine.

Ji Qingying: [By the way, is my jasmine blooming ]

Fu Yanzhi sat in his chair, rolled his eyes and unceremoniously opened her chat to answer: [You just asked yesterday.


Ji Qingying was not at all embarrassed, apart from her vague expression, she looked very calm as she sent her reply.

Ji Qingying: [Really I didnt even notice, I didnt expect for you, Dr.

Fu to remember so clearly.


Her words had great significance behind them.

They seemed to be saying–

‘I didnt even remember what I said, and I didnt expect for you to remember it so clearly.

Youre paying too much attention to my words.

Fu Yanzhi didnt reply.

Ji Qingying looked at her phone without moving for a while, then silently as her lips curled up she sent this: [Tomorrow Saturday do you have a holiday]

Fu Yanzhi: [En.]

Ji Qingying: [So rest at home]

Fu Yanzhi: 【En.

The conversation between the two was cut short around three oclock.

Fu Yanzhi did not have a surgery scheduled for in the afternoon, and nothing urgent had happened.

He got off work smoothly and on time.

“Tomorrows an off.

How about going out for dinner at night”

“Not going.”

Xu Chengli turned his head to stare at him, slightly surprised: “…Why”

He was puzzled.

“Lin Haoran is going too, are you sure you dont want to go”


Xu Chengli: “…”

He looked at Fu Yanzhi and said, “Whats so urgent that you need to go home so quickly”

He muttered: “Maybe its that you are destined to live a lonely life.

With your behavior, I wonder if your family is Tibetan to prefer living a life of seclusion and minimal interaction Now youre not even taking part in any after-work activities.

Although Fu Yanzhi didnt like to participate before, occasionally he would dine with everyone.

Hearing this, Fu Yanzhi glanced at him coldly, without speaking.

Xu Chengli instantly gave up on convincing him, “Forget it, you go home and hold your medical books.”

After coming out of the hospital, Fu Yanzhi received a call from Jiang Chen.


“Are you off tomorrow”


Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes and looked at the road: “Whats the matter”

Jiang Chen clicked his tongue, “Qingqing said Yan Yan and Chen Lunan are going to visit the film site and told me to call you and warn you in advance.

I also heard that he and his wife have been in the group for so long yet you did not visit their workplace even a single time.

There is no humanity in you if you dont go, and it also means you are betraying our organization.”

He paused and added, “Of course, you havent betrayed the organization just once or twice, and I should expect the same from you this time.”

Fu Yanzhi said “En”.

Jiang Chen clearly understood, “I know youre still not–”

Before he finished speaking, Fu Yanzhi suddenly asked, “At what time”

Jiang Chen was taken aback, surprised he tried to confirm if what he heard was true or not, “Are you going”

Fu Yanzhi had a calm tone and said lightly: “Didnt she say if I refuse Ill be betraying the organization and will be known to have no humanity”


Jiang Chen laughed: “Thats true, go for tonight.

We will pick you up later.”


After arriving home, Fu Yanzhi received another punctual message from Ji Qingying.

Ji Qingying: [Doctor Fu, did you get off from work Remember to send me a picture of the Jasmine.]

This was what she had asked for in the chat with Fu Yanzhi at noon.

Fu Yanzhi went to the balcony, took a picture and sent it to her.

A few minutes later, Ji Qingying replied: [Doctor Fu, I still want a special photo, is that alright]

Fu Yanzhi: []

Ji Qingying: [Just…can you take a photo with my jasmine I want to see if a person can be compared with my lovely flower.


One minute later.

Ji Qingying received a very heartless word as an answer.

Fu Yanzhi: [No.




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