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Chapter 19: Ears Are Red (2)

Fu Yanzhi didnt even want to respond to such nonsense.

Lin Haoran didnt care about his indifference and followed after him.

The car lights flashed and Fu Yanzhi opened the door.

Lin Haoran hurriedly opened the door opposite the driver seat.

“Get down.”

Lin Haoran: “…”

He choked and turned his head to look at him, “I cant.

My car was sent for maintenance.

I will hitch a ride with you.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows and answered, “I dont have the time to drop you.”


He said lightly, “Ye Zhenzhen is waiting for me.”

Lin Haoran nodded and said cheekily, “Then let her wait.”


Fu Yanzhi looked down and glanced at the time, “Ill send you to the subway entrance at the front.”

Lin Haoran choked and waved his hand weakly, “All right, cold-blooded and ruthless Doctor Fu.”

Fu Yanzhi was silent.

After sending Lin Haoran to the subway entrance, he drove home.

When he was about to reach the gate of the home community, Fu Yanzhi saw a person standing nearby.

Ji Qingying was still wearing a cheongsam as the weather was getting hotter and hotter each new day.

And the length of her cheongsam was getting lesser and lesser.

Ji Qingying was wearing a short cheongsam with short sleeves today.

The color was a very light golden.

The material was lace, which didnt make people feel that it was vulgar, but rather made the person wearing it appear graceful and as if they were someone different in a special kind of sense

When the sun fell on her silhouette, it created a kind of illusory light and shadow, which looked quite exquisite and unique.

The cheongsam fell below her knees, revealing a half-cut and even her slender calf.

Slender, white, and fascinating.

No one could ignore it.

From the moment Ji Qingying appeared at the gate of the home community, many people stared at her.

But she didnt bother about it much.

It wasnt until she felt a familiar gaze that she moved her eyes away from her phone and looked at the side of the road.

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her and whispered, “Get in the car.”

Ji Qingying put away her phone and walked towards the car.

After getting seated, she turned to look at the person next to her.

“You finished work quite early today.”

Fu Yanzhi glanced sideways at her, “Did you wait for a long time”


Ji Qingying opened the window and looked outside before turning towards him and asking, “Can we reach there on time”

“We might arrive late.”

It happened to be the rush hour and the road was congested with vehicles swarming around.

Ye Zhenzhens school wasnt exactly in a remote suburb, but it was indeed a little bit far compared to the city center.

Over there was the university town.

Ji Qingying nodded and didnt speak anymore.

She tilted her head to look out the window for a while, then turned her gaze to the person next to her.

Fu Yanzhi was usually very focused when driving, emotionlessly staring straight ahead at the road.

He had both his hands on the steering wheel and the afterglow of the setting sun fell obliquely, covering his hands, making them appear very shiny.

They looked as beautiful as a rare piece of jade.

After staring for a while, Ji Qingying wisely looked away when Fu Yanzhi frowned.

She looked down at her mobile phone and stopped ogling at him.

When the duo arrived at Ye Zhenzhens school, the party had already begun.

Because Fu Yanzhi was accompanying her, Ye Zhenzhen directly sent a road map to them but didnt come out to pick them up.

After finally finding a place to park a car in the densely packed parking lot, the duo got out of the car and walked into the school.

At that point in time, it was lively both inside and outside the school.

The shops on both sides of the school were opened and students were going in and out.

Ji Qingying also smelled the scent of food drifting over.

She subconsciously licked her lower lip.

Fu Yanzhi didnt know if it was because of her movements or because he himself was hungry.

“Go over there.”


Ji Qingying looked at him in genuine surprise, “Where”

Fu Yanzhi lifted his chin, pointed to the nearby shop, and said, “Eat something first before going in.”

Ji Qingying, “…Dont you want to go see the party first”

Fu Yanzhi looked down at her and asked, “Arent you hungry”

“Yes, Im hungry.” Ji Qingying replied honestly.

“Eat something first, then enjoy the festival.” Fu Yanzhi answered and led her towards the shop.

The shops around the school were very small but were well equipped.

Moreover, the taste wasnt bad compared to that of a high-end restaurant.

As both of them walked over, she glanced around and pointed to one store, “Lets eat at this one.”

She introduced it to Fu Yanzhi, “The taste is very good.”

“You used to come here often” Fu Yanzhi who was caught off guard asked.

Ji Qingying was startled a bit, then slowly nodded, “Yeah” and further added, “Chen Xinyu and I, and also another friend liked to come here often.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her and nodded.

“Lets go.”


The two of them ate a bowl of wontons to fill their stomachs before they walked toward the festivities without further delay.

The event was held in the open grounds, with a stage.

Everything looked different from what would be normal for a university.

There were a lot of people around.

Besides the school students, even some people living nearby who loved to watch the excitement and even some people who had graduated recently and worked in the local area, came back when they had the time and werent busy.

Most people usually felt quite attached to their universities.

When Ji Qingying and Fu Yanzhi arrived inside, they found a corner to stand.

Although it was an empty space, it was close to the stalls set up by the students.

They stood under the lush tree.

She raised her head and glanced at the stage not far away and whispered, “I will send a message to Zhenzhen that we are here.”

Ye Zhenzhen was probably busy, so she directly called back after getting the text.

“Senior Sister Ji.

Did you and my brother just arrive”

Ji Qingying answered feeling a little embarrassed, “Im late.”

“Its okay, our fashion show hasnt started yet.

Where are you now”

“Under a tree on the left side of the stage.”

Ye Zhenzhen blinked, “Under the tree, is it the lush tree”

Ji Qingying looked back at the tree and said, “Yes.”

There was silence for a few seconds, and she said, “Senior Ji if you are bored, you can take a closer look at the tree.”

Ji Qingying was stunned, “Why”

Ye Zhenzhen answered vaguely, “That is the wishing tree of our school.”

She further continued, “It only became popular after you graduated.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

Ye Zhenzhen said, “It is said that you can make a wish under that tree.”

She said word by word, “Especially, a wish for luck in love or marriage.”


Hanging up the phone, Ji Qingying looked back at the big tree behind her.

She moved too quickly and attracted Fu Yanzhis attention.

He glanced in the direction where she turned her head towards and before he could figure anything out, the stage lights were lighted up, illuminating the area.

He saw her red ears.

White and powdery, round and attractive.

Fu Yanzhi was startled and suddenly thought of some of her previous remarks.

He casually asked, “What did Ye Zhenzhen tell you”


Ji Qingying was still thinking deeply about the word “marriage”.

The more she thought about it, the hotter her face felt.


Fu Yanzhi saw her dumbfounded reaction and the corners of his lips were curled, “What did she say that made your ears red”

Ji Qingying was surprised.

Facing Fu Yanzhis deep gaze, she subconsciously reached out and touched her ears.


Her ears were hot.

She moved her lips but couldnt find any words to reply with.

She couldnt say that his cousin hinted that she should wish on the wishing tree they coincidentally happened to be standing under for a marriage.

Fu Yanzhi sensed her embarrassment but didnt stop, and instead pushed forward unhurriedly.

He glanced at her and asked slyly, “Is it inconvenient to say”

Ji Qingying: “…”

He paused for a moment, bent down, and lowered his voice, “Is it still not convenient to tell me”

The author has something to say:

Beauty Ji: Dont seduce me with your beauty!!! I will pull you to make a wish with me later!

Doctor Fu: Yes




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