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Chapter 16: He Has Feelings (3)

Ji Qingying was taken aback, and said lightly, “No.”

Jian Pings eyes lit up and he was just about to speak, when the beauty wearing a cheongsam added, “I am chasing him.”


She had nothing to hide in this regard.

She was chasing him openly, and as long as it didnt cause trouble to the person involved, she wouldnt hide it when asked by others.

Jian Ping found it unbelievable.

He looked at Ji Qingying in amazement, and squeezed a sentence from his gritted teeth, “Are you chasing someone”


Ji Qing Ying sent an emoji to Fu Yanzhi and raised her head with a smile, “Are you surprised”

Jian Ping: “…”

He stared at Ji Qingying for a long time before saying, “Of course, no one would believe it.”

Ji Qing Ying smiled, “Not really.”

Just as Jian Ping was about to comment, her phone buzzed, and she immediately lowered her head to check the screen.

The signal in the elevator wasnt very good.

Ji Qingying didnt receive any news from Fu Yanzhi usually because it was normal for him to be busy.

Thats why because of her urgency, she didnt look at Jian Pings expression.

As soon as the elevator door opened, she speeded up and walked towards her room.

Rong Xue followed after her, trembling in fear.

“Teacher Jian, we will leave first.”

Jiang Pings expression was sullen, and he nodded, “Okay.”

The elevator door closed, and there were several staff members behind Jian Ping.

They naturally heard the conversation just now, and as soon as they left, they couldnt help discussing it.

“Wtf, teacher Ji is so beautiful.

She still has to take the initiative to chase other people”

“It is normal to chase after the person you like.”

“Oh my god, then I wont be able to find anyone in my life.”

Jian Pings expression became more ugly as he listened to the discussion behind him.

After arriving on the floor where he was staying, he sneered and walked out without looking back.

Everyone in the elevator looked at each other silently, and no one said anything.

Ji Qingying was lying on the bed lazily after she returned to her room.

She was staring at the two cold words she had received from Fu Yanzhi.

–On duty.

She reached out and rubbed her eyes, typing while holding her chin.

Ji Qing Ying: [So are you free now]

Fu Yan Zhi: [Hmm.]

Doctors were normally on duty all night.

As long as the patients didnt have any emergencies, they could generally rest in the department.

If they were lucky, they could sleep from twelve oclock at midnight to early morning.

Ji Qingying thought for a while and asked carefully: [Then can I call you]

Fu Yanzhi: [Whats matter]

Ji Qing Ying: [Cant I call you even if it is nothing important]

Fu Yanzhi: […]

The corners of Ji Qingyings lips were bent, and she typed slowly: [Then from your silence Ill consider that you tacitly approve.]

After dozens of seconds, Fu Yanzhis cell phone rang.

He paused and then connected.

Once connected, Ji Qingyings voice brushed past his ears.

“Doctor Fu.”

Her voice sounded a little different.

It might have been due to drinking, or a signal problem Whatever it was, her voice was laced with indescribable softness.

Fu Yanzhis eyes narrowed.

The door of the department was half open.

After going to the bathroom, Nurse Zhao who was passing by and accidentally glanced in.

Then, she stretched out her hand and rubbed her eyes, to check if there was a problem with her eyes.

Had she just witnessed the “icebergs melting”

On the other end of the phone, Ji Qingying was still talking and babbling.

“What did you eat tonight”

Fu Yanzhi, “The nurse ordered the meal.”


Ji Qingyings voice sounded, “Was it delicious”


Ji Qingying chuckled and buried her head further into the pillow, “That must not taste good.”

A smile was playing on her lips agian, “Doctor Fu, how about waiting for me to go back and deliver you a meal”

Fu Yanzhi said nothing.

Ji Qingying turned over on the bed, “Okay”

“There is no need.”

Fu Yanzhi said indifferently, “It is not necessary.”

Ji Qingying didnt listen to him.

She laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

The lamp on the ceiling was warm yellow and looked very gentle.

She blinked and said seriously, “I think it is necessary.

To take care of a doctors health is a very important task.”


Fu Yanzhi was left speechless by her words again.

It seemed that she had sensed Fu Yanzhis helplessness, so Ji Qingying couldnt help but laugh, “Doctor Fu, are you angry”

Fu Yanzhis voice was cold, and a single word (two in chinese) were spoken out loud, “No.”

He would not be angry with her just yet.

Ji Qingying blinked, knowing that this was another victory.

She said “Mm.See you tomorrow”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

After hanging up the phone, Fu Yanzhis phone rang again.

Ji Qingying: [Goodnight.]

Fu Yanzhi took the phone, tapped on the screen with his finger feeling quite uncomfortable, and finally put the phone back into the drawer.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Early the next morning.

Ji Qing Ying left the hotel early and trav.

When she got home, it was still quite early.

Knowing that she was coming back, Chen Xinyu asked the housekeeper to clean the house one day in advance.

The house was clean and the air exuded a faint fragrance.

Ji Qingying sent a message to Fu Yanzhi that she was home, and only then set down to clean up her things.

She estimated that the other person should be sleeping.

What surprised her, after coming out of the shower, was that she had received his reply on her phone.

Fu Yanzhi: [Ok.]

Ji Qingying: [ You have not slept yet]

Fu Yanzhi: [Yes.]

Ji Qingying: [Is it convenient for me to go to your house to take a short rest.

My place has been unoccupied for so long and the house is full of dust.]

Fu Yanzhi: […]



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