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Chapter 23: Im Here To PickYou Up (1)

Ji Qingying suddenly looked up, that pair of beautiful and provocative fox eyes were filled with disbelief.

And also with a little amount of confusion.

Fu Yanzhis expression was still very calm as if what just happened was a very casual move for him, without any other ulterior meaning.

But he was not aware that he could make Ji Qingyings heart feel flustered to this extent.

That she was powerless to such a simple trick.

After all, she was just someone chasing after him all this time.

Fu Yanzhi perceived her reaction with his eyes, suppressed down the smile in his eyes, and repeated, “Still havent smelled it”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She came back to her senses, looked at the man standing so close to her for a moment then pursed her dry lips and said, “I smelled it.”

Fu Yanzhi was stunned.

He thought she would shrink back.

Ji Qingying with her hand on the armrest of the sofa, without a hitch, looked at him with a burning gaze.

She looked him in the eye and smiled softly, “Its the smell I like.”


Again, Fu Yanzhi was stunned.

He was left speechless and exasperated by her.

How can she continue like that

Fu Yanzhi looked at her red cheeks and was about to say something when the doorbell rang.

Before he could react, Ji Qingying had already jumped up from the sofa and said quickly, “The takeaway is here.

Ill go get it”

Looking at the person who had run to the door anxiously, Fu Yanzhi paused and did not say anything.


In the brightly lit room, they sat face to face.

Late night take outs always gave a person a special feeling.

Ji Qingying was not hungry but Fu Yanzhi had ordered a lot of food.

He was the one feeling really hungry.

Ji Qingying looked at everything on the table and asked for a small bowl of rice porridge, which she ate with small bites.

She occasionally looked at the person opposite her and was in an indescribably good mood.

What else could be better than having a late night dinner with someone you like

Moreover, it was just the two of them.

The early summer breeze was blowing slowly and the light fragrance of the flowers could make anyone feel relaxed and happy.

Ji Qingying only ate a few mouthfuls, then stopped.



Ji Qingying was a little embarrassed and said, “I went to eat hot pot with my friend in the evening today.”

Fu Yanzhi gave a light response but did not say anything else.

Ji Qingying looked at him and asked, “Did I delay your work in the afternoon”


Fu Yanzhi glanced at her and said faintly, “If something had happened, I would have said it.”

He didnt respond that afternoon because firstly, he was at work, and second, there were also some other reasons.

Of course, he was not angry.

Neither was he busy.

Just that, doctors are also human beings and its normal for them to rest for a few minutes when theyre not busy.

She was stunned and looked at him directly as she questioned, “Then …you are not angry”

Fu Yanzhi looked into her eye and asked a question in return, “Am I that petty in your mind”



Ji Qingying hurriedly explained, “I dont mean that…”

The more she spoke the more mistakes she made.

In the middle of her speech, she just directly changed her words and said, “I was afraid youll blacklist me.

What should I have done”

“I havent even received permission to chase you yet,” she whispered the last part to herself.

But Fu Yanzhi who heard it clearly was slightly stunned.

He fixed his eyes on her for a moment then looked away.

His silence made Ji Qingying feel a little uneasy.

She looked at him and asked, “Will you” (Give me permission)

Staring at her serious look, Fu Yanzhi gave a definitive response for the first time.


Ji Qingying was stunned.

She did not expect him to answer that way.

She thought that ….Fu Yanzhi would ask rhetorically….

What do you think

But he didnt.

Ji Qingyings eyes widened from shock and the expression on her face changed unpredictably.

Not knowing what she was about to say, Fu Yanzhi lowered his head.

Seeing him continue to eat, even if there were ten thousand words that she wanted to say, she could only hold back for now.

She has to let Fu Yanzhi have a good meal.

After they had finished their meals, it was pretty late.

Ji Qingying also did not linger and got up to go back.

Walking to the door, she looked back at him and called out, “Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his head.

Ji Qingying was silent for a few seconds before continuing, “I wont be coming to the hospital to bring you meals for the next few days.”

He nodded with a slight pause.

Ji Qingying saw his calm look and wanted to explain something, but felt it was not really necessary.

She said finally, pointing towards the direction of the door, “Then Ill go back.”


Ji Qingying had gone back to Jiangcheng.

For the sake of the competition, she had to go back to Jiangcheng to find some information.

Her studio had been set up in a modest villa in the suburbs.

It had a big yard filled with beautiful flowers.

Every spring, the gardens scenery was at its best.

The studio also had an assistant who was always in the shop.

The moment she opened the door, she saw Xiao Shuang who was obviously stunned and stared at her sudden appearance, looking very surprised.

“Sister Qingying! When did you come back”

Ji Qingying smiled, put the umbrella away, and replied, “I came back to get some things.”

She observed the shocked little girl in front of her and her lips curled with the mischievous expression on her face, “Surprised”

Xiao Shuang nodded and hugged her, “Surprised! Major surprise!”

She said, “I miss you so much.”

Ji Qingying couldnt help but smile and reached out to pat her back to comfort her.

She looked around and asked in a low voice, “How are you and how are things around here”


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