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Chapter 22: Smell It (2)

Although Chen Xinyu enlightenment did not play a very good role, after eating the hot pot, Ji Qingying was in a much better mood.

She thought,if she really loses points to Fu Yinzhi because of this matter, then she will try to make up for it.

As for teasing him in the hospital, she will correct it.

After arriving home, Ji Qingying looked at her cell phone and didnt receive a reply from Fu Yanzhi.

She put down her cell phone in sorrow to wash.

Just coming out of the shower, the doorbell rang.

Ji Qingying was startled, holding a towel to slowly walk to the door, and looked out through the cats eyes.

After seeing the person standing outside the door, she quickly opened the door.

She looked up at the man who suddenly appeared, somewhat surprised.


The wordshow come” wanting to speak, were pressed back.

“You just get off work now”

She looked at the clothes on Fu Yanzhi, the same ones he wore during the lunch break.

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

In the afternoon, an emergency patient who had been brought in from another hospital with sudden chest pain.

After examination, a severe A-aortic dissection was diagnosed.

It was among the most dangerous of their cardiothoracic emergencies and required prompt surgery.

The situation was serious, and the director of Cardiology was directly dispatched.

Fu Yanzhi entered the operating room as a second knife assistant.

When the operation was over, he went here.

He looked down at the person in front of him.

Just after taking a bath, Ji Qingying hasnt had time to blow her hair.

She still has the fragrance of shower gel on her body.

It has a fragrant and sweet hint of flavor and smells good.

His gaze stayed on her face for a moment, then quickly moved away.

“In the afternoon……”


They both spoke at the same time.

Fu Yanzhi was startled and looked at her: “SorryWhy”

Ji Qingying pursed her lips, looked down at her toes and said, “in the afternoon in the hospital, I would have just woken up and didnt realize you were at work.”

She said, “Im sorry.”

Fu Yanzhi dropped his eyes, looked at the top of her head she had left him, paused and asked, “En, After that.”

Ji Qingying was taken aback and looked up at him: “What then

Is there ever going to be an after!

Fu Yanzhi looked at the little expression on her face, sniffed the fragrance wafting out of the air, his tight nerves suddenly relaxed.

He stretched his hand and pinched his brow bone: “Nothing”

Ji Qingying blinked.

She didnt quite understand what Fu Yanzhi meant.

They looked at each other in silence for a moment.

She tried to think about it , with hindsight, she said,, “… I wont do that to you anymore in the hospital.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes: “this means, in other places will”


For some reason, Ji Qingying heard an irony in his words

She lowered her head, looked at the tiles under her feet and said with a bit of lack of confidence, “Of course ……”

To prevent Fu Yanzhi from turning away, she added: “Can I chase you”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

That is a bit more straightforward.

Once again, he felt helpless, and there was nothing he could do.

The two people stood at the door, and after a short silence, Fu Yanzhi said to her, “Have you eaten”

Ji Qingying was about to nod her head when suddenly she thought of something and stared at him.

“You havent eaten”


She moved her lips , whispered, “Why You had a busy afternoon”


Fu Yanzhi said slowly, word by word, “The nurse didnt order me.”

Ji Qingying: “Ah”

“Nurse Zhao thought I would go out to eat,” said Fu Yanzhi.

Ji Qingying blinked.

He looked down at her and added slowly, “But she didnt expect that I was let off the hook.”

Ji Qingying choked.

Even if she was slow to respond, she knew who Fu Yanzhi was talking about.

But somehow, hearing him say those words, she felt an unspeakable joy in her heart.

Hearing this, Ji Qingyings eyes brightened and looked at him: “that…..

Do you mind eating takeout at home ”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her eyes: “occasionally.”

Saying this, the corners of Ji Qing Yings lips curved up into a smile.

She turned sideways, “Then Ill order take-out.”

“No.” Fu Yanzhi looked at her hair still dripping and whispered, “Go blow dry your hair and come over.”

Go blow dry your hair

Ji Qingying looked at herself in the mirror.

She could not hide a smile at the corners of her eyes.

She went direction..

Passing by the living room, Ji Qingying also saw the fruit she bought when she came back in the evening.

Without any dwelling, she carried the bag of fruits over.

The opposite door opened.


Ji Qingying looked inside and didnt see anyone.

She estimated that Fu Yanzhi might be taking a bath.

Indeed, only a few minutes later, Fu Yanzhi came out.

The man had just taken a bath, and the smell of the disinfectant was much lighter, replaced by a cool bath lotion that smelled good.

Her eyes chased him

As if to detect her eyes, Fu yanzhi glanced her way.

Ji Qingying was also not shy, just look at him naked.

“Fu Yan zhi.”

Fu Yanzhi went into the kitchen to boil water: “Hm.”

Ji Qingying sat on the sofa, propped up her chin and asked, “Your shower gel smells pretty good.”

Fu Yanzhi:

His hands paused and responded faintly, “Its okay.”

“What flavor is it”

Fu Yanzhi came out from the kitchen, his voice was clear and cold, with little emotion: “Cant smell”


Ji Qingying looked up at him: “my nose is not so sharp, and you are too far away from me.”

Listened to her words.

Fu Yanzhi suddenly turned his direction and walked towards the sofa.

He stood on one side with the cup in his hand.

Ji Qingying looks at his action, and her thoughts went around the line.


“What are you doing” before the words were out of her mouth, Fu Yanzhi bowed his head and asked, “Now you smell it”


The author has something to say: Beauty Ji: if Im not wrong …… this person seems to be teasing me.

Dr Fu: En, I dont.



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