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Chapter 25: Want A Reward (5)

She wanted a pat on the head and also wanted additional rewards.

Really, what a greedy woman!

Fu Yanzhi was quiet for a while then asked lightly “What do you want” 

Ji Qingyings eyes lit up instantly. 

“I can ask for anything” 

Fu Yanzhi: “Ji Qingying.” 

She got the message and curbed her wild thoughts, “Then… Ill think about it first and inform you later” 


“Then Ill be hanging up and will go home to sleep.” 


After she cut the call, she saw Chen Xinyu staring at her incredulously. 

“…You and Doctor Fu, have progressed to this stage now” 

Ji Qingying confusedly asked, “Ah Which step” 

Chen Xinyu: “…What do you think it is” 

Sure enough, she underestimated her friend. 

The mobile phone in her hand flipped over and over as she replied, “Its because Fu Yanzhi is kind and willing to indulge.” 

Looking at the smile on her face, Chen Xinyu retorted with a blank expression on her face, “No, you are awesome.” 



Back at the hospital cafeteria— 

Because he was on a call it took a while for Fu Yanzhi to eat. 

Putting down the phone, he glanced at the person seated in front of him, “Why havent you left yet” 

Going by their normal speed of doing things, Lin Haoran should have finished eating and left.

Lin Haoran only regained his senses after hearing his question. 

His lips moved as he pointed at Fu Yanzhi, “You…” 


Fu Yanzhi lowered his head to eat without paying him too much of his attention. 

Lin Haoran took a deep breath and gritted his teeth to ask, “You and beauty Ji, how long have you two been like this” 

Fu Yanzhis hand that held the chopsticks paused as he raised his eyes to look at the other party, “How” 

Lin Hao Ran: “…” 

 Despite feeling choked for words, he still said, “You clearly know what I mean.” 

Fu Yanzhi maintained his silence. 

Since they had finished eating, Fu Yanzhi had returned to the department, but Xu Chengli was still studying outside.

After watching a video of a case for a while, he moved aside the curtain of the bed and planned to take a nap. 

These few days had been quite hectic and Fu Yanzhi hadnt slept in the small bed ever since Ji Qingying left that day.

No one had touched the small bed and the quilt was stacked all clean and tidy. 

Just when he lay down, he smelled a faint scent lingering near his nose. 

As his eyes shut close, he suddenly thought of the scene that day. 

Fu Yanzhi froze for a while then let out a quiet sigh.


The moment she returned home Ji Qingying took a nap. 

Afterward, she felt quite energetic.

She glanced at her mobile phone and saw that Chen Xinyu had left a message for her an hour ago, saying that there was something wrong with the company and that she must go to an event. 

Their plan to celebrate fell through.

Ji Qingying replied to the message, then scrolled down. 

She stared at Fu Yanzhis WeChat profile picture for a while, then tapped the image and sent something from the emoji package. 

Ji Qing ying: [Bubbles.jpg.] 

What she didnt expect was his quick response. 

Fu Yanzhi: [Woke up]

Ji Qingying: [Yes, are you getting off work]

Fu Yanzhi: [Yes.]

Fu Yanzhi took off his white coat planning to leave. 

Taking his phone, he had just walked for a bit when he heard a familiar voice coming from outside the. 

“Doctor Fu.”

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and looked at the person coming his way. 

Su Wanqing glanced with a smile on her face and asked gently, “Getting off work now”

Fu Yanzhi nodded, “What is the matter” 

Su Wanqing pursed her lips and said, “A good movie was released recently.

Would you like to…” 

Before she finished speaking, Fu Yanzhis cell phone rang. 

He glanced at the screen and whispered, “Sorry.” 

Su Wanqing waved her hand, “You pick up first.” 


“Fu Yanzhi, are you still busy” 

Fu Yanzhi replied, “No, what is it” 

Ji Qingying said, “Oh.

I sent you several messages and you hadnt replied.

I thought you were busy again.” 

Fu Yanzhi was slightly surprised, then paused and asked, “What did you send” 

Ji Qingying laid on the bed and blinked as she said, “I was asking whether you have an appointment with someone tonight.” 

Fu Yanzhi gave a pause, “And then” 

Ji Qingying without pretending, asked straightforwardly, “If you have no appointment, lets eat together” 

Fu Yanzhi became silent. 

He suddenly thought of the message that Ji Qingying sent him at noon, saying that she would be having dinner with her friends in the evening.

“Where is your friend” 


Ji Qingying sighed, “Something important in her company suddenly came up and she must work overtime.” 

She went on in a grieving tone, “If Doctor Fu also has an appointment, then I will eat alone.” 

Not sure whether it was because she won the prize or if she woke up in a good mood, Ji Qingying was teasing him a little bit more than she usually did. 

Listening to her voice a smile suddenly came on Fu Yanzhis face. 

“Just eating” 

“Otherwise…” Ji Qingying paused.

“Are you going to give me a reward tonight” 

Fu Yanzhi: “…” 

“Hang up.” 


“Then will you be eating with me or not” 

“You pick the restaurant.” 

After hanging up the phone, Fu Yanzhi looked at the person standing next to him, “What were you saying just now” 

Su Wanqings face was so ugly to the naked eye but she still bit her lip and gritted the words out, “Its okay, do you have an appointment tonight” 

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

“If there is nothing else, I will be leaving first.” 


The author has something to say:

Doctor Fu: Hurry home to have dinner. 

Beauty Ji: I want a reward. 

Su Wanqing:  



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