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Chapter 25.2: Want A Reward (2)

In short, after that incident, Sun Yijia began to target her.

Every competition Ji Qingying signed up for, Sun Yijia would be there.

If she wore a cheongsam, Sun Yijia would also wear a cheongsam.

Even the classmates who initially liked Ji Qingying had been bought by Sun Yi Jia, and they turned against her, pouring dirty water everywhere.

(T/N: pouring dirty water – creating rumors, spoiling someones reputation)

Her methods were so despicable that anyone who knew the real story would hate her.

But Ji Qingying really didnt care.

She was always indifferent.

Because it didnt matter to her whether it was a competition or a cheongsam.

She had both the strength and confidence in her own skills.

She wasnt afraid of anything.

This single-player smoky battle had its little ups and downs towards graduation.

But after that, Ji Qingying had returned to Jiang Cheng, and everything had come to an end for a short period.


She hung up the call.

Lowering her head, Ji Qingying sent a message to Fu Yanzhi then stuffed her phone back into her bag.

After a while, the person in charge of the San Qing competition came over and arranged a room for everyones stay and to let them put their stuff away to attend the meeting later on.

Arrange a room for them to stay in and let them put their things in the room for a meeting.

By the time it was over, Ji Qingying found out why Sun Yijia was here.

She was the planner of the second round of the San Qing Designing Competition.

It was quite normal.

Sun Yijia had just won first place in the national-level designer competition, so it was natural that the San Qing competition organisers would want to invite her to come over and decide on a challenge for the participants.

Not to mention it would help create some hype for the event.

Ji Qingying sat in a corner, watching the flyers with the requirements and regulations being handed out.

Everyones theme was the same.

As for the results, it depended on the strengths of each individual person.

The meeting ended just in time for lunch.

The San Qing organisers had very generously set up lunch on the top floor of the venue for the designers and the person-in-charge.

The competition would officially start after the meal was over.


When she arrived at the dining hall, Ji Qingyings phone vibrated and she saw a reply to the message that she had sent earlier that morning.

Fu Yanzhi: [Just finished.]

Ji Qingying: [Did one of the nurses order a take-out for you]

Fu Yanzhi: [Cafeteria.]

Ji Qingying: [Oh, does the food in the cafeteria taste good]

The last time they had gone to the cafeteria to eat, they ate the food she packed.

Fu Yanzhi: [Ordinary.]

Ji Qingying chuckled: [I thought you would say it was all right.]

Fu Yanzhi: [Compared to everything else, its just ordinary.] (1)

Ji Qingying: [Then can I visit this ordinary cafeteria if I have a chance]

Fu Yanzhi looked at what she wrote and paused for a while.

Then he sent: [It is up to you.]

Ji Qingying just smiled: [Wait till my competition is over.]

They said a few words to each other and because Ji Qingying had to eat her lunch and didnt want to delay Fu Yanzhi either, the two didnt talk for long.

As soon as the phone screen turned off, she heard a familiar voice filled with a cynical tone call out to her, “Ji Qingying.”

Ji Qingying turned and looked to her side.

Standing near to her was Sun Yijia with arms folded, as she raised her chin and stared at her, “Long time no see.”

Ji Qingying nodded and replied back lightly, “Long time no see.”

There was no other expression on her face and no envy in her eyes.

It seemed that although she didnt expect that Sun Yi Jia would be here, she wasnt surprised either.

Looking at her reaction, Sun Yijias lips were pursed and she said, “I didnt expect for us to meet like this.”

Ji Qingying didnt deny that, “Yeah.”

Sun Yijia was stumped for words by her attitude.

The anger that had been suppressed as soon as she saw her came boiling up instantly.

She couldnt help but mock, “Our classmates must have never thought that the talented girl who always occupied the first place rank in back then had now been reduced to participating in such a competition and would be competing with novices at that.”

Hearing what she said, Ji Qingying raised her gaze to stare at her.

“You said something wrong just now.”

The smile on Sun Yi Jias face froze, “What did you just say”

Ji Qingying looked at the novice designers gathered on the other side, and said in a shallow tone of voice, “Everyone starts out as a novice.

In the global designer competition held by Di Jia the year before, the winner was a design school student who had not yet graduated.”

She looked at her calmly and went on, “She was also a novice.”



She was so angry, even her teeth felt itchy with her face becoming ghastly pale, “Ji Qingying, dont you be too arrogant.”

Ji Qingying thought her words were a bit funny.

How was she acting arrogant

She turned to the side ignoring her words, and asked, “Is there anything else you want to say If its okay with you, I am going to eat my lunch.”

After that, she didnt wait for the other person to respond and left straight away.

Sun Yijia stared at her back as the hands that fell to her sides clenched hard.

After eating, Ji Qingying returned to her room and began to seriously think about what types of clothes she wanted to design.

She glanced at the topic and the various other requirements, and after pondering for a while, she had a basic idea.

The theme of the second round of the San Qing competition was to make a dress that would be most suitable for full-time wives.

In fact, theprofession of a full-time wife itself was a very controversial subject.

Ji Qingying was a little surprised that the San Qing organizers would have it as a theme for one of their rounds.

Her brows were raised as she kept thinking.

She wrote all the points she had considered, and then circumvented some things according to some special requirements, and started designing.


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