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Chapter 17: Unable To Ward Off (1)

The door opened.

Fu Yanzhi was in his home clothes.

After not meeting for half a month, Ji Qingying didnt know whether it had to do with beauty being in the eye of the beholder or if it was something else.

She couldnt help but think that the man in front of her looked a little more handsome than usual.

She had just finished taking a shower, so she smelled of shower gel and shampoo.

It wasnt the same jasmine scent from before.

This time it was peach making the room burst with sweetness.

She tilted her head slightly downwards and looked at him with a small smile lacing her lips, “Fu Yanzhi, long time no see.”

Fu Yanzhi lowered his gaze and turned sideways.

Ji Qingying followed after him and entered the room.

Everything was the same as before, it was quiet.

As soon as she had entered the house, Ji Qingying was able to smell the fragrance of flowers.

Her eyes suddenly brightened, and she turned to look at the man closing the door, “Are the flowers blooming”


Fu Yanzhi was a little surprised.

After arriving home from work this morning, he went to the balcony to water as had become usual for him.

It was only then that he saw the two pots of jasmine had suddenly blossomed.

Ji Qingying raised her brows in surprise, “Then I will go and see.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

She quickened her pace and walked towards the balcony.

Fu Yanzhis balcony had a bit more color and felt more life-like compared to his living room.

There was a black pergola in the corner, which was filled with green vegetation.

There were ball cactus, devils ivy, and so on.

She took the two pots of jasmine and placed them in the center.

The flowers were very beautiful, white, pure, and gave off a rich scent.

They added a different color to the place which only had the color green.

Ji Qingying observed it for a while, and said with joy, “So pretty.”

Fu Yanzhi answered.

Ji Qingying took out her phone and looked at him, “Can I take a picture”

“As you please.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt stay in the balcony area for too long and entered the house after a while.

Ji Qingying didnt care, anyway, she had entered the house, and Fu Yanzhi wouldnt drive her out.

She took pictures of her jasmine plants from all directions and uploaded them on her WeChat Moments.

She usually posted nothing there about her daily life, except pictures of her cheongsams.

A big beauty had suddenly posted something about leisurely and elegant content, which attracted many students and friends who were surfing the net.

And Chen Xinyu was the one to bear the brunt.

Chen Xinyu: Are you now reduced to planting and blooming Jasmine

Rong Xue: Ah, Qingying sister, your jasmines look so beautiful!

Ye Zhenzhen: Sister Ji, why does this flower stand look so familiar to me

Chen Muqing: Wow, beautiful flowers look more beautiful when cared for by a beauty, than those raised by ordinary people.

In addition to these familiar people, some people who dont have much contact with Ji Qingying also left some comments.

Some customers even asked her whether she had any tips on how to raise jasmine well, just like her.

Ji Qingying didnt dare to take the credit, so she directly asked Fu Yanzhi.

After hearing her question, Fu Yanzhi blankly said, “Nothing.”

Ji Qingying smiled, leaning on the side, and asked, “Really”

Fu Yanzhi, “Yes.”

Ji Qingying looked at him sideways for a long while, and slowly said, “I think yes.”

Fu Yanzhi paused with the cup in his hand and raised his gaze to look at her.

Ji Qingying took his cup, took a sip of the boiled water, and said, “Because you took care of them with your heart.”


Fu Yanzhis facial muscles looked like they were stagnating.

Ji Qingyings mouth was full of smiles, as made a rational analysis, “Grow them carefully, remember to water them, let them absorb the sunlight, when it rains, dont leave them outside.

Such care takes a lot of thought.”

She looked at Fu Yanzhi and paused for a moment to let her earlier words sink then said, “So I think your secret to growing flowers is to use your heart.


my analysis is correct, Doctor Fu.”

The teasing tone in her words was too obvious, and Fu Yanzhi once again lost his words.

After those words were said out loud, the kitchen was quiet for a long time.

Ji Qingying secretly glanced at Fu Yanzhi with a look, and before he was able to drive a certain someone away, she found a reason to go out.

After all, she was still nervous because she didnt know where Fu Yanzhis bottom line was.

Fu Yanzhi glanced at the back of the person who had just walked out, his ears were still echoing with what she had just said.

He was helpless, he pinched his nose with a headache.

For Ji Qingying, it seemed that from the beginning of their acquaintance, Fu Yanzhi couldnt do anything about her.

But he didnt know that all emotional fermentation usually started with unconscious helplessness.

Later on, the two didnt disturb each other.

Fu Yanzhi didnt rest even after he had gotten off from work.

He was preparing for an analysis of the patients condition, and the manuscript had not been finished yet.

After greeting Ji Qingying, he entered his study room.

Ji Qingying didnt go and bother him.

She went back to her side and took the drawing tools and went to the balcony to start drawing the design draft.

There were still five days before the deadline of the San Qing Design Company.

Ji Qingying learned to paint since she was a child, and also showed her talent in designing from a very young age.

She liked to draw everything with a brush.

The scale of San Qings competition wasnt big, but for Ji Qingying, no matter how big or small, she would give her best as long as she decided to participate.

This also led to her demanding high standards from herself.

Sitting on the balcony for half an hour, she didnt find anything.

Ji Qingying leaned against the glass window and looked down at the sparkling lake.

The lake water was rippling with blue waves, undulating, with the wind in the sun.

It was like a small fish with its tail wagging.

Suddenly, Ji Qingyings eyes lit up.

She immediately put the image in her mind to paper as the inspiration hit her.

Then she walked lightly towards the study.

The door wasnt completely closed, probably because Fu Yanzhi was being polite.

Ji Qingying walked over, and before she could say anything, Fu Yanzhi looked up at her and asked.


Ji Qingying pointed to the retro wall clock in his study room, “Do you want to eat”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He glanced at the time and whispered, “Wait for me for ten minutes.”

Hearing this, Ji Qingying didnt urge, but replied very obediently, “Okay.”

Ten minutes later, Fu Yanzhi closed his computer and walked out.

Ji Qingying was sitting on a chair, holding a notebook in her hand and while writing in it.

He glanced inadvertently and saw that her notebook was full of words.

Her handwriting looked good but it was scribbled and in an artists font.

Ji Qingying wrote down the last word and looked up at him, “What do you want to eat”

Fu Yanzhi took a cup from the table, took a sip, and looked at her as she held her phone, “Dont order takeaway.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She raised her eyes to look at him.

Fu Yanzhi ignored her and went into the kitchen.

She was stunned for a while, then slowly blinked, with an unbelievable idea coming to her mind.

“Are you going to cook”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes and answered her with his actions.

There were fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

It was his mother who brought it over yesterday.

Fu Yanzhi was busy at work, although he had the time to go to the supermarket, most of the time, he just ate something casually.

He seldom spent too much effort to cook up a big meal.

Three meals a day were enough for him.

But Mrs.

Fu who loved her son, would come over from time to time to fill his refrigerator.

Ji Qing Ying looked at the dazzling array of things in the refrigerator and exclaimed, “Did you go to the supermarket this morning”


Fu Yanzhi said concisely, “My mother sent it.”


Ji Qingyings lips bent into a smile, “What will you cook”


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