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Chapter 14: She Likes You (2)

Although Fu Yanzhi was cold, he still behaved with a gentlemanly demeanor one would expect of him.

Rong Xue pointed out, “Can you bring this lunch from me to sister Qingying”

She explained in a panic, “I dont want to trouble you either, I want to deliver it myself, but I know sister Qingying will definitely not eat it.”

Fu Yanzhi heard the extraneous meaning.

Before he nodded, Rong Xue whispered, “Sister Qingying likes you, she wont bear to refuse you and send you off.


Fu Yanzhi pretended not to hear the last sentence, and said calmly, “Give it to me.”

Hearing this, Rong Xue said excitedly, “Thank you, Doctor Fu.”

Knock! Knock!

A knock rang on the door, but Ji Qingying answered without lifting her head, “Rong Xue, Im not hungry,”

With a “squeak”, the door was pushed open.

Ji Qingying knitted her brows.

She looked up and wanted to reprimand the person.

However, after seeing the person appear in the doorway she swallowed back her words.

“Why are you here”

Fu Yanzhi calmly said, “Your assistant asked for a favor.”

Ji Qingying saw the deluxe lunch box in his hand, she said “Oh” and whispered, “She is clever.”


Fu Yanzhi looked down at her, “Eating”

Ji Qingying stared at his indifferent face for a while and asked curiously, “Fu Yanzhi, when will you have other emotions”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows.

Ji Qingying explained, “Happiness, anger, sadness, and joy are the four most basic, these emotions you dont seem to have.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

Her words did not sound like a compliment this time.

When Ji Qingying saw that he was silent, she wanted to change the topic, but heard the person next to her ask, “Then what are you now”

She was startled and raised her eyes in surprise.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her calmly.

He was waiting for her to respond.

Ji Qingying was taken aback for a while and thought about what to say but in the end, it became, “I dont know.”

Her mood was complicated right now, so she expressed those emotions in a few words.

Fu Yanzhi nodded and no longer asked her.

“No matter what emotion you are going through, you should not let it affect your daily life.”

Ji Qingying looked at him.

When he saw that she was silent, Fu Yanzhi knocked on the table, pulling her out of her thoughts.

“Eat first.”

She returned to her senses.

She looked at the food on the table and muttered, “How would a person have no appetite eating alone.”


Fu Yanzhi glanced at her.

Ji Qingying said with a smile, “Since Dr.

Fu has a good heart, why dont you join me for a meal ”

The outside was too lively, and the sounds of conversation kept drifting in.

While the two people in the room were quiet.

Ji Qingying ate slowly and occasionally glanced at the person next to her.

Fu Yanzhi ate quickly, but his movements were elegant, and there was no sound, which was especially pleasing to the eyes.

She stared for a while, and suddenly said, “I want to ask you a question.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his head.

Ji Qingying looked at the cheongsam hanging not far away and whispered, “If a patient questioned your skills, even vetoed your decision, or even slandered you, will you continue to be a doctor”

After the words were out, the room fell silent again.

A while later, she heard Fu Yanzhis reply, “Of course not.”

He looked at her sideways, his eyes had a wave of emotions, like the brightest stars in the night sky.

“ Naturally Ill stand by my beliefs.”

——Not a single person can shake this firm belief of mine from the beginning.

Being a doctor meant facing disputes was a matter of always.

But whether for the good or bad, it doesnt affect those doing their duty much.

They were willing and only wanted to do their job.

To help the dying and heal the injured, practice medicine to help the people or public, and to treat everyone with all their heart.

Ji Qingying had heard many such words.

But from the mouth of a cold-tempered person like Fu Yanzhi, she suddenly felt like her blood was racing.

Those feelings of longings and dreams were rapidly surging, which made her find her original intentions and in the end, the realization of those feelings from long before left her in a daze.

After they had finished eating, Fu Yanzhi went out

Ji Qingying didnt stop him.

She needed a little time alone for a while.

Two oclock in the afternoon.

Chen Xinyu woke up in the afternoon and looked at her mobile phone.

Out of the blue, she had received a message from Ji Qingying.

Ji Qingying: 【Help me sign up for the Sanqing competition, and help me pay attention to the national competition in May.

If conditions permit, I will participate.

Chen Xinyu: [ ]

Chen Xinyu: 【Ah–Really! I will sign up for you immediately!! You cant go back on this!! 】

Looking at the article she sent, Ji Qingying could feel her excitement through the screen.

She raised her eyes and looked at the abandoned ruins behind the window.

No matter how long ago it had been forgotten.

Inevitably there will be a day, when ones interest will surface again.

What if they were ruins

One day, they will be rebuilt.

After working in the room, Ji Qingying realized that Fu Yanzhi and the others had not left yet.

When she went out, she happened to see Fu Yanzhi talking to a beautiful woman.

It was the third female actress who was hard to get along with the others on the set.

The two stood in the shade, one tall and the other short.

The womans face was full of smiles, and she was totally different from her hot tempered self that could be seen normally.

From Ji Qingyings line of sight, she was able to capture the changes in her expression.

The blush on her face, the smile in her eyes, and the shy little gesture of pursing her lips when she spoke.

Frame by frame, she was able to see it clearly from where she stood.

Ji Qingying didnt go over.

She stayed on the spot and watched, the depression that had just dissipated covered her again, making her breathless.

Knowing that Fu Yanzhi had many people chasing after him was one thing, but witnessing with her own eyes was another thing.

After staring at it she was about to turn away.

Fu Yanzhi finally noticed her presence and turned to look over.

The two looked at each other from a distance.

Ji Qingying retracted her gaze and walked to the other side blankly.

She couldnt step forward to interrupt, so she simply turned a blind eye.

As if nothing had happened this afternoon.

Ji Qingying returned to the room and talked to Rong Xue, and borrowed the car keys.

She was going to see the ruins, she needed to meditate.

As she was walking towards the door, Chen Muqing suddenly called her, “Qingying.”

Ji Qingying looked sideways.

Fu Yanzhi had finished his conversation with the actress and stood with them.

Ji Qingying answered, “Whats the matter”

Chen Muqing smiled and ran over, “Where are you going We plan to visit nearby attractions.

Fu Yanzhi said you still have one attraction that you havent visited.

Would you like to go with us”

Ji Qingying was startled and looked up at the man standing next to her.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her, “Didnt you say you want to go”

He paused and whispered, “Lets go together.”



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