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Chapter 22: Smell It (1)

Being too enthusiastic has consequences that would be ——contrary to what is intended.

Perhaps they were in the hospital, Fu Yanzhi did not heed her words.

Just glanced at her coldly, took her hand away, and turned around to go out.

Ji Qingying was slightly stunned, looking at the curtain that was laid down once again.

Subconsciously, she clenched the palm of her hand, there was still the temperature of his arm on it.

She was sluggish for a few seconds and suddenly regretted it.

Not quite right.

She shouldnt be in a hospital.

Fu Yanzhi was very strict about his work and it was not something she wasnt aware of.

Yet, she still joked with him during his work.

She buried her head in the quilt, like a deflated balloon, with unspeakable regret.

Fu Yanzhi was not very busy in the afternoon, but there were still many people looking for medical examinations.

Doesnt have to run like the wind, but basically there were few minutes of idle time.

When he returned to the office from another patient, there was no one inside.

He was taken aback for a moment, took out the mobile phone in the drawer and looked at it.

There was a message from Ji Qingying on it, half an hour ago.

Ji Qingying: [I suddenly thought there was something else to do, and I wont let you accompany me to eat today.

And what happened just now.

Im sorry.]

Fu Yanzhi stared at the message and read it twice, only then did he realize what she was talking about.

His finger slightly paused, barely wanted to reply to the message, but heard the nurse shouting from outside the door.


Fu, we have an emergency patient.”

Fu Yanzhi put the mobile phone down and said without hesitation: “Ok.”

He was like a wind gust, and in the event of a sudden situation, he arrived at the scene as quickly as possible.

Making every second count.

After coming out of the hospital,Ji Qingying wandered aimlessly.

On the road, many passers-bys eyes fell on her, and she didnt notice it.

Ji Qingying did not think to use this method to attract Fu Yanzhis attention.

She simply felt that she had done something wrong, and was not sorry to have him eat with her.

At least for the moment, is like this.

Fu Yanzhi must be busy with his work.

The reason he promised was because she used the gifts to exchange.

Consider this a deal.

Ji Qingying was like heading into a blind alley, and has been thinking about this cause-and-effect relationship.

Thinking about it, her mood gets worse.

When Chen Xinyu ran down from the company, Ji Qingying was sitting downstairs by the fountain pool.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone on her, covering her whole body with a gentle tone.

The only pity was that she looked listless and looked rather dispirited.

Chen Xinyu raised her eyebrows and approached slowly.

She stretched out her hand and poked Ji Qingyings shoulder: “Whats wrong, frustrated”

After hearing the sound, Ji Qingying looked up.

She was silent for a moment and nodded, “I made a mistake again.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Xinyu immediately became nervous: “How did you make a mistake Say it well.”

“Ill give you an analysis.”

Ji Qingying gave a brief summary of what she said about teasing Fu Yanzhi at the hospital.

After saying that, Chen Xinyu stared at her with a very intriguing expression

“Why do you look at me with that look”


Chen Xinyu was a bit confused: “Whats wrong with that”

She thought for a moment: ” “You think Fu Yanzhi is angry Or will it give a bad impression of you ”

Ji Qingying thought for a moment: “all of them.”

“The main thing is that it was likely rude and impetuous,” she said

She was a very self-reflective person, who will examine herself if she has done something wrong, and likewise will always keep to her heart.

Chen Xinyu was speechless.

She knew that Ji Qingying had always been this character,but she did not agree with her current words and ideas.

She sat down beside her and said faintly, “I think you think too much.

Although Dr.

Fu is indifferent, he is not one who will be angry with some minor things.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ji Qingying suddenly said, “so Im just a minor thing in him.”

Chen Xinyu:

She was speechless for a while, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “You still let me go on”

Ji Qingying chuckled: “you say.”

She looked like she was dictating: ” All ears.”.”

Chen Xinyu looked at her eyes.

She thought for a while:”I think its Dr Fu who thinks its not good to respond to you, after all, hes still at work, and and thats what its like.”

“Is that so” Ji Qingying was dubious.


Chen Xinyu reached out and patted her on the shoulder: “dont think too much.

Its no problem.”

She said with a smile, “if you feel embarrassed, just apologize.”

Ji Qingying nodded: “I apologize.”


Chen Xinyu couldnt laugh or cry.

She said with a smile, “Thats right.

You are such a smart and sensible beauty.

No one will be willing to be angry with you.” ”

This is a fact.

Without talking about Fu Yanzhi, even Chen Xinyu couldnt help her.

In her memory, Ji Qingying did a lot of stupid things, and occasionally put them in an unspeakable dilemma.

At that time, the first thing she would do was to apologize.

Even minor mistakes, she was like this.

Because of this, even if Chen Xinyu was angry, she wouldnt really bicker with her.

At most, it was helpless.

“Stop talking about it.”

Chen Xinyu looked at her: “Since youve come to see me, would you like to have a meal together in the evening”

Ji Qingying nodded: “Okay.”

She glanced at the time: “No need to go back to work”

“Not back.”

Chen Xinyu said, “I just came downstairs and filed a field order.”



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