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Chapter 23: Im Here To Pick You Up (3)

After seeing what Lin Haoran had said and shown him, he took out his phone to check for himself.

He directly clicked on Ji Qingyings avatar to see her profile and once everything had loaded, he saw the pictures she had posted just a few minutes ago.

Each photo was taken beautifully, with red lanterns hanging under the eaves, glowing with warm light.

Against the dark and dreary night, the sky was full of glowing stars.

He looked at the pictures and was able to visualize her appearance in his mind when the pictures were taken.

Fu Yanzhi was stunned for a few seconds and his finger involuntarily tapped on the photo.

Lin Haoran, who did not notice his actions, was still confused and thinking about what he had asked earlier.

“You didnt know that she went back”


Fu Yanzhi continued, “She didnt say anything.

Hearing his answer, Lin Haoran raised his brows in surprise.

He looked sideways at Fu Yanzhi and suddenly laughed out loud.

“Oh, I see.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt comment as usual.

So, Lin Haoran reached out and patted him on the shoulder, “Dont be too sad,” he said with a smile, “Beauty Ji did not tell you, proving that you arent so important to her.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…..”

He glanced coldly at the person next to him.

Lin Haoran shrugged his shoulders, “Its not like I am wrong.”

He pretended to let out a sorrowful sigh as he lamented, “If you ask me, your indifferent attitude must have scared Beauty Ji off.”


After a while, Lin Haoran turned his head to look at him while asking, “Why arent you saying anything”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw what Fu Yanzhi was doing.

He had stopped looking at Ji Qingyings latest posted photos and scrolled down.

Ji Qingyings profile picture had not been changed for three days and she didnt seem to post a lot.

Sometimes she would post something once in a week or two.

It looked like the newest posts in her moments would only be posted after a month.

She didnt post any selfies.

Everything was about pictures of landscapes and cheongsams, but occasionally there were some posts about little interesting things that happened to her in her daily life.

Just by looking at the words, one could imagine what kind of a person she was.

Gentle, and yet so interesting.

Lin Haoran stared at Fu Yanzhis movements and just kept observing his indifferent friend for a long time as he took a sip of the beer that was in front of him.

He had to try very hard to suppress his shock.

It seems…… that he was actually wrong.

After exiting the Wechat moments, Fu Yanzhi clicked on Ji Qingyings avatar.

When her phone vibrated, Ji Qingying did not think much about it.

She looked listless, her eyelids were drooping a little and she looked impassioned.

But as soon as she looked at what the notification was about, her eyes went wide.

Fu Yanzhi had sent her a message!

Fu Yanzhi: [When did you go back]

Ji Qingying: []

Fu Yanzhi: [When]

Ji Qingying: […..

wrong number]

Fu Yanzhi: [……]

She suddenly sat up and leaned over the beds headboard to type carefully.

Ji Qingying: [No, Im sorry, I was just a little surprised….

Youre not busy today]

Fu Yanzhi: [En.

Left work on time.]

Ji Qingying changed her posture and laid down: [So what are you doing now]

Fu Yanzhi leaned back in his chair, the light overhead shone down, making his deep eyebrows come into focus.

Fu Yanzhi: [Eating out with Lin Haoran.]

To be able to leave work on time was a rare thing for him.

The two had met in the hospital lobby and Lin Haoran asked him if he wanted to have dinner together.

Fu Yanzhi agreed.

When she saw this message, the first thing that came to Ji Qingyings mind was the dinner appointment with Fu Yanzhi that didnt work out.

Her eyes rolled around in regret as he thought about that and she lowered her head to type: [I envy Dr.


Fu Yanzhi: [……]

Ji Qingying: [I also want to eat with you.]

Fu Yanzhi was stunned for a few seconds and did not know what to think.

Suddenly, he smiled.

Lin Haoran, who was looking at him from time to time, choked on his beer because of that smile that suddenly appeared on his.

At the stall, only his violent coughing could be heard and it looked as if he had contracted a serious illness.

A minute later, Ji Qingying received his message.

Fu Yanzhi: [Come back and say that again.]


Ji Qingying spent two days with her grandmother.

Then she went back to North City the day before the San Qing competition.

What she didnt expect was that she would see Fu Yanzhi at the high-speed railway station.

The man was standing next to the traveler exit, standing tall in his usual, simple black pants and shirt outfit.

Usually, it would look plain but on him, everything just gave a different feeling.

Ji Qingying just kept staring at him when he suddenly raised his head and looked over.

Their lines of sight met.

Before she could move, Fu Yanzhi walked over with confidence.

Ji Qingying blinked, as he approached her, she tilted her head and greeted him, “Fu Yanzhi, what a coincidence.”

Fu Yanzhi paused and lowered his eyes to look at her, “Not a coincidence.”

Ji Qingying, “Huh”

Not a coincidence

Fu Yanzhi looked at her confused expression and said lightly, “I came to pick you up.”

Ji Qingyings eyes widened.

Since when did she progress to this level with Fu Yanzhi and was able to receive such privileges already!

He had a feeling what she was thinking, so he asked in a low voice, “Your friend didnt tell you”

Ji Qingying shook her head and asked, “Tell me what”

Fu Yanzhi explained it briefly.

“Lin Haoran called me saying that your friend couldnt come to pick you up and that something had come up suddenly.”

After hearing this, Ji Qingying was even more confused.

Her mind was wandering.

“Why was it Dr.

Lin who told you that Xinyu couldnt come over”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

He froze.

Apparently, he had not thought about it either.

The two looked at each other.

“When did they get so familiar with each other”  Ji Qingying asked as the thought just came to her.

Fu Yanzhi shook his head, “Not sure.

Lets go.”

He took the box from her.

Ji Qingying replied with a dazed “Oh” and decided that when she goes back she would grill her good friend thoroughly for answers.

What the hell was going on here while I wasnt around!

“Get in the car.”

Ji Qingying sent several messages to Chen Xinyu then turned to look at the person next to her.

“You have an off today”


The corner of Ji Qingyings lips curved up, “Then Im really lucky.”

Fu Yanzhi looked her in the eye.

Ji Qingyings eyes overflowed with happiness and she said with a shallow tone lacing her voice, “I chose Doctor Fu rest day to come back and also got him to come to pick me up somehow.”

The hints in her words were too obvious and Fu Yanzhi didnt speak up.


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