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Chapter 25: Want A Reward (3)

When one gets busy, time flies very fast.

Three days passed by in a flash.

During all of these three days, Ji Qingying practically never left her room. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were delivered directly to her by the hotel staff, and the amount of time she rested became even less. 

The competitors in the second round of the San Qing competition are said to be decided by internal selection, but its not totally completely either.

The proceedings are still accessible for others.

But the fact was just that in comparison to other famous designers, the people who were invited here were all well-known designers in the industry, but didnt have admirers offstage.

So public proceedings werent all that possible.


The process of judging would start on the fourth day. 

The group of designers arrived at the competition site and saw that the ones who wore their clothes werent professional models like usual but instead full-time housewives found by the San Qing organisers.

The person assigned to Ji Qingying appeared a while later on the stage and they went to the back to talk.

She smiled and said two sentences, “Dont be nervous.

You dont need to think that you have to change anything.” 

She whispered, “How you are at home, you just need to do the same here.” 

The model took a deep breath and looked back at her, “I am still nervous though, this dress is gorgeous, and I am afraid that Ill screw something up.” 

“You wont.” 

Ji Qingying laughed, “Do you like it” 

The model nodded, “I like it very much.

I never knew that a cheongsam could be so comfortable.” 

Ji Qingying smiled and nodded. 

Many people misunderstood cheongsams and always felt that it was a close-fitting garment that is for highlighting ones figure. 

In actual fact, most cheongsams were like this. 

People with good figures wore tight-fitting clothes from neck to ankle that were tailored inch by inch. 

But going further back in the past, there were actually loose styles of cheongsam. 

And they were still pretty. 

Cheongsams in the 1940s were like this. 

Because of social and economic problems, everyone didnt pay much attention to dressing up but still loved wearing cheongsams. 

So the cheongsam styles at that time became more concise and loose, which was more conducive to everyones activities. 

Whether it was someone who was plump or someone with a slender figure, it was still suitable for all. 

Each style had its own charm.


Not long after, it was Ji Qingyings turn to show up. 

The moment the model walked out, she very clearly saw the judges expressions change. 

The competition was going forward at a fast pace. 

It didnt take much time for everyone to present their work. 

Because everything was evaluated on the spot the designers who were to continue on to the third round had already been selected, but everyone didnt leave for the time being. 

The judges commented one by one and both the designer and the model stood together. 


When critiquing Ji Qingying, some judges looked at her curiously and asked, “For a full-time wife, wouldnt it be inconvenient to wear a cheongsam” 

Ji Qingying just smiled, “It wont.” 

She said, “Many people are too deeply influenced by the concept of full-time wife, thinking that a full-time wife should dress simply and generously, even to the extent that she can just lounge around at home, but I dont think so.”

Everyone had the right to pursue beauty whether they were young girls, full-time wives, or mothers. 

She briefly explained the concept behind her design. 

“This cheongsam design takes into account full-time wives who need to do housework or even take care of children.

It is comfortable, close to the body and set at the same time also convenient to move around in.” 

She had designed a cheongsam dress with plain patterns. 

The hem stayed above the calf, the neckline was low, and the fabric was linen, which not only made people feel comfortable but also had an unspeakable feeling of youth.

It wasnt dull, and instead, it made people be fond of it. 

Sun Yijia sat in the judges seat.

She kept staring at Ji Qingying, and after everyone had made their comments she spoke up, “But how would a full-time wife have so much time to dress up”  

Ji Qingying smiled as she answered swiftly, “First of all, a full-time wife is also a woman.” 

She said, “Just because someone becomes a full-time wife, they dont have to give up on everything.”

Sun Yijia gritted her teeth, “However, most full-time wives do not go out.

In fact, it is more suitable for them to wear casual and loose home clothes at home.” 

Ji Qingying didnt agree with this view. 

“I dont think so.” 

She pointed her finger, “Actually, we can interview our model wives right now to see what they think.”

Another judge nodded, “Thats right.

Any of the wives present, can you tell us that if there were such a comfortable and beautiful cheongsam, would you buy it” 

“I will .” 

One person stepped forward and said, “I am more of a beauty lover and while I can dress up beautifully at home, some clothes are bound to make bending over and walking inconvenient for me.

But when it comes to this cheongsam, I still like it very much.”

Another person quipped up, “I will buy too.” 

She smiled and stated, “If I say so honestly, my husband goes to work, and every day he sees young women who are beautifully dressed.

But when he comes home and sees a wife who is casually dressed like an aunt, he will always inevitably have some other thoughts.” 

It was a very realistic problem.

Although it was said that beauty cant be eaten, men wouldnt use such reasoning to invalidate their thoughts. 

And really, no one would dislike for their wives to be beautiful and clean.

After returning home from work, they would feel much better if they saw their spouses in high spirits. 

Of course, it wasnt entirely possible to please men. 

The most important factor was the person themself as women didnt not love beauty.

Everyone wants to be more beautiful and look better.

This is normal for a full-time wife as well. 


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