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Chapter 20: Long Time No See, Brother Fu (2)

Staring at her expression that looked as if she chocked, Ji Qingying smiled and added, “But occasionally its okay to drink it.

I like it too.”

“Right, right.”

Ye Zhenzhen seemed to have found a bosom friend and twittered about how delicious milk tea was.

Ji Qingying was overwhelmed with joy.

Ye Zhenzhens personality was a bit like melting snow—No, it was even better than melting snow.

It was lively, warm, and so kind.

It was obvious little girls with this kind of personality had grown up being spoiled by family members.

Ji Qingying liked her very much.

But at the same time, she couldnt help but feel a sense of envy.

As she listened to Ye Zhenzhens joyous voice, her lips were slightly bent into a smile.

There were many people queuing at the milk tea store.

Ji Qingying and Ye Zhenzhen moved forward slowly and placed their orders when it was their turn.

Suddenly a stranger called out.

“Ji Qingying”

Ji Qingying was startled and looked in the direction of the voice.

Not far away stood a man they didnt know, wearing a black jacket and tall.

After getting a clear look at her, there was a strange surprise in his eyes.

“Is it really you”

Ji Qingying nodded in a daze, “Hello.”

The man took two steps forward, smiled, and said, “You dont remember me”


Ji Qingying was a little weak.

She smiled embarrassedly and was just about to speak when the man in front of her said, “I am Zhu Mingjie.

Did you forget”

The name sounded familiar.

Ji Qingying thought about it for a while, and said in slight surprise, “Class… leader”


Zhu Mingjie breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at her, “How much do you forget”


Ji Qingying was a little embarrassed, “Sorry, I couldnt recall earlier.”

Zhu Mingjie smiled and didnt seem to mind it that much.

“Why are you here”

He asked, “Didnt you say that you were going back to Jiangcheng after graduation”

Ji Qingying nodded and said without explaining much, “Well, something happened.”

Zhu Mingjie saw that she was reluctant to say anything more so, so he didnt ask any more questions.

Instead, he enquired enthusiastically, “Still, I didnt expect to meet you here after all this time.”

Ji Qingying nodded.

Zhu Mingjie stared at her and suddenly remembered something.

“This is your girlfriend”

He pointed at Ye Zhenzhen.

Ji Qingying continued nodding, “Yeah.”

Zhu Mingjie smiled and said, “How about having a meal together”

He said, “He Yuan and others, they are all here too.”


Ji Qingying paused and said lightly, “Its okay, no need.”

She looked up at Zhu Mingjie, “Lets do it next time.”

Hearing her decline the invitation, he didnt insist any further.

“Okay, next time then.”

After he left, Ji Qingying and Ye Zhenzhen also got their milk tea.

Ye Zhenzhen secretly glanced at Ji Qingyings expression, biting her milk tea and sucking her straw, “Sister Ji, was that your classmate”

Ji Qingying said “Yes”

She smiled faintly, “Lets go, it should be our turn already.”


Ye Zhenzhen didnt ask any more questions.

Ji Qingying didnt expect that she would meet a fellow alumni when she came to school.

After graduation, she basically broke off all contact with her classmates.

Except for Chen Xinyu and a few others who were added to her WeChat by chance, she had basically disappeared from other peoples world.

She hadnt even joined the class group that Chen Xinyu was talking about yesterday.

When Ji Qingying was in college, something unpleasant had happened to her.

As a result, she was somewhat repulsed by things related to college students.

But then she remembered what Fu Yanzhi had said—–

There was no need to think about unhappy things.

After all, she had already reduced any contact with the person who had a problem with her, from back then.

But this time there seemed to be a thread dangling in front of her.

In the dark, she pulled out the things she tried to forget, so she had to face it.

Even when they had joined Fu Yanzhi at the grilled fish shop, Ji Qingying was still absent-minded.

Ye Zhenzhen took the initiative to liven up the mood at the dining table, but Fu Yanzhi kept being quiet, Ji Qingying said something here and there but her replies were quite dull.

Gradually, even her excitement dimmed down.

After eating, the pair sent Ye Zhenzhen back to the school gate, got into the car, and left.

Because of the school festival, the lanes were congested and there was a lot of traffic.

When the car came to a stop, Ji Qingying looked at the man seated on the other side and asked, “Are you tired”

“Im still fine.”

Fu Yanzhi once again asked in a concise manner, “Sleepy”

Ji Qingying shook her head and looked at the congested road ahead, “Are you going to work tomorrow”


Ji Qingying said “Oh”, and became silent.

Fortunately, after leaving the campus surroundings, the ride was much smoother as the traffic lessened.

Neither of them said anything.

Ji Qingying opened the window and stared up at the neon lights in the distance.

The wind blew in fast from the opened window, and she could feel the cold.

Yet, at the same time, she seemed unaware of it.

“Youre not cold”

She suddenly a pleasant voice speak out

Ji Qingying returned to her senses, “Huh”

Fu Yanzhi raised his gaze to look at her.

Ji Qingying blinked, and then realized, “Cold.”

She closed the car window.

Fu Yanzhi didnt say anything and it was quiet again.

However, Ji Qingying seemed to be unable to get something off from her chest, and in a lowered voice said, “Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yanzhi responded lightly, “What do you want to say”

Ji Qingying turned to look at him.

There was a rare blank feel in those beautiful eyes.

“I dont know how to say what I want to say.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

As he turned the steering wheel, he responded faintly, “Think about it later.”

Ji Qingying choked.

She couldnt help but stare at him as she whispered to herself, “Doctor Fu, why are you so cruel”

Fu Yanzhi was silent.

The inside of the car became quiet again, and inexplicably, Ji Qingyings troubles seemed to disappear as well.

She stared at Fu Yanzhi for a while, with a slightly curious expression on her face, “Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her.

Ji Qingying smiled and asked softly, “Have you ever encountered something that cant be fixed”

“I have.”

Ji Qingying was startled.

She was stunned, “You too”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

“What was it”

Fu Yanzhi was silent.

Just when Ji Qingying thought he wouldnt answer her, he spoke up, “A patient passing away.”


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