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Chapter 25: Want A Reward! (1)

After entering her apartment, Ji Qingying dazedly moved about to change her shoes. 

She slowly took out her slippers, put them on, and went inside the bathroom. 

The incandescent lamp turned on as she went near the sink to remove her makeup. 

Her head lifted upwards and she saw a red face reflected in the mirror.

A face blushing all the way from the ears to the cheeks, and even the neck.

Her eyelashes trembled from shock as she stared at herself.

She couldnt help but reach out to touch her ears.

They were burning hot. 

She was all but spaced-out as her hand brushed against the hair on top of her head. 

The heat from that persons palm still seemed to be there.

It had spread from the place he had touched and seemed to have hit her straight in the chest.

Ji Qingying kept staring at the mirror for a long time before she bent down to scoop up some water and splash it on her face. 

She was done for now. 

Ah ah ah ah ah ah!

She suddenly wanted to scream. 

Fu Yanzhi, you rule breaker!

She didnt even think that he would encourage her like she wanted, let alone imagine that he would do it in such spades that she couldnt bear the feelings erupting from his actions!

Ji Qingyings heart felt restless because of all the intense emotions swirling in her mind. 

She obviously wasnt someone who knew nothing about herself, it was just that… she couldnt calmly handle Fu Yanzhi suddenly patting her head like that.

With her thoughts drifting like that, Ji Qingying washed her hair with a little bit of reluctance.

If it wasnt for keeping a clean image, she would really… not wash her hair at all.

In the end, Fu Yanzhis head pats lethality was so great that she didnt sleep well all night.


Early in the morning the next day, Ji Qingying showed up at the competition venue feeling very haggard.

Many designers had come to participate in the second round. 

Ji Qingying didnt wear a cheongsam as it would catch other peoples eyes and dressed very low-key.

Her outfit was just a pair of jeans and a small, half-sleeved sweater. 

Even so, as she stood in the crowd, she attracted plenty of attention. 


Ji Qingying looked to her side and found a stranger greeting her so she replied back, “Hello.” 

“Are you also a participant” 


Ji Qingying responded lightly. 

The guy didnt look like he minded her indifference, smiled, and continued, “My name is…”

But before he finished speaking, Ji Qingyings cell phone rang. 

She smiled apologetically and said softly, “Sorry, I have to answer this call.” 

It was Chen Xinyu. 

“Hey, have you arrived yet” 

Ji Qingying said “Yes” and whispered, “I am in the hotel lobby, the person in charge will be coming over later.” 

Chen Xinyu breathed a sigh of relief and whispered back, “Thats good, call me if you need anything.

Do you really need an assistant this time” 

 Many designers would have assistants with them even when participating in a competition because it was much more convenient that way. 

Ji Qingying said, “Yes, I am too busy.” 

Chen Xinyu: “…Alright, if you get too cramped with anything, you can ask me for help.” 

Ji Qingying smiled, “Okay.” 

She paused and was about to ask her what happened yesterday, when suddenly, a young woman not too far away, appeared in her line of sight. 

Ji Qingying just stared silently for a while. 


 Chen Xinyus voice rang in her ear. 

Ji Qingying retracted her gaze and paused before answering, “I saw someone familiar.” 


Chen Xinyu was taken aback and asked nervously, “Who” 

Ji Qingying looked at the person in question and simply stated a name, “Sun Yijia.” 

Chen Xinyus voice rose as she became agitated with the mention of that name, “Why is she there! Didnt she get first place in the national designer competition! She still wants to participate in the San Qing competition!” 

Ji Qingying replied as she lowered her voice, “I dont know.” 

Chen Xinyu took a breath and asked cautiously, “Then are you…” 

“I am fine.” 

Ji Qingying smiled and said in a relaxed tone, “Her being here doesnt affect me.” 

Chen Xinyu thought for a while and agreed, “Right….” 

Sun Yijia and Ji Qingying had been college classmates. 

In the beginning, both of them werent familiar with this other “university classmate”. 

But Ji Qingying was beautiful and also talented,  so she was quite popular. 

Ever she got into the university, she had people pursuing her continuously. 

Both on and off-campus.

So it wasnt possible for Sun Yijia to not know about her.

Sun Yijia had a boyfriend who was ordinary but rich. 

He was from the next door university. 

Many classmates envied her.

She had a caring boyfriend who followed her every whim and showered her with all kinds of gifts.

He had been nicknamed the twenty-four-hour filial boyfriend. 

Yet after some time, they broke up. 

Later on, everyone learned that the reason her boyfriend broke up with her was… because of Ji Qingying.

The story went that her boyfriends target of affection had changed and he had fallen in love with Ji Qingying. 

After that, he launched a series of powerful attacks in terms of pursuit to impress Ji Qingying. 

But in reality, Ji Qingying hadnt been aware of anything from beginning to end.

Even when the two were together, she had never seen Sun Yijias boyfriend.

Ji Qingying was devoted to learning design at that time.

She was full of enthusiasm that she only wanted to design clothes that everyone liked, and wanted to bring the concepts of cheongsams she liked from her childhood to everyones eyes again. 

She didnt have even an ounce of interest in romance.

During her time there, everyone used to give flowers to people they were interested in.

Even when she was in class, the dormitory would receive deliveries of gifts with her name on them.

Ji Qingying never personally went to see who sent what.

She returned the ones that could be returned and threw the others away directly. 

She was very merciless. 


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