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Chapter 12: Rivals In Love Met (2)

Fu Yanzhi:[……]

Ji Qingying: [Why are you sending back with an ellipsis sign Am I wrong Am I not right Or is it that Dr.

Fu doesnt want to admit that he is prettier than flowers.


After the message was sent, it took several minutes for Fu Yanzhi to get a reply.

Fu Yanzhi: [I dont feel the necessity to be prettier than flowers.I dont think I need to be better than flowers.


Ji Qingying: [Oh.]

Fu Yanzhi frowned slightly as he readwatched the message he was sending her.

Jiang Chen was talking next to him.

After noticing that Fu Yanzhi frequently looked at his mobile phone movements, he raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Dr.

Fu, are you talking to someone”

In an instant, everyone turned their heads and looked over.

Fu Yanzhis expression was dim, and he raised his eyes and looked at everyone,: “Something the matter”

Jiang Chen: “…”

Chen Muqing was quite shocked,: “No, we are fine, but things become very troublesome when you chat with people.”


Its not that everyone was making a fuss and exaggerating too much, but Fu Yanzhi never sent messages to people who were unfamiliar to him or not from their circle..

Even if they were someone he didnt know and he had to make contact, he will not send messages but instead, make a phone call.

Even in their group chat full of people he knew, Fu Yanzhi never said more than ten words all year roundThey have a group in which Fu Yanzhi says no more than ten words in it all the year round.

To explain this peculiarity–

Typing was a waste of time.

Fu Yanzhi ignored everyones surprise and looked down at histhe mobile phone that was vibrating again.

Ji Qingying: [When will you go back ]

Fu Yanzhi: [Tomorrow.


Ji Qingying: [Then can I invite you for a meal to eat tomorrow

After sending it, Ji Qingying did not give him the opportunity and time to refuse or even give a proper response, and continued to send,: [Its too late, Doctor Fu rest early, well see you tomorrow, good night.

Fu Yanzhi paused, deleted the two words he had just typed, and turned off the phone.

Early the next morning.

Ji Qingying had gotten up early.

She glanced at the phone time on the phones screen, took a set of sportswear, and put on it, and went to the hotel gym.

She knew Fu Yanzhis routine very well.

Apart from working overtime and getting rest, this person set a fixed time for fitness training every day.

And he liked morning jogs very much.

If Ji Qingyings estimation was correct, Fu Yanzhi should be in the gym right about now.

The hotel was quiet in the morning, and there were not many people in the gym.

As soon as Ji Qingying arrived at the door, she saw a familiar figure.

She walked straight over, showing her best smile: “Fu Yanzhi, Good morning.”

When she called his name, her voice was lively and pleasant to hear.

Fu Yanzhi looked at the person who appeared suddenly and paused before giving a reply, “Morning.”

Ji Qingying looked at him: “How long have you been here”

Fu Yanzhi glanced back at her: “Twenty minutes.”


Ji Qingying whispered: “So early.”

Fu Yanzhi,: “…”

She also did not talk to Fu Yanzhi and turned on the next treadmill next to his to walk slowly.

Ji Qingying herself also maintained a schedule where she exercised three or four times a week.

Although she was lazy, she still took the time to maintain her figure for the sake of those beautiful cheongsams.

After walking for about half an hour, the person next to her stopped.

Ji Qingying again stared and looked at him.

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and looked over,: “What time do you need to go with the crew”

Ji Qingying blinked: “Dont worry, I can go later.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

Ji Qingying shut the treadmill and looked at him: “Are you going to have breakfast with Teacher Chen and the others”

“No need.”

Hearing that, Ji Qingying laughed: “Then can I ask you to have breakfast with me first”

After saying that, she gently winked at Fu Yanzhi, herthe foxys eyes glinted with her cunningness,were full of cunning: “Doctor Fu, will you do me a favor ”

That voice was so soft it made one brim up with feelings of pity and careIt still sounds a little pathetic.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his eyes, stared at her for a moment, and then said softly, “Ok.”

Then Ill go back to the room first.

See you in the restaurant downstairs at 8:30.”


When Rong Xue came over, Ji Qingying was putting on makeup.

She looked at it in disbelief, her mouth slightly open: “Sister Qingying.”


Ji Qingying was putting her eyeliner and inquired in a vague, happy, and yet questioning tonely, “Whats the matter”

Rong Xue pointed to her face: “Why did you put on makeup today”

All this while she had been with the production crewDuring this period of time with the production crew, Ji Qingying did not wear any makeup except for her first day on the jobin the group.

She had good skin and wasis beautiful even without makeup.

Whats more, their designers like her did sleep enough every day when they were tired, and they didnt have time to worry about what others would think about them.

Ji Qingying finished applying the eyeliner and started to put on her eye shadow.

“Im in a good mood.”

Rong Xue: “…”

After some twists and turns of dealing with her makeup, Ji Qingying also took the trouble and went to change into a cheongsam.

As soon as she came out, Rongxues eyes were glued to her.

She pursed her lips, and said cautiously, “Sister Qingying, I think you are not just in a good mood.”

Ji Qingying smiled brightly: “Well, Im going out for breakfast.”

She urged: “You can go to the setshow by yourself later, and, Ill go there later,”

After that, she didnt give Rong Xue a chance to be curious, put on her high heels, and left.

Rong Xue was stunned for a while before she whispered,: “Is Sister Qingying going to go on a blind date”


Naturally a blind date but not just a blind date.

But having breakfast with Fu Yanzhi was more worthy of attention and care to detail than a blind date.

After all, the two hadnt seen each other in a while.

Ji Qingying dressed up to amaze him and make him unforgettable.

In the restaurant downstairs, Fu Yanzhi was already there, with his back facing her.

Ji Qingying pressed her upturned lips and walked towards him.

When she was approaching the dining table, a familiar voice came from the other side.


She raised her eyes.

Jian Ping was sitting not far away in black casual clothes, smiling at her, speaking familiarly: “Come and lets sit together.”

Ji Qingyings footsteps stopped.

She subconsciously looked towards Fu Yanzhi, and he just to look over as well.

Their eyes happen to meet .

There was an undercurrent surging silently in the tense atmosphere.

Fu Yanzhis gaze didnt stay on Ji Qingying for long.

After taking a look, he casually turned his gaze to the man seated diagonally opposite to him.

Soon, he lowered his eyelids again and took a sip of the coffee in front of him.

Observing his actions, Ji Qingying couldnt figure out his intentions for a while.

She thought for a while, and planned to say hello to Jian Ping first.

It would just take one moment.

A faint perfume smell penetrated into his nose.

Its a jasmine smell that wasnt pungent.

Looking up again, Fu Yanzhi saw she left him aside for a figure that was seated behind.


The author has something to say:

Doctor Fu:

Jian Ping: I won this round!

Doctor Fu: Dont be too happy.



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