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Chapter 21: Took Advantage (2)

He frowned and looked at the abnormal nurse, feeling something was not right.

Before he had a chance to pose the question, Zhao Yidong muttered in a low voice, “No wonder I saw her sitting unhappily downstairs.”



Fu Yanzhi abruptly asked.

Zhao Yidong was quick to nod: “Yes, I just saw it while I was going upstairs, how-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Fu Yanzhi interrupted.

“Which downstairs”

There was really nothing wrong with Ji Qingying.

Her reason for leaving Fu Yanzhis office was to avoid disturbing his work and rest.

As for going around the area, it was a complete excuse.

She had just finished strolling around, and it wasnt fun.

As soon as she got downstairs, Rong Xue called and told her about the costumes for the drama production.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Qingying stood on the spot for a few seconds, and simply sat on a bench to one side to sunbathe.

The late-afternoon sun was very warm and pleasant.

She leaned back in the chair and lowered her head to look at her phone.

The sunlight was falling on her.

Chen Xinyu was probably bored and sent her a dozen messages.

Chen Xinyu: [Whats up! Qingying what are you doing]

Chen Xinhua: Today I was oppressed by the leader again and insulted them a hundred times a day, insulting the leader a hundred times a day].

Chen Xinyu: [Have you finished your work, have you gone to see your Dr.

Fu again


Ji Qingying was speechless and curled her lip as she replied: [Yes, I was sunbathing in the hospital].

Chen Xinyu: [……]

Chen Xinyu: [I dont really understand why you fell in love with Dr.

Fu at first sight when there were so many people chasing you.]

Ji Qingying: [Cant answer.]

The two chatted endlessly, and Chen Xinyu even sent her a video of a fashion show to keep her entertained.

Ji Qingying pulled out her earphones from her bag and wore them to watch.

Gradually, the light of the sun grew brighter and brighter and became more and more dazzling in the eyes.

Even though the display was set to the brightest setting on her phone, she couldnt see as well because of the sunlight reflection.

Ji Qingying frowned and turned her back against the shining sun.

But to no avail, it was uncomfortable to sit.

She had no choice but to lift one of her hands to block the light and continue watching in an awkward manner.

She was too preoccupied to notice that someone was approaching her.


As if the sun was hiding in the clouds, Ji Qingyings phone screen became brighter.

She put her hand down and just wanted to sit in a different position.

She pulled her attention away from the screen and turned to the side, seeing first a pair of long legs wrapped in a pair of black pants.

The shoes also look familiar.

Ji Qingying blinked her eyes and slowly looked up.

Not only the shoes were familiar to her, but also the clothes on his body and the face in front of her were familiar to her.

She tilted her head up and locked eyes with him.

Fu Yanzhis long figure stood behind her side, shielding her from the bright sunlight.

In her eyes, there was a bit of surprise and uncertainty.

It took a while for her to come to her senses: “What are you doing here”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her with downcast eyes and said faintly, “I should have asked you that.”

Ji Qingying: “……”

She said, “Oh,” and pointed to her phone, ” I am watching a video here and took a break.”


Fu Yanzhi frowned, “I thought you were going to stroll around nearby”

Having the lies exposed, Ji Qingying has nothing to be embarrassed about.

She nodded her head, “Suddenly there is nothing to see.”

Afterwards, she looked at Fu Yanzhi and said reasonably,

“I presume, I must interrupt your work.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her with deep eyes and didnt say a word.

For some reason, his eyes made Ji Qingying a little uncomfortable.

Just as Ji Qingying was about to say something, he suddenly asked, ” You dont want to go home either”

She nodded her head.

After a few seconds of silence, Fu Yanzhi said, “Lets go.”

“Where to”

Ji Qingying startled at looking at him.

Fu Yanzhi put one hand in his pocket and walked to the other side: “Upstairs.”

Ji Qingying blinked, and then she followed up slowly.

Back to the office, just go in.

As soon as she turned around, Ji Qingying saw that Fu Yanzhi had closed the door.

She looked at him suspiciously with a smile on her lips and said, “Dr.

Fu, what are you trying to do”

Fu Yanzhi looked her in the eye and led her to the other side.

He pulled aside a blue curtain.

There were two small beds with blue blankets on them, neatly folded and clean looking.

She was stunned.

Fu Yanzhi looked sideways and whispered, “If you dont mind, you can rest here.”

Ji Qingying raised her eyes to meet him.

There was a confusion in the pretty eyes.

Fu Yanzhi looked at it with a little explanation: “This is where Xu Chengli and I usually rest.”

He pointed, “Thats mine over there.”

Ji Qingying understood, and she curled her lips silently.

“Oh, I think that bed looks like yours, too.”

Fu Yan Zhi: “……”

The two beds were exactly the same, but no idea how she could tell.

He paused and whispered, “Rest.”

Ji Qingying didnt refuse, but still asked more, ” Will I bother you at work”


He looked at her with dropped eyes, “Call me if you need anything, Ill be outside.”

The curtain was lowered.

After a few seconds of deliberation, Ji Qingying sat down on the bed, which was a bit hard.

She heard voices from outside.

Through the curtain, she could feel Fu Yanzhi pulling the blinds, and the room was much darker.

At the very beginning.

Ji Qingying was actually not sleepy, and when she lay down, her nose was filled with the smell of disinfectant.

After getting to know Fu Yanzhi, she gradually got used to the smell.

In addition to the smell of disinfectant, there is also something else vaguely.

Its the smell of Fu Yanzhi, like alpine cedar, or fir.

When she smelled it, her heart settled down and she fell asleep before she knew it.

Waking up once again, Ji Qingying was awakened by the sound of talking outside.

It was Fu Yanzhi talking to the patients family.

His voice was cold, but not unpleasant.

The rise and fall of the vocal line was neither fast nor slow, just within the normal range.

Just by the sound of his voice, Ji Qingying could imagine his look.

It took a long time for the voices outside to quiet down.

Then, suddenly, Ji Qingying heard the sound of him pulling open the curtain.

Subconsciously, she closed her eyes.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer.

Ji Qingyings eyes closed tightly, and in a moment, she could smell the mans smell.

Fu Yanzhi looked at the blanket she had kicked away in the corner and bent down to pick it up.

He looked down at the person lying on his side, sleeping with a serene face, wearing light makeup, and even with her eyes closed, her appearance was stunning.

He paused and tried to cover her with the blanket.

Suddenly, the sleeping man opened his eyes.

Their eyes met, and they caught each other off guard.

Fu Yanzhi was startled, seemingly not expecting her to be awake.

His long fingers were still holding the blanket, but he didnt have time to cover her up.

The reason he bent over, unconsciously the distance between the two was drawn closer.

Fu Yanzhis breath fell on her cheeks, causing the hair on her cheeks to rise and fall, invariably with an indefinable ambiguity.

Ji Qingyings heart beat like a drum and fell into his dark eyes.

She blinked, her eyes lingering on the bridge of his high nose, and then on his lips.

He had just drank water and his lips looked mouth-wateringly moist, like a piece of jelly that had just been torn out of its wrapper.

Ji Qingying listened to the sound of her heartbeat.

Just as Fu Yanzhi put down the blanket to leave, she held him.

Fu Yanzhi saw her hand came up and didnt push it away.

She smiled and struck with a muckrake, “Fu Yanzhi, are you going to take advantage of me while Im sleeping”

The author has something to say: Dr.

Fu: …… I did not.

Beauty Ji: You have, and everyone saw it!


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