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Chapter 23: Im Here To Pick You Up (2)

Xiao Shuang nodded, “Alright.”

She had a smile on her face.

A pure and lovely one.

“But a lot of customers came searching for you and even after I told them you dont take orders these days, they still insisted.”

Ji Qingyings brows rose in surprise.

Xiao Shuang turned around to take a notebook from the table and handed it to her.

“These are reserved orders.

They told you to take your time in finishing them… And that you dont need to rush.”

Ji Qingying: “……”

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, she looked down and said helplessly, “Okay, you can sort out the information and requirements and send them to me later.”


Ji Qingying stayed in the studio for a while and sorted some miscellaneous things that could not be settled by Xiao Shuang alone, then drove back to town.

Ji Qingying lived in Jiangcheng by herself, but her grandmother lived in the town.

When she reached home, it was just evening.

The sun could be seen setting in the west, and the view was breathtaking today.

Jiangcheng was a southern city and the scenery could be said to be spectacular regardless of the seasons.

The sounds of the creek, which trippingly cascaded from the stones, was very comfortable to the ear.

Grandmothers house didnt have a convenient parking space so she parked her car at a convenient place, then walked on to the house with her belongings in hand.

As she passed by on the streets, many people came up to greet her.

“Ah Ying is back.”

“Qingying came back to see her grandma again”

Ji Qingying responded with a smile.

She grew up here, in a place that was neither too big nor too small.

Because her grandmother had opened a small cheongsam shop, most people knew her.

Her grandmothers cheongsam shop was well known in the area.

Besides, her grandmother had a good character and was kind.

 So many people liked the pair and were happy to do business with them.

As Ji Qingying passed around the corner, she was a few dozen meters away from the door, when she saw her grandmother standing under the eaves.

She was stunned and subconsciously slowed down her pace.

As if sensing that someone had arrived, Grandma raised her hand and shouted, “Ah Ying.”

Ji Qingying immediately quickened her pace.

When she reached the door, her grandma reached out her hand to hold her.

She looked up at Ji Qingying, squeezed her hand, and asked, ”Dont you miss grandma”

Ji Qingying couldnt help but laugh, “I do.”

“I miss Grandma,” she said.

Grandma peered at her, and said condescendingly, “Then how come you were still walking so slowly after seeing Grandma”

She was like a child, haggling over every ounce with Ji Qingying.

But this kind of haggling was something she enjoyed very much.

Ji Qingyings lips curved with a smile and she hastily admitted her mistakes, “Thats because I saw my grandmother and became so excited that I didnt know how to walk.”

Grandma: “…..”

She had been coaxed by Ji Qingying, so she heartily reached out and nudged her nose, pretending to sigh helplessly, “You, this child.”


They went back inside the house.

After she coaxed her grandmother, she started preparing dinner for her.

Ji Qingying had wanted to do it herself but she was driven out of the kitchen by her.

Grandmas favorite hobby was to make her the food she loved when her dear grandchild came back.

The dinner was spare ribs and braised fish which was Ji Qingyings favorite food and her grandmothers go-to tonic soup.

Ji Qingying ate a lot.

After eating, she went out for a walk with her grandmother.

She held her hand and accompanied her through every street in the town.

Upon returning from the walk, her grandma was called by her neighbors grandmother to play mahjong.

Ji Qingying also did not stop and after exchanging a few words

for a while, she returned to her room.

After tossing around all day, she was actually a little tired.

But even after lying down she was not able to sleep.

She turned on the TV in her room, put on the fashion show that she usually looped through, and listened to the shows background music as she turned her head to gaze out of the window.

In this season, the winds blowing in the town were particularly light and the sound of the water was particularly gentle.

Even the lights that were lit up across the street were glowing gently.

Ji Qingying stared at the scene, took out her phone and took a few pictures, and posted it on her Wechat moments.

After she finished posting everything, she sent a message to Fu Yanzhi.

At first, she was troubled, thinking whether she should send him a message or not when her phone suddenly vibrated.

Zhu Mingjie, whom she had met last time had sent her a message.

Zhu Mingjie: [Did you go back to Jiangcheng]

Ji Qingying read the text and was pondering on whether to reply or not, but then Zhu Mingjies sent another message.

Zhu Mingjie: [By the way,  did He Yuan add you]

Ji Qingying: []

Zhu Mingjie: [ ]

Zhu Mingjie: [Last time I told him that I met you at the entrance of the school.

He asked me for your WeChat.

Did he not add you]

Ji Qingying was stunned and tried to recall, it seemed that someone sent a request a few days ago.

But the request didnt have a message accompanying it.

Because of her work Qingying would not accept requests if the person did not write anything along with their friend requests.

Thinking of that, she tapped her screen to see the friend request tab.

In the past few days, there had been so many customers that were forwarded to her by Xiao Shuang and Rong Xue that she had to scroll down for a long time before she finally saw the overdue friend request she was looking for.

The person did not leave a note, but the avatar and nickname had the same two letters – HY.

Her hand paused, then she immediately declined the request and closed the app.

Zhu Mingjie: [You didnt add him]

Zhu Mingjie: [ Well, I just asked casually, it doesnt matter that much.]

Ji Qingying: [En.


After that, she did not look at her message.


On the other side.

Lin Haoran held up his phone and nudged the person next to him, “When did Beauty Ji go home”

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and asked, “What”

Lin Haorans eyes went wide as he pointed to the phones screen, “Isnt she posting pictures of the famous waterways in Jiangcheng local to that place When did she go back”

Fu Yanzhi, who did not have the habit of going through his Wechat Moments, didnt get his point for a moment.


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