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Chapter 16: He Has Feelings (2)

Ji Qingying didnt think too much, “They have a good relationship, and it is normal for them to relax together on a day off.”

What she said made sense, so Chen Xinyu nodded.


She then looked at Ji Qingying, “Then, were you able to make any progress”

Ji Qingying tilted her head and thought, “I could say yes..”

At the least, she was straight forward.

Moreover, she sent him a message before returning to the hotel, and he had replied.

That meant Fu Yanzhi also acquiesced to her pursuit….


The next half month went by in a flash.

Ji Qingying was very busy with the crew.

The last set of the costume to be made were Yan Qiuzhis wedding cheongsam in the play.

As Ji Qingying had already finished reading the script, she had long before started working on how the costumes would need to look for the later part of the story.

After discussing with the creative staff, the director, and then the other designers, it was decided that the wedding cheongsam wouldnt use the cumbersome red and gold design like usual and would only use simple red material.

So the material was cut, and she started embroidering white irises on the bottom left.

In order to look stylish and yet generous with its design, the cheongsam was matched with a cloudy feeling cloak on the shoulder, also to be embroidered with irises.

The neckline and the slits on the waist side were also sewn with the cheongsam knot button, and they were to be pinned with crystal clear pearls.

The dress looked elegant and noble.

When Yan Qiuzhi came out wearing this cheongsam, the studio staff were amazed.

They never knew that wedding cheongsam could make a person look generous and beautiful, and yet exquisite and elegant.

It was beyond everyones expectations.

“It is too beautiful.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, so exquisite!”

“Oh my god, I used to think cheongsams were supposed to be very restraining and old, but when Sister Qingying makes them, it refreshes my knowledge of cheongsam every time.”

Even Rong Xue was couldnt control herself despite being used to Ji Qingying feats.

She grabbed Ji Qingyings hand and said excitedly, “It is so pretty Sister Qingying!”

Ji Qingying watched intently, her lips bent in a smile, “Thats because Yan Yan looks too good.”

The cheongsam for the final wedding was almost said to be finished, so her work here could also be said to be completed.

She had decided to leave Rong Xue together with the crew.

Rong Xue looked young, but she had very good skills.

She would be able to handle and take care of the small problems and minor details.

The night before Ji Qingying would leave, Director Guan reserved a restaurant for a treat.

With everyone altogether, it was very lively.

Ji Qingying was the protagonist of this event, so she inevitably had to drink a lot.

She could only accept it.

No hesitating because no one would budge.

Fu Yanzhi was on duty that day.

He had just returned to the department to rest after making his rounds when his mobile phone on the table suddenly vibrated.

He glanced at the clock.

Because this was the time when Ji Qingying usually sent him a goodnight message.

It was funny.

After he returned from the filming set, Ji Qingying intensified her efforts in sending him messages, alongside taking advantage of asking about her plants from time to time.

Even though he didnt reply, she would persistently keep at it.

This behaviour gave Fu Yanzhi no other choices to decline.

But this message wasnt sent by Ji Qingying.

It was from a group chat made by a few of them, that he had set onDo Not Disturb.

But the message just now was from Yan Qiuzhi who had tagged everyone.

Fu Yanzhi clicked on the notification.

After seeing what he had received, he was obviously startled.

Yan Qiuzhi had sent a few photos of the dinner party.

Ji Qingying wore a small floral short cheongsam without slits.

The skirt was in lotus style, and above the knees, a pair of white, long, straight, and thin legs were exposed.

She was holding a wine cup in her hand, and she was surrounded by the crowd with a small smile on her face.

She was both beautiful and bright, far more than ordinary people.

Yan Qiuzhi: [Everyone, come and see a beauty!!]

Chen Muqing: [Ahhh, I am here! This big beautiful lady is too pretty!]

Chen Muqing: [I regret that I am not a man!]

Chen Muqing: [Who is the man standing next to the big beautiful lady, he looks handsome!]

Yan Qiuzhi: [The costume director of our crew is so talented and handsome.]

Jiang Chen: [They look well suited for each other.]

Chen Muqing: [Yes, yes, yes, he looks more handsome than Jiang Chen.]

Jiang Chen: []

Chen Muqing: [If you dont believe me, ask @Cheng Zhan @Fu Yanzhi, two handsome guys come out to comment, whether what I said is correct or not!]

Cheng Zhan: [Hmm.]

Fu Yanzhi looked down at the messages that were flooding the screen, but couldnt read everything from the beginning till the end.

And Ji Qingying didnt know that she had indirectly offended some people.

The party was over.

Ji Qingying and everyone returned to the hotel.

When she got downstairs to wait for the elevator, Jian Ping looked at her, “Are you still feeling fine”

Ji Qingying smiled, eyes full of clarity, without any drunkenness.

“Of course.”

Jian Ping looked at her, and wanted to say something when he heard Ji Qingying ask, “Rong Xue, what time is it”

“It is ten oclock.”

“Ah!” Ji Qingying looked at her quickly: “Where is my phone”

Rong Xue quickly handed it to her.

Ji Qingying patted her sober face and muttered, “It is over, I forgot to send a message to Fu Yanzhi.”

Everyday, Ji Qing Ying would send a message to Fu Yanzhi to remind him to eat, and she would say goodnight to Fu Yanzhi at about ten in the evening.

Although, not all messages would be answered.

But she was not tired of it.

Jian Ping looked a little ugly when he heard this.

He was silent for a while, and when the elevator came down he went in with the other two.

“Qingying, the man who came to visit you at the set last time,” He couldnt help but ask out of curiosity, “Is he your boyfriend”



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