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Chapter 13: Distinctively Envious (1)

Ji Qingying didnt mean to do anything else.

Furthermore, she didnt want Fu Yanzhi to misunderstand something.

Just that Jian Ping had greeted her and he was her senior in the field so she thought it polite to return his greeting.

When she came over, Jian Ping smiled at her and asked her straight away before she could have any chance of refusing.

“What a coincidence, what do you want to eat”

Ji Qingying couldnt help but laugh and said softly, “Im sorry.”

She gestured to a table behind her, “I have an appointment with my friend.”

Jian Ping was stumped for words and looked at her with astonishment written all over his face.

Ji Qingying didnt explain much, but made her apologies, “Next time I will invite Teacher Jian to have a meal.”

Hearing her words, he did not force her any longer.

“It was me who was rude first.”

Ji Qingying simply nodded in reply and turned to the opposite side.

She didnt pay attention to Jian Ping anymore.

She went straight towards Fu Yanzhis table and sat down as she asked, “When did you arrive”

“Five minutes ago.”

Just as it was normal for him, both his expression and tone were very calm.

“Oh”, Ji Qingying replied with a smile plastered on her face, “Then what do you want to eat”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at the menu she was holding, “You can decide, up to you.”

“Should I order for both of us”

Ji Qingying implied while looking at him.


Ji Qingying didnt eat her breakfast in the hotel restaurant very often.

Most of the time, she opted to eat with Rong Xue in the small shop outside.

She went through the menu and simply recommended a few dishes that she thought were to his tastes.

Fu Yanzhi did not make a move to reject anything she had ordered so far.

While waiting for the meal, Ji Qingying tried hard to find a topic for some conversation to flow.

“Are you going to visit the shooting site later”

Fu Yanzhi nodded, “Yes.”

Upon hearing this answer, Ji Qingyings eyes lit up as if she had thought of something, “Do you plan on taking a look around”

“There are quite a few scenic spots nearby, including historical sites.” She added.

She wore delicate make-up today.

When she spoke, the corner of the eyebrows lifted up with her smile, which was by itself bright and charming.

One couldnt help but have their gazes attracted to her.

Fu Yanzhi paused slightly and met her line of sight “Have you been to that place before”


Ji Qingying said, “A few days ago, I went there together with Rongxue and Teacher Jian.”

She had always liked historical things, and it happened that several designers wanted to relax and she also wanted to take a look, therefore she went with them.

“Hm.” Fu Yanzhi replied and asked in a tone that showed his indifference, “Teacher Jian”


Ji Qingying pointed his gaze towards the table Jian Ping had been sitting in,”The one who called for me just before, hes our costume director.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes.

Jian Ping also seemed to have noticed their stares and looked over at their table.

His gaze was quite dull with no emotion in it.

He only looked at the other party once before he turned back.

Jian Ping, on the other hand, had noticed him from the beginning.

Not only Jian Ping, but many people sitting around were restless ever since Fu Yanzhi had entered the dining hall.

He had good posture, and his facial features were very well-structured.

His face was even better than that of a male star.

Whats more, was his temperament that any could see clearly.

He gave off a feeling of loneliness and independence, similar to that of a plum in bone-chilling winter which attracts people to come forward and pluck it, and yet at the same time, he was like frosty pure white snow, making people afraid of tainting it.

Ji Qingying didnt notice that one moment of interaction between the two people.

She was still talking about the scenic spots.

“But there is a scenic spot that doesnt open every day.

Turns out that it can only be visited three days a week.”

Her tone as she was saying this, was full of regret.

“You went there last time” Fu Yanzhi remarked at her.


“Did not have the opportunity that day.” She said in an unhappily, which was quite a rare side of her.

Fu Yanzhi had an inkling of what might have happened and didnt comment any further.

Both of them experienced a quiet moment, following which the waiter delivered their meal.

After she had finished her breakfast, Ji Qingying had to go with the crew.

She raised her eyes and looked at Fu Yanzhi, “What time will you visit the shooting site”

“Dont know.”

Ji Qingying, “…”

She blinked softly “Where are Mr.

Jiang and the others”

“Still sleeping.”

She nodded in reply.


I see.”

She was about to get discouraged when a thought flashed in her mind.Her eyes sparked with a glimmer of light and a smile hung on her face again.

It was so obvious that anyone could see what she was thinking at a glance.

“Well…… You might get bored staying inside the hotel all by yourself.

Would you like to go with the crew first

She added on with a smile, “Teacher Chen and Yan Yan have two big scenes to shoot in the morning, which should be quite entertaining to watch.”

His head tilted down as he looked at her.

Ji Qingying raised her head and looked at him eye to eye and could see the silhouette of someone reflected in his eyes.

She blinked, and asked while referring to him in a more intimate tone, “Doctor Fu, will you go”

Fu Yanzhi responded, “Yes..”

When Ji Qingying appeared at the shoot with Fu Yanzhi, many staff personnel were surprised.

Before anyone could open their mouths, Yan Qiuzhi walked out from the other side holding a thermos cup and said as she was surprised, “Qingying, he came along with you”

“Eh” Ji Qingying forgot for a while that she and Fu Yanzhi knew each other, and it was not clear if he had told anything to his group of friends.

After pondering about it, Ji Qingying casually explained in a single sentence.

“We met at the hotel lobby and came here together.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt utter a word.

Yan Qiuzhi raised her brows in shock and looked with a suspicious eye at the two people, obviously not believing her words.

But there were so many people around listening in on the convo, so she refrained from investigating any further.

“Is that so”

Then she looked over at Fu Yanzhi, “Chen Lunan is over there if you want to talk to him.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

After a while, everyone found out that the handsome brother who came to visit was Chen Lunans friend


Ji, I thought you brought your boyfriend.”

The colleague who had a good relationship with Ji Qingying said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Ji Qingying raised her eyebrows inquisitively, “Why did you think that”

“With my eyes.”

Another staff member next to them also followed, “Yes, thats right, as soon as you two entered anyone could see very clearly that both your appearance and temperament matched very well with each others.”

Ji Qingying listened to the voice of the discussion on one side and on the other side, her lips silently went upwards.

Next to her, Rong Xue who knew about all the in and outs of the matter moved closer to Ji Qingying and whispered, “Sister Qingying, are you very happy now”

Ji Qingying choked a bit, immediately after which her hand went forward and she knocked Rong Xues head.

“Focus on your work.”

Róng Xuě: “……”

She glanced at her eyes, “Im planning on finishing up early today, I have some business to tend to later.”

Rong Xue was curious, “What is it”

Ji Qingying looked at her calmly and said, “I have to do things which make me happy.”



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