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Chapter 24: Cheering Her Up (1)

“Of course not.”

Ji Qingying retorted without thinking about it.

In her opinion, Fu Yanzhi was really good looking in every aspect.

And it was not because she viewed him with a rose-colored filter.

His facial features were deep, the bridge of his nose was high and tall, the outline was clear and bright, with a wide forehead, and extraordinary appearance.

Not to mention his eyebrows were cold and dark.

With his proud temperament, emitting from the inside and shining through his reserved persona, people couldnt help but be attracted to him.

Rather it was impossible not to.

She turned her head and asked with a smile, “Do you want me to comment on everything”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He lowered his head feeling slightly helpless, “No.”

Ji Qingying smiled.

She was actually just teasing him a little out of habit and her words held no other meaning.

After watching the sunset, the two of them left the observation deck together with the dispersing crowd.

The night came and the sky was getting darker and darker.

 Leaving the observation deck, the two of them slowly walked down the mountain.

The restaurant that Ji Qingying wanted to see was halfway up the mountain, and if one took the cable car, they would go over it.

She also wanted to see the view again and didnt mind walking down.

 Fu Yanzhi also, naturally, had no problem with it.

 But before leaving, he still asked, “Are you sure you can walk”

 Ji Qingying blinked and looked up at him, “Why You cant”

After noticing the way Fu Yanzhis was staring at her, she couldnt help but retort, “Im still physically fit, no problem with that.”


Fu Yanzhi withdrew his gaze and whispered, “Its not that.”

Ji Qingying pondered for a moment before her face lit up, “You mean my clothes”


She was a Cheongsam enthusiast through and through.

And she was going out with Fu Yanzhi.

Of course, the outfit she chose would be a cheongsam.

Today she wore a gray-blue one with not much embroidery, but the material had a wisteria pattern on it that when worn by her made her appear particularly gentle and beautiful.

The feel it gave off on her was absolutely magnificent.

Her aura had the subtlety of a lily but was also majestic like a rose in full bloom.

From the deck to all the way down, all the tourists and people present seemed like they had their eyes glued to her.

Some people even take pictures sneakily with their cell phones.


Ji Qingying smiled and said in a calm yet carefree manner, “Its okay.”

She said, “Im used to it.

I just need to be careful going down the mountain.”

Moreover, when she made this cheongsam, she took into account how much the length between her footsteps was so that she did not need to walk with small steps.

Fu Yanzhi silently heard her words and did not say more.

They walked slowly down the hill.

Fu Yanzhi was in front of Ji Qingying, so when he occasionally looked back, what caught his eye was a thin waist and the beautys profile.

He paused for just a second then quickly turned his head away.

They had arrived at the halfway point of the mountain.

It took them half an hour.

Fortunately, Ji Qingying had chosen a restaurant earlier, so the two of them directly went there.

The restaurant was not easy to find, because it was blocked by green plants and flowers outside the restaurant, and the path that led to it was really small.

Beneath the path, was the sound of the water flowing down from the mountains and woods could be heard.

The stream was flowing fast so the sounds it made was just as rapid that it seemed like the person hearing it was actually listening to a musical performance.

It was turbulent but had rhythm.

As they walked further they reached the entrance but saw that the restaurant was quite crowded.

The pair was able to get a seat in a corner by the window.

Ji Qingying raised her eyes to look outside the window and stared at the eye-catching scenery.   

Eating in this kind of place would make anyone be in an inexplicably good mood, even with the voices of conversation, as they were tinged with gentle tones who were also taking the view in.

Fu Yanzhi handed her the menu, “Look and see what you want to order.”

 Ji Qingying  looked at the listed items and asked, “Have you been to this place before”

 Fu Yanzhi nodded his head.

Ji Qingyings eyes brightened, the corners of her lips turned upward as she directed her smile at him, “Then can you recommend me something”

Fu Yanzhi did not refuse and ordered a hearty, delicious meal, while Ji Qingying looked around the restaurant.

The design of the restaurant was unique, there was a piano and other musical instruments on the other side of the restaurant.

At the moment, someone happened to be playing the violin.

She observed the performance for a while and asked curiously, “Is this hired service”

Fu Yanzhi followed her line of sight to have a look, and cleared his throat to answer, “No.”

 He said to explain further, “Guest.”

This restaurant allowed anyone who could play an instrument to perform on stage.

As long as they were interested or liked to play, they could go up.

Doesnt even matter how long they took, as there werent any rules in particular.

As long as one wanted to, one could go, and even if someone didnt do well, no one would laugh.

Ji Qingying listened and raised her brows in surprise, “This restaurant owner is ……”

She thought about it and smiled as she commented, “Quite thoughtful.”


“What about you”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her, trying to gauge what she meant.

Holding a small teacup, Ji Qingying raised her eyes to look at him: “How many times have you been here, have you ever performed”


His reply did not surprise her.

Her lips curled as she smiled, “I had a feeling it would be like that.”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her again.

In the next second, Ji Qingying listed out the instruments across the room saying, “Theres a piano, violin, cello, and guitar……”

She counted a series of them and stared at the person across the table, “Which one do you play”


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