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Chapter 17: Unable To Ward Off (3)“…”


Fu Yanzhi put down the phone and didnt want to say anything anymore.

If it was someone else they knew to not ask more, but Mrs.

Fu wasnt someone else.

For the first time, she had heard Fu Yanzhi say that he had a female friend, so she was naturally bubbling with curiosity.

“Ordinary friend”

Fu Yanzhi said “Yes” and replied lightly, “Neighbors.”


Fu raised her brows and turned to look at Ye Zhenzhen: “Zhenzhen also knows her”

Ye Zhenzhen saw that she was being protected by Mrs.

Fu, and said quickly, “I do.”

She continued to babble, “Aunty, didnt I tell you about that time when I participated in the school competition, long before The senior sister I found to teach and help me, it was her.”

Hearing this, Mrs.

Fu said in surprise, “That senior sister who knows how to make cheongsam”



Fu looked at her, “What is her name”

“Ji Qingying.”


Fus mother smiled and looked at her son on the opposite side.

After a while, Fu Yanzhis phone that was lying on the table rang again.

Ji Qingying: [Have you eaten]

Fu Yanzhi: [I am currently eating.]

Ji Qingying: []

Ji Qingying: [Ah, dont you feel lonely when you eat all by yourself Does Dr.

Fu lack company I am very ready to eat.]

Fu Yanzhi: [I am not alone.]

Ji Qingying: [Oh.]

He put down the phone.

This time, the phone didnt ring for a long while.

Fu Yanzhi frowned slightly and didnt forget to glance at his phone while eating.


Fu observed his small movements as she chatted with Ye Zhenzhen.

“Zhenzhen, how about you show me your draft design later”



Fu sighed, “Right, Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yan Zhi raised his eyes.


Fu looked at him, “I have an event to participate in soon, and I am thinking of making clothes.

Can you help me ask your friend Can you open a backdoor and make me a cheongsam”


Fu Yanzhi said lightly, “Ye Zhenzhen can do it.”


Fu glanced at the person in question, and said with no trace of politeness, “Zhenzhens skills are still at a primary school students level.”

Ye Zhenzhen: “…”

It was fine, she was okay.

This bit of blow, she could still handle for her brother.

Fu Yanzhi felt a headache coming on.

“I will ask her.”


If she doesnt have time, dont force it.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded, “I know.”

After the meal, Fu Yanzhi drove back.

Just as he was about to reach the home community, he saw a familiar person on the side of the road.

When Ji Qingying found out that Fu Yanzhi wasnt eating alone, she stopped thinking about eating together.

Of course, she wasnt angry either.

She knew when to advance and when to retreat.

Caution was, of course, necessary.

She changed her clothes and went downstairs with her phone and wallet.

Five hundred meters ahead of the home community, there was a shopping mall, and further ahead, there was a lively market.

As summer approached, the evening wind would become very comfortable.

Ji Qingying plugged in her earphones and walked alone on the stone road towards the crowd.

The street lamps were arranged in sequence, so when she walked on the lights cast the lengthened shadows of her profile.

Ji Qingying didnt stay for too long, she went to the night market stall to buy something, and then returned with the bag.

She was focused on the food in her hand and didnt notice that someone was watching her.

When she reached the gate of the home community, she was still holding a few skewers of oden in her hand.

As soon as she picked up a bunch of meatballs, she saw a man standing at the gate.

There was a long shadow of him on the ground, and he was looking down at her.

Their eyes met.

Ji Qingying put the meatball skewer back in the bad, and looked at him in surprise, “Youre here”

Fu Yanzhi responded lightly, “Hm.”

Ji Qingying answered, “Waiting for someone”

“Waiting for you.”

Ji Qingying was startled and heard her own heart beat faster.

His plain words were like a stone being thrown on the surface of a calm lake creating ripples…..

ripples in her heart.

“Waiting for me”

She was stunned, “You just got back”


Fu Yanzhi looked at her and said, “Lets go.”

Ji Qingying reacted a bit slowly, still a little dazed, “Oh.”

The cheongsam maker didnt come back to her senses until she walked into the home community and smelled the fragrance of various flowers that were around.

“Are you waiting for me because of something”

Fu Yanzhi had an imperceptible look on his face as he stared at her and asked, “Are you busy lately”

“I do have some free time here and there.”

Ji Qingying said, “Some customer orders from before have been delayed, so we have to hurry up.


Fu Yanzhi looked down at her and was silent for a moment, “Nothing.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She choked and murmured, “I thought you were going to ask me out.”


The two got into the elevator and went home in silence.

When Ji Qingying was about to enter her house, Fu Yanzhi suddenly stopped her.

“What is it”

Her eyes were squinted as she teased and tried to goad him again, “Doctor Fu, if you really want to ask me out, just tell me, I can definitely make time to hang out with you.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He looked at Ji Qingyings smiling face and changed the subject, “This is for you.”

Ji Qingying looked at what he was holding, and said in surprise: “What is it”

“Chicken soup.”

Ji Qingying blinked.

Fu Yanzhi explained, “Ye Zhenzhen asked me to give it to you.”

Ji Qing Ying: “…”

She glanced at what was in her arms and couldnt help but laugh, “Did you eat with her tonight”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

In an instant, Ji Qingyings mood turned from cloudy to sunny.

Her eyes crinkled as she smiled, “Okay, thank you.”

Before entering the house, she couldnt help but look back at the tall figure of the handsome doctor, “Fu Yanzhi, I will bring you food tomorrow.”

To prevent him from refusing, she quickly said, “It wont be takeaway.”


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