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Chapter 16: He Has Feelings (1)

In an instant, everything became quiet.

Fu Yanzhi didnt expect that she would say it so directly so obviously he was stunned.

Both went awkward

Ji Qingying was a little uncomfortable by his silence, so she took a deep breath and asked, “Didnt you feel it before”


Fu Yanzhi still didnt say anything.

Ji Qingying looked at his face for a while, but couldnt figure out what he was thinking.

Wearing those high heels she moved closer, slowly approaching him..

She nudged Fu Yanzhi, not relenting even a little or having any pity on the other party, she smiled and said, “How could that be”

She looked up, “My performance should have been very obvious.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

To be honest, he did feel it.

But he always thought that Ji Qingying would not speak about it out loud.

He paused and looked at her with his eyes scrunted.

“I didnt–” Ji Qingying hurriedly interrupted before he could say anything in reply.

“Dont say that you dont want to fall in love.”

Ji Qingying said directly, “Dont refuse me in a hurry.”

She said, “Im the one chasing you out of my own free will, so Im not asking you to make any promises right now

She looked at him brightly, her beautiful eyes conveyed her sincerity and serious intentions.

She said, “I can feel it, you dont hate me.”

She knew that he didnt love her but she was still confident.

If Fu Yanzhi hated her, then she wouldnt press on without any worries like this.

She dared, just because she knew that Fu Yanzhi had a bit of feeling towards her.

Maybe it couldnt be counted as love, and his interest had not yet been aroused.

But at least, he could tolerate her by his side.

After hearing her out, Fu Yanzhi couldnt recall the last time he had been this speechless.

Even after a long while, he didnt know what to say.

They stood frozen when suddenly, Fu Yanzhi received a call from Jiang Chen.


“Where are you guys We are already here.”

Fu Yanzhi replied, “Okay”, and his voice was indifferent, “Well go there immediately.”

He hung up the phone.

Ji Qingying took the initiative, “Lets go.”

Fu Yanzhi was speechless, looking at her back as she turned and left, he pinched his brows because of the oncoming headache.

They walked back towards the car.

After everyone was seating and they were on their way back, Ji Qingying and Chen Mu Qing chatted.

The person in the front seat was quiet, his facial expression didnt look very good.

Just like that, they arrived on the set.

Ji Qingying got out of the car and thanked everyone.

Chen Muqing smiled and said, “Go back safely.”


Ji Qingying glanced at Fu Yanzhi and said, “I am going in first.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

Ji Qingying wasnt ambiguous either, she turned and left.

She wasnt in a hurry to spend time with Fu Yanzhi, it was better to finish her work quickly then go back to working on attaining a favourable position.

Seeing Ji Qingying walking away, Chen Muqing pointedly said, “Hey, such a big beautiful lady still has no boyfriend yet,I dont know who will be the lucky one in the future.”

Jiang Chen hummed unexpectedly.

Cheng Zhan who rarely joined in on such topics also quipped, “Who knows.”

Fu Yanzhi remained quiet.

Because Yan Qiuzhi and the others were still filming, they didnt go in to say hello and directly left.

In the evening, the crew had another big meal.

And their food was again paid for by someone else.

After such an eventful day, it was finally night time.

The crew was still busy working.

After finishing her dinner, Ji Qingying settled down to work in the room.

Lights lit up outside one after another, connecting into one piece, adding a hint of light to the dim night.

Lights lit up outside one after another, linked together creating a beautiful scene and adding a hint of light to the dim night.

Just as she returned to the hotel after a busy day, Ji Qingying received a video call from Chen Xinyu.

As soon as the call was connected, Chen Xinyu greeted her with good news.

“I have successfully registered an entry for you.”

Ji Qingying nodded and put the phone on one side, “Thank you.”

Chen Xinyu stared at her through the screen, “Thank you for what”

She was laying on a sofa while holding a pillow, “I was the one wishing you would participate in the competition for the longest time.”

Ji Qingying laughed.

She began to remove her makeup and said in a low voice, “Got it.

Send me the deadline and email address for submitting the design draft later.”


Chen Xinyu watched her move around, only to find it pleasing to the eye.


No matter what the action was, it was always beautiful.

She held her chin, admired the view for a while, and said with a smile: “Say, when you win the prize and become successful and well known, will anyone ask you to sign a contract”

Ji Qingying held the mirror, as her brows went up in surprise, and asked, “Sign what contract”

“To make a debut.”

Chen Xinyu said, “Just by your looks and figure, it is enough for you to be hugely popular.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She laughed, “Dont exaggerate so much.”

She put the topic back on the right track, “How are you doing lately, are you busy”

“Im okay.”

Chen Xinyu slumped on the sofa, “Everything is just like the usual.”

The two kept on talking for a while, catching up with each other.

She was suddenly curious, “By the way, how come you put on your makeup today Dont you always keep your face without makeup at work”

Chen Xinyu knew Ji Qingying for a long time, and she also knew she wouldnt use her beauty as an advantage.

She looked like a goddess and yet didnt like to dress up.

Except for being very insistent on wearing her cheongsams, she basically didnt put on any makeup on an everyday basis.

Although her face without makeup was also beautiful.

But with makeup on, it was like icing on a cake.

Ji Qingying took off the makeup from her face before turning around to stare at her friend, “Today was an exception.”

Chen Xinyu raised her brows hearing that.

Ji Qingying smiled and her lips curled, “Fu Yanzhi is here.”


Chen Xinyu looked at her incredulously, “You got together with Doctor Fu so soon Did he come to visit you at your workplace”


Ji Qingying couldnt laugh or cry, “Dont get so excited.”

She briefly explained the reason why Fu Yanzhi came.

After listening, Chen Xinyu felt something strange.

“With Doctor Fus personality, it doesnt feel like hes someone who will visit a friend at her workplace, right”


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