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Chapter 29: Long Time No See, Brother Fu (4)

There was no doubt that Fu Yanzhi was the hero of the day in the hospital.

Ji Qingying hadnt expected that this matter would explode like this.

God, all she wanted was to not continue deceiving people.

She never wanted to declare it to the whole world

But now, the story had spread all the way from the orthopedics department to Lin Haorans department.

It truly showed the hospital staffs ability to gossip.

After all, their work life was too hectic and even depressing at times.

So listening to gossip in their spare time was their only enjoyment.

Fu Yanzhi was silent for a while, then looked up and stared at Lin Haoran, “You arent going back today”

Lin Haoran replied, “Im on night duty.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

Lin Haoran looked at him and probed without hesitation, “Why doesnt Miss Beauty Ji come to deliver food at night”

Fu Yanzhi gave him a glare to warn him.

If it was someone else, they might stop with that scathing look earlier, but Lin Hao Ran wasnt someone else.

“I havent seen Miss Beauty Ji for a long time.

How about we meet up and go out together on a day off “

Fu Yanzhi ignored him and bowed his head to eat.

Lin Haoran dissatisfied, “I am talking to you.”

“No time.”

“Why Are you going on a vacation”

He continued to goad his indifferent friend, “Miss Beauty Ji isnt a local, right The flowers in Peach Mountain Ridge should be blooming right about now, and we havent visited that place for a long time.

Lets find some time and go for a walk.

What do you say”

Peach Mountain Ridge.

It was a small mountain.

Foreign tourists generally didnt go to see the treasures and places preserved by the locals.

Every year during spring and summer, wildflowers in the mountains would be in full bloom and the lush vegetation attracted quite the attention with its beauty.

The air was fresh, and Fu Yanzhi used to go hiking there occasionally when he was free.

He paused and said indifferently, “Say it again.”

Lin Haoran wanted to say something else, Fu Yanzhi clearly noticed his schemes and said, “Shut up, say it again while sitting at the next table.”

Lin Haoran: “…”

Ji Qingying arrived home from the hospital at noon and answered a call from a customer.

This customer was a frequent visitor to her shop and an actor in a stage play.

She needed to go abroad to participate in a performance and was looking for Ji Qingying to get a cheongsam at the last moment.

If it was someone else, Ji Qingying wouldnt have picked it up.

But for regular customers, she generally showed due respect.

Immediately after that she set aside all her distractions and didnt pay them any attention.

Even Fu Yanzhis nightly messages were no exception.

Naturally, she didnt know what had conspired in the hospital.

When she finally visited the hospital it was two days later.

As she was rushing to finish her work, Ji Qingying received an email from San Qing, the organisers of the competition.

She had passed the first round and could participate in the second round.

The second round was different from the first round.

The first rounds requirement was to submit the design draft.

The second round was to not only submit the design draft but also to sew out the clothes based on the draft for the model to wear and showcase in the selection.

After that, it would be the final round.

Taking into consideration the scale of this competition, the organisers would rather gather all the participants who passed the first round and then arrange a hotel for accommodation so that the designers could make the clothes within a set time period and do the exhibition altogether.

From the details given in the email, the organisers had given the participants three days to prepare.

Everyone had to show up at the designated location on a set time on the fourth day.

Ji Qingying made a draft and sent a reply to the email.

After that, she packed up and went out for a breather.

She didnt have any specific place in mind that she wanted to visit, and she wandered outside for a while before the way she went turned out to be the hospital unknowingly.

Ji Qingying didnt send a message to Fu Yan Zhi in advance, after all, she wasnt here to deliver food today.

After entering the building of Fu Yanzhis department, Ji Qingying found that everyone was looking at her and felt a bit strange.

But after a while, she didnt pay much heed to it.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, bowed her head, and walked upstairs.

When she arrived at Fu Yanzhis department, she saw that he wasnt there.

Ji Qingying was thinking about whether to go away quietly or to message him and just turned around when she ran into Zhao Yidong who appeared suddenly from the corner.

Zhao Yidong was holding something in her hand and was a little surprised when she saw her.

“Looking for Doctor Fu”

Ji Qingying nodded.

Before she could speak, Zhao Yidong hurriedly pointed to the ceiling, “He should be on the roof.”

After speaking, she hurried away.

Ji Qingying laughed.

She glanced at the time.

It was noon but not break time yet so she guessed that he was still busy.

After struggling for a few seconds, she chose to not go upstairs.

She was afraid of disturbing his work.

She decided to come back later

The hospital was huge.

Several buildings were connected together, and next to it was a lively street market.

Just as she left the hospital, Ji Qingying suddenly remembered something.

Last time Fu Yanzhi had asked her to help him choose a gift, but after that, both of them became too busy, and the matter was put on hold.

She raised her eyes and glanced at the boutique in front of her, and went straight in.

If she remembered correctly, that kid was a little girl.

When Ji Qingying returned to the hospital with a gift bag, she saw Fu Yanzhi standing in the corridor.

He stood in front of the glass window, tall and straight, leaving his shadow on the ground.

A little girl stood beside him.

The little girl had two pigtails and wore a hospital gown.

She was thin and small standing there, leaning on the glass window with her hands stuck to it.

“Doctor, it is so beautiful outside.”

Fu Yanzhi said “Yes.

Do you Like it”

“Like it.”

The little girl looked up at him.

“Doctor, Xiao Meng also wants to go out to play.”

She pulled on Fu Yanzhis hand, and said in a coquettish voice, “Can you tell my mother, to let Xiao Meng go out to play, please”

Fu Yanzhi was slightly startled.

He paused, reached out and touched the little girls head, in an attempt to softly coax her, “As long as Xiao Meng gets an injection and takes her medicine on time, we can go out to play soon.”



“But, they all said that Xiao Meng couldnt get better.”

“It wont be like that.”

Fu Yanzhi bent down to talk to her, with a gentle voice, “It will be fine, as long as Xiao Meng gets the injection.”

The little girl hesitated.

After seeing the look in Fu Yanzhis eyes, she nodded, “Okay, I will believe big brother.

Xiao Meng will obediently take her medicine and get the injection.”


Ji Qingying had always known that Fu Yanzhi was actually a person with a cold exterior and warm heart inside.

This was his special temperament.

She couldnt explain how it felt.

It may be due to other reasons that only science could explain, or it may be it was just that he was attractive in her eyes.

But this time, she could say for sure.


Fu Yanzhi was cold, like high mountains and white snow.

But in fact, he had the softest of hearts, the most gentle person she could find.

Ji Qingying looked at how his brows softened with the gentle expression on his face and couldnt move her eyes at all.

His every move attracted her attention all the time.

She kept observing as the adult and the child chatted.

Then the little girl opened her arms wide in front of Fu Yanzhi wanting a hug.

Fu Yanzhi stared at her before he reached out and picked her up.

Both of them were caught off guard as their eyes met.

Ji Qingying blinked and said with a smile on her lips, “Brother Fu, long time no see.”


The author had something to say: Doctor Fu: Do you know the consequences of calling me that

Beautiful lady Ji: I also want a hug.



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