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Chapter 15: Deeply Heart-Warming (1)

After getting in the car, Ji Qingying looked at the scenery outside the window.

She couldnt understand, how could she carelessly agree

If she kept being like this, it would seem that shes spineless.

But on second thought, the melancholic feeling she felt a while ago was really inexplicable.

Just because Fu Yanzhi was talking to a woman, how did she end up unhappy like that

Before now, Ji Qingying had never experienced such stuff.

It turned out that she had such strong feelings of possessiveness.

She sat by the window with Chen Muqing next to her and Jiang Chen on the other side.

As Cheng Zhan drove the car Fu Yanzhi was on the co-pilot seat.

The scenery outside the window was good, appearing before her eyes all possessed with antiquity and republican street custom.

On both sides of the street, there were tourists dressed beautifully taking photos.

In addition, there was a small peddler who was shouting out loud.

She stared for a while, then quietly withdrew her gaze and stared at the person in front of her.

Fu Yanzhi was looking down at his phone, so only one side of his face was visible

His eyebrows were drooping and the whole scene was very attentive.

Seemingly perceiving her hot gaze, Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes and looked in the rearview mirror.

Their line of sight met.

Before she had time to do something, Chen Muqing, who was talking to Jiang Chen, suddenly called out to her.

“Qingying, what do you think of this”

Ji Qingying lowered her head and what caught her eye was a black skirt with slits.

“I have an event in the next few days, and Im struggling on which one I should choose.

Can you give me some advice”


Ji Qingying smiled and focused all of her mind and attention back onto the skirt.

She looked at it carefully for a moment and spoke in a soft voice, “I prefer the black one.”

Chen Muqings eyes lit up, “Really I also said the black is good.

Jiang Chen says the black one is not good looking.”

In between her words, Chen Muqing rolled her eyes while gazing at Jiang Chen with disdain, “No vision.”

Ji Qingying chuckled.

“Tsk!” Jiang Chen clicked his tongue, and replied sullenly, “You do not believe me You ask Fu Yanzhi and Cheng Zhan, their choice will be the same as mine.”.

Cheng Zhan didnt really want to join their conversation.

“Dont you think the black skirt is very revealing” But he asked decisively.

Chen Muqing, “How is it revealing It just shows the back and somewhat the legs.

Dont all female celebrities dress this way when they attend events and banquets”

Cheng Zhan: “……”

After verbally abusing Cheng Zhan in his heart, Chen Muqing turned the topic over to Fu Yanzhi, “Doctor Fu, what do you think”

Fu Yanzhi was even less interested in participating.

“Up to the person.”


The car was silent for a moment, then Chen Muqing suddenly said, “You see, I knew Fu Yanzhi certainly had no opinion.”

But Chen Muqing justified herself by saying, “Unlike the two of you, even if its exposed, you guys are so chauvinistic!

The two men were silenced by her diss.

Before long, Jiang Chen smiled, “Then you ask Dr.

Fu if he will let his girlfriend dress like that.”

Out of nowhere, Fu Yanzhi was targeted by the skillful actor.

Upon hearing that, Chen Muqing directed her gaze at the beauty sitting next to her.

Ji Qingying returned her gaze with an innocent and confused one

She paused, and sensibly changed the topic, “Then I wont think anymore.

Im wearing this.”

She said firmly, “Ill listen to Qinying.”

Everyone: “…”

It didnt take long to reach their scenic destination.

After getting out of the car they went leisurely sightseeing.

Ji Qingying did not take the initiative to talk to Fu Yanzhi, and would occasionally answer questions when the others asked about what they didnt know.

Although she had been here once, it was enough for her to be able to be relatively familiar with some of the things around.

After walking around for a while, some of them were obviously losing their interest.

After Ji Qingying came out of the comfort room, she saw that only Fu Yanzhi was standing outside.

Today, he was wearing a light shirt that was not quite the formal style and leaning against the wall with his long legs crossed, looking indescribably lazy.

On calm days like this, he looked so different.

But even that could be regarded as eye-catching.

Ji Qingying slowly walked over and noticed that there were a few young girls who, from time to time, glanced at Fu Yanzhi and whispered to each other.

She dawdled over and looked around, “What about the others”

Fu Yanzhi glanced sideways at her, “Tired.

Went somewhere to eat.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

“Oh,” she said, and her lips moved, “Then you–”

Before she could finish her sentence, Fu Yanzhi straightened up.

“Hungry or not” he asked.

“Not really.”

Ji Qingying didnt really want to eat.

“En.” Fu Yanzhi affirmed then said, ”Lets go.”


Ji Qingying looked at his back.

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and glanced at her beautiful face, “Isnt there another attraction that you havent visited yet”

Ji Qingying was startled and smiled swiftly.

She bent her lips, and the unhappy feeling she had felt earlier in the day dissipated instantly.


“Shall we go then” she said.

Fu Yanzhi said nothing.

It was another scenic spot not far away, but it still took some time to walk there.

They walked slowly, and kept a certain amount of distance without being too friendly.

Wearing a cheongsam in this place was not too obtrusive, but passers-by still looked back at them from time to time.

Probably being good looking was the problem.

Ji Qingying could only keep up with Fu Yanzhi for a while, as her pace slowly fell behind by a lot.

She was restricted because of her clothes.

She looked at his back not far away from her sight, and pondered on whether she should call out to him or not, however he had stopped.

Then he turned back.

Ji Qingying immediately walked over.

When she came to his side, she said, “Fu Yanzhi, you walk too fast.”

Fu Yanzhi withdrew his sight from her person and did not bother commenting.

But after a short distance, he slowed down.

They went to the scenic spot that Ji Qingying wished to see before.

This place was an old but special building with colorful paintings decorating the walls.

Although occasionally there was some discoloration here and there, but one could still see and understand how it must have looked before aging this much.

Ji Qingying had always had a special preference for these things.

She loved vintage items, along with historical and cultural relics.

Everything and anything related to that, was something that she liked.


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