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Chapter 20: Long Time No See, Brother Fu (1)

Ji Qingying felt that she couldnt breathe properly

As he spoke, she could feel his breath lightly touch her ear.

She felt herself going limp and numb and to make matters worse, her ears too became red.

Her eyelashes quivered as she looked up at him.

Fu Yanzhi had bent down to whisper his words so the distance between the two was shortened.

As soon as she raised her head, her gaze was locked on those beautiful, black ink like pupils.

Her stare was scorchingly intense as she tried to get a hold of herself.

Anyway, she was the one chasing him, so she couldnt be too embarrassed.

“Its not inconvenient.”

Ji Qingying looked at him, “Ye Zhenzhen told me the story of this tree, do you want to know”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He lowered his head and his eyes stopped for a moment on her blushing cheeks.

Suddenly he moved away as if nothing had occurred earlier.

“What is the story”

Ji Qingying wasnt the kind of little girl who became shy after the person she liked flirted with her.

Although, it was indeed a bit hard to resist this persons charm and even if she was embarrassed, she could take it calmly and not make a mess of herself.

“Zhenzhen said that this tree had a legend.” When she said this, she paused on purpose and asked.

“Do you believe in legends”


Fu Yanzhi stood tall and straight, with one hand in his pocket as he stared at some faraway place.

“I dont.”

Ji Qingying continued, “Ah, thats it.”

She smiled Slyly, “Then there is nothing to say.”

What she was implying was basically, that he was to blame.

If he didnt believe it, then she wouldnt say it, wasting her breath in vain.

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He glanced at the person next to him who bowed her head and exhaled secretly.

Her actions made him want to laugh.

Obviously, she didnt want to admit it, but she couldnt shirk theresponsibility completely either.

He made a sound of agreement as he stared into the distance, “Then we can talk about it next time.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She could only return with, “Oh, okay, I will tell you everything once I know the full story.”

She touched on the topic lightly, playing its influence on her down that it hopefully fooled him into not thinking much of it.

After that interesting back and forth, it didnt take long for them to arrive at the fashion show that Ji Qingying was interested in.

The people on the stage show were all school classmates.

There were no professional models, but they all had good looks.

Ji Qingying also saw the cheongsam made by Ye Zhenzhen.

When the model walked into everyones sight, there were some loud screams.

She could hear someone comment.

“This cheongsam is so beautiful, it looks so special.”

“The model dresses well.”

“It has been a long time since I saw such a beautiful cheongsam.

The last time I saw a cheongsam, it was worn by my mother when I was very young.”


After watching that short event, Ye Zhenzhens cheongsam was the one that was most memorable.

As everything was over, Ji Qingying was able to hear the evaluation from the students next to her.

Which outfit was the most impressive

Both of them agreed that it was the cheongsam.

Ji Qingying was a little emotional.

In fact, many years ago, cheongsam was a cultural product, and one of the costumes that best represented the beauty and charm of oriental women.

There was even a period where many Western beauties loved it.

It was only as the years went by that cheongsams gradually lost popularity and attention.

After the catwalk, a group of bands were scheduled to perform.

The two listened to a few songs when suddenly they received a message from Ye Zhenzhen.

After Fu Yanzhi finished reading it, he looked sideways at Ji Qingying, “There are too many people here, well go outside and wait for her there.”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Okay.”

The two silently left.

They waited for a few minutes at the school gate and saw Ye Zhenzhen hurrying over.

“Brother, Senior Sister Ji!”

She was calling out to them with her energetic voice.

Ji Qingying raised her hand, her smile obvious from the corners of her eyebrows, “Over here.”

Ye Zhenzhen ran over and hugged Ji Qingying without reserve and very enthusiastically, “Senior Sister Ji, long time no see.”

Ji Qingying laughed.

Then moved back two steps to stabilize her body and as she felt the full force of Ye Zhenzhens enthusiasm.

Fu Yanzhi frowned, grabbed the back collar of Ye Zhenzhens clothes, and coldly said, “So irritating, be quiet.”

Ye Zhenzhen: “…”

She stuck her tongue out and said unwillingly, “I am not irritating you!”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her coldly.

In an instant, Ye Zhenzhen froze up.

Her eyes sparkled, as she hugged Ji Qingyings arm and avoided her cousins freezing glares “Senior Sister Ji, are you hungry”

Ji Qingying shook her head, “Im not very hungry, what do you want to eat”

Ye Zhenzhen thought for a while, glanced at Fu Yan Zhi, and said, “Grilled fish! I havent eaten it for a long time.”

Ji Qingying had no objection.

Fu Yanzhi also had no objection.

There were several snack stalls next to the school.

There were many students and shops around the area.

Restaurant stores could be seen everywhere, as well as dessert milk tea, and so on.

There were many people in the grilled fish store, so anyone who entered would have to wait for a while.

Ji Qingying and Ye Zhenzhen first went to buy milk tea next door.

As for Fu Yanzhi, he scrunched his brows as if disagreeing with something but didnt do anything.

As they queued up to buy milk tea, Ye Zhenzhen whispered, “Senior Sister Ji, did you see the look in my brothers eyes just now”

Ji Qingying shook her head, “What do you mean”

Ye Zhenzhen imitated it and complained, “He thinks that consuming milk tea is like committing a heinous crime.”

She complained, “He suffers from an occupational disease from long before I tell you! He always felt that milk tea was unhealthy and he wouldnt let me drink it.”

Hearing this, Ji Qingying couldnt help but laugh.

She nodded, as if in agreement and said, “Milk tea is indeed unhealthy.”

Ye Zhenzhen: “…”


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