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Chapter 24: Cheering Her Up (2)

Of course, he understood what she was probing at with her words.

She was trying to dig into what he was hiding.

The way she did it was not exactly straightforward, but neither did she hide her intentions.

Such methods of probing werent exactly what he disliked.

Because from the very beginning, and even now, the things she had done, seemed to make it impossible for a person to hate, or even resist.

Only after he had suddenly realised this point, Fu Yanzhi noticed that he had stalled a little before answering her question.

He took a look around and said, “Piano and violin, just a little.”

Ji Qingyings eyes lit up, but then she remembered that Fu Yanzhis “little”, didnt always follow its dictionary definition, and was probably a bit more.

 “Only a little”


Fu Yanzhi really hadnt studied or done it for long.

He had just practiced for a few years.

It was his mother who sent him for the classes.

When Fu Yanzhi was young, his parents were pretty much like others and were strict with him.

Even so, Mother Fu did not force Fu Yanzhi to learn something, and yet at the same time she also enrolled him in many extracurricular classes.

Her thoughts were very straightforward; she didnt know what her child would come to like or dislike.

But it didnt seem like a good idea to not learn anything at all either.

Finally, she thought of a suitable way.

She found out about all the classes available to Fu Yanzhi, then let him select what he was interested in or liked, and let him continue to study in-depth.

Ji Qingying understood what he meant and didnt ask any more questions.

It happened that just then the waiter had brought them their order so the two dined in the comfortable environment.

After they had finished their meal, it was not too late.

By the time they came out of the restaurant, all the shops halfway up the hill were lit up.

And when they looked back up, rows of houses built around the place could be seen that looked both beautiful and neat.

She observed everything for a moment, then looked back at the person behind her, “We …… “

Before she had finished saying anything, Ji Qingying heard the hustle and bustle on the other side.

She glanced over subconsciously.

“Whats over there”

Fu Yanzhi glanced, and said lightly, “There is a shopping street.”

Ji Qingying was surprised.

He glanced down, “Would you like to take a look”

“Arent you going to work tomorrow”

Ji Qingying wanted to go, but she was worried that time was too late and that it would be too exhausting for him.

Fu Yanzhi responded lightly, “Its not too late.”

After speaking, he raised his foot and walked in the direction of the street.

Ji Qingying was stunned dazed and stood in the same place when she suddenly remembered the promise they had made that day——

Accompany her to eat and go shopping.

Fu Yanzhi really remembered what she said.

The place was much more lively than Ji Qingying imagined.

Both sides of the street had a long row of various shops close to each other, they werent too big or small, and some looked very cramped, but they were very atmospheric.

Ji Qingying and Fu Yanzhi squeezed into the crowd.

She looked around and was interested in everything.

“Fu Yanzhi, I want to go there and take a look.”

The pair entered together.

It was a handicraft goods store.

There were a lot of handmade works of art inside, all small items that looked both beautiful and cute.

Ji Qingying liked everything so much that she didnt want to leave the store at all.

She picked out some stuff that looked good and just took them to the cashier.

Next to her, someone took out his phone.

Ji Qingying was astounded, and by the time she realized what was going on, Fu Yanzhi was already talking to the shop assistant.

She hurriedly declined, “No, Ill myself.”… “

Before she finished speaking, Fu Yanzhi had already scanned the QR code for payment.

“Thank you.”

“Thanks for your patronage.

Please take care.”

After coming out of the store, Ji Qingying looked up at him, “Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yanzhi lowered his head.

Ji Qingying pursed her lips and whispered, “You already invited me to dinner.

You didnt have to go this far to repay for the gift last time, alright”

This guy really doesnt want to owe her anything at all.

Although Fu Yanzhi paid the bill, it made her happy.

But when she thought that he did so because she bought a gift on his behalf, Ji Qingying felt that she could not be happy.

Fu Yanzhi was stunned, looked at her slightly awkward and aggrieved look, and inexplicably wanted to laugh a little bit.

He hid the smile in his eyes, and his voice was cold, “No.”

Ji Qingying was still in an aggrieved mood and was haggling with herself when she was caught off guard by hearing ano.

She still felt a little bit lost.


She stared at him, “What do you mean”

Fu Yanzhi opened his eyes and said lightly, “Its not because of the gift you bought.”

 Ji Qingying blinked, still thinking of one-five things in just a single moment, while Fu Yanzhi had already raised his foot and walked on.

She was stunned for a moment, then moved to follow after him.

ED/N: My dear ancestors tell me about a moment where you two dont feel surprised or stunned.

@[email protected]

“What Can I think of it as a gift from you then”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

“Ill take it as an acquiescence if you dont speak.”


Ji Qingying, holding a small bag, said in silence, “But the few things I have chosen were intended for Xinyu and Rong Xue as souvenirs…… Guess not anymore.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

The pair roamed for a good long while.

Gradually, a large number of people started coming in from the other side.

It was like tour groups all in one place.

Ji Qingying and Fu Yanzhi couldnt even move their feet.

There were too many people.

They went forward just a bit and suddenly the two were separated.

By the time Ji Qingying came back to her senses, she could no longer see Fu Yanzhi.



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