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Chapter 12: Rivals In Love Met (1)

Even after being rejected, Ji Qingying was not angry.

She had deliberately teased Fu Yanzhi and had expected that this would be the result.

If he did send her, she wouldve found it too easy to be a challenge.

There was a smile in her eyes, as she sent him an aggrieved reply of two words: [Oh…okay.


As if, she really was unhappy.

Fu Yanzhi did not reply to her message again.

After dinner, Ji Qingying nested in the room to draw designs and make clothes.

She was the type of person who once got an idea they would immediately spring into action with it, not to mention that she had a full range of tools in the room she was currently staying in.

At eight oclock, the doorbell rang.

Rong Xue ran to open the door.

“Teacher Jian.”

Standing outside the door was the costume design director of the crew, who was not only responsible for the actors costume but also needed to communicate with every designer they were dealing with.

What he had to do is to take control of the overall situation and supervise the work done by each of them.

Jian Ping looked at her and asked in a low voice, “Is Qingying busy”

Rong Xue nodded.

She turned sideways: “Does Teacher Jian have some matter that needs to be talked about”

“En, we need to discuss about the issue of clothing.”

Rong Xue understood, and shouted: “Sister Qingying, Teacher Jian is here.”

Ji Qingying responded and walked out of the room.

As soon as she appeared, Jian Pings eyes fell on her.

After returning from the film site, Ji Qingying put the finishing touches on her cheongsam inspired by jasmine.

After it was done, Rongxue argued noisily with her to wear the dress and see the effect of the dress on her, and she did not refuse.

She had worked on the cheongsam on alternative days over a long period of time and usually after she finished working on her clothes she would try it on.

Although it was unlikely that there could be a change in size over time, that was nothing to fear about.

Because that could easily be changed in time.

Her cheongsam was made in a long style with sleeves buttoned and Chinese tunic as light white as jasmine, but not pure white.

The button-up was paired with a pale yellow match with a jasmine heart, paired with her low ponytail braid, the whole person looked gentle and girly.

It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Ji Qingying was accustomed to wearing all kinds of cheongsams and didnt find anything wrong with wearing a cheongsam here.

So she calmly called out: “Teacher Jian.”

Jian Ping was stunned for a moment before he came back to his senses.

“Did you make this yourself”

Ji Qingying nodded and asked directly: “What did you need to talk about”

Although she didnt mind wearing different kinds of cheongsams that didnt mean she liked talking about them, so she went straight to the point with him.

Jian Ping was brought out of his thoughts and withdrew the gaze that was attracted to the cheongsam wearing women in front of him, “Tell me about the costumes of their wedding scene.”

Ji Qingying nodded and pulled her notebook to one side to take notes “Go on.”

Ji Qingying was a person with her own way of thinking and ideas.

She would listen to the opinions of people next to her, but she also had her own plans that she would insist upon.

On the other hand, Jian Ping was a very communicable person, not to mention that they were all colleagues here.

If there were any issues, once discussed calmly, everyone would easily understand.

By the time their discussion was over, it was already late.

As she went with Jian Ping to see him off, he suddenly looked back at her and said,: “This cheongsam is very good, and it matches you very well.”

Ji Qingying was taken aback and smiled, “Thank you.”

Jian Ping smiled, stared at her face for a few seconds, and whispered: “Rest up early.”

“Take care, Teacher Jian.”

After she closed the door, Rong Xue came over.

Ji Qingying pushed her away, “Whats the matter”

Rong Xue stared at her for a while, then whispered, “Sister Qingying, didnt you notice that Teacher Jians eyes were somewhat ambiguous when he was looking at you”

Hearing this, Ji Qingying picked up her mobile phone that was lying on one side and said coldly, “Did not notice.”

Rong Xue: “…”

She glanced at the message received on the phone and knocked her head, “Sleep early.

Im going over to talk to Yan Yan.”

Rong Xue pouted, “Okay.”

She whispered, “Obviously in Teacher Jians gaze you were looking absolutely stunning.”

Ji Qingying ignored her.

When most people see a woman wearing a cheongsam, they will be surprised, stunned, and even curious.

She had long been used to such stares.

Over time, she also did not mind .

What Ji Qingying did not think was that she would happen to meet Jian Ping in the elevator.

The two glance at each other and Jian Ping stared at her in surprise: “Are you going to go out so late”


Ji Qingying said concisely: “Ms.

Yan has something to do with me, so I was going to meet her.

I will go to her.”

Jian Ping nodded and glimpsed at her: “You have a good relationship with Qiuzhi and the others.”

Ji Qingying curled her lips and smiled,: “Well, they get along well.”

Jian Ping just watched her and looked at her like this, he wanted to say something but stopped, because Ji Qingying had already lowered her head to look at her phone.

She was sending a message to Fu Yanzhi.

After that night on which she had teased him, Fu Yanzhi had not paid her any attention to her yet.

She doesnt mind if he ignores her, but she would not forget to send him a good night message.

Ji Qingyings eyebrows were drooping, and the corners of her lips were pulled up.

She looked like she was in a good mood.

Jian Ping observed her for a long time, but she never noticed.

Upon reaching the top floor where Yan Qiuzhi lived, Ji Qingying raised her hand and knocked on the door of her room.

As soon as the door opened, Yan Qiuzhi looked at her and smiled,: “Its finally here.”

Ji Qingying explained,: “I was busy just now.”

Yan Qiuzhi understood,: “Its okay, its okay, let me introduce to you, this is Chen Mu——”

Before she could finish her words, Chen Muqing sprang out from the other side, excited and enthusiastic: “Oh my God, Yan Yan, you are not exaggerating at all, this is a great beauty.”

Ji Qingying lowered her head and smiled.

She raised her eyes, and jJust as she raised her head about to speak, a familiar figure appeared in the range of her sight.

She was stunned for a moment, blinked gently and looked over there.She was so stunned for a moment that she had to blink gently and then look once again for confirmation.

As if the person on the other end had noticed her gaze, the man raised his head diagonally and looked over.

The two lines of sight eyes collided head on.

Ji Qingying stared at him, bent her lower lip, and smiled in her eyes.

Fu Yanzhi seemed to have not noticed the look in her eyes, and quickly retracted his gaze.

After a while of introductions and chatting, Ji Qingying and Chen Muqing also got acquainted.

These people were here to visit Yan Qiuzhi.

They were good friends who had known each other since their childhood.

Ji Qingying who was absent-minded, occasionally glanced at Fu Yanzhi.

Unfortunately, in addition to not looking at her at first, Fu Yanzhi even completely regarded her as air.

Surrounded by people who were not familiar, Ji Qingying and Chen Muqing were also two people who were meeting each other for the first time seeing each other for the first time.

She was not a person who could quickly integrate into other peoples circles.

Although Chen Muqing was very warm and well-intentioned from head to toe, she was still a little restrained and hesitant.

Not long after, Ji Qingying got up and left.

As soon as she left the house, she immediately unlocked her phone.

Ji Qingying:[Doctor Fu, I just confirmed one thing.


After the message was sent, Ji Qingying hummed a little song and waited.

After a while, the phone vibrated.

Fu Yanzhi: [[What ]

Ji Qingying: [Flowers arent as good-looking as people.


Ji Qingying: [I just witnessed this fact with my own eyes, do you think I was right ]



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