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Chapter 26: Hold Onto Her (1)

At six oclock in early summer, the sky outside was still bright.

The lingering glow of the setting sun was obliquely reflected in the lake water, and the sparkling lake surface was dyed with orange-red, the colors resembling a shy girl.

After Fu Yanzhi asked her to choose a restaurant, Ji Qingying got up and cleaned herself.

She also loved beauty herself.

Whats more, when someone is meeting outside with the person they like, they would naturally want to show their most beautiful side to the other person.

After applying a facial mask, doing some skincare, and putting on a light makeup, Ji Qingying looked at her face in the mirror.

Seeing that everything looked fine she stretched out her hand and patted her red cheeks before walking out of the cloakroom.

While she had finished tidying up, Fu Yanzhi had arrived downstairs.

Ji Qingying changed her clothes and went out.

As soon as she arrived at the gate of the home community, she saw a familiar person in a familiar car.

Fu Yanzhi didnt seem to be resting inside the car even though he just arrived.

He was leaning against the car, looking down at his phone.

Instead of calling out to him, Ji Qingying just approached him gently.

Just as she was about to get close, Fu Yanzhi suddenly raised his head to look at her.

His deep eyes were staring straight at her.

When their eyes met, her lips pursed inexplicably.

Somehow, she felt that there was a hint of surprise in Fu Yanzhis eyes.

“Did I make you wait for a long time”

Taking the initiative to talk, Ji Qingying chose a topic to start on.

His eyes narrowed as his gaze came to a stop and fixed on her face.

Ji Qingying was beautiful, or in other words, it was the kind of beauty that was natural, with flesh of ice and bones of jade.

Her facial features were quite exquisite, not to mention her fox-like eyes and oval curved face which made it even harder to ignore her.

When she didnt wear makeup, she appeared to be a bit low key and pure.

And after she applied makeup, she again felt different.

It was a pure and elegant look, but it also had a bright and flamboyant feel.

When she went with heavy makeup it was also done beautifully and made it hard for people to ignore her.

Even if she stood in one place quietly, people would end up staring at her.

Fu Yanzhi was lost in thoughts for a bit and only returned to his senses when he heard her voice.


He looked down at her, “Have you decided on which restaurant you want to go to”

Ji Qingying nodded and looked at him, “We can go to a western-style cuisine restaurant.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded, “Lets go.”

After getting in the car.

Thinking of the look in Fu Yanzhis eyes just earlier, Ji Qingying discreetly glanced at the mirror on the right.

Everything looks okay.

There didnt seem to be anything on her face, and her makeup still looked good.

But then why did Fu Yanzhi stare at her for a while back there

Ji Qingying secretly glanced at the person next to her, and hesitantly spoke up.

“Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yanzhi cast a sideways glance at her.

Ji Qingying turned to look at him, “Is there something on my face”

Fu Yanzhi glanced again and said, “No.”

“Ah… no—”

Ji Qingying said with a little regret, “I just thought something there was.”

Fu Yanzhi failed to understand, so he just stared at her.

Facing his deep-set eyes, Ji Qingying smiled and said, “Is there not even beauty”


Her words made him speechless.

Looking at the reaction of the person next to her, Ji Qingying knew that her guess was correct.

She smiled and said, “Otherwise, why would you become distracted just then.”

It wasnt a question, but a statement.

She hadnt realised it before and didnt react, but when she did, Ji Qingying was certain.

He had been distracted.

At this moment, Ji Qingying suddenly wanted to thank her parents for giving her this face.

Even though it had caused her a lot of trouble before, if it could be useful in pairing her with Fu Yanzhi, then that was enough for her.

Fu Yanzhi didnt answer.

Ji Qingying too stopped pressing him for an answer and turned her head to look out the window appearing to be in a good mood.

What didnt notice was that the ears of the person next to her… had quietly turned red.


The restaurant that Ji Qingying Wanted to go to was one that had been checked-in by an online celebrity.

The roof garden of the building in the center of the restaurant overlooked the entire city.

The night view was really beautiful.

Because it was a business day, Ji Qingying had booked a spot in advance.

Their seats were near the windows and the surrounding environment was both quiet and elegant.

Very suitable for a couple on a date.

When the two arrived, the restaurant was busy.

When two reached the location, the restaurant was quite busy.

The dining area had dainty, sophisticated decorations and interior design, like the pink roses on the tables and someone playing the piano in the center of the room.

The tune was soothing and charming, which made people feel enraptured.

Placing an order for their meal, Ji Qingying turned to look out the window as the night grew deeper.

The street lights outside came on one after another.

The towering tall buildings and roadside stores were all lit up.

Outside, the street lights turned on one after another.

The roadside stores and tall towering buildings all lit up.

Like a bright galaxy, it looked very beautiful.

She stared for a while, then turned her gaze and focused on the quiet person seated opposite to her.

Sensing her looking at himself, Fu Yanzhi looked up.

Just as Ji Qingying wanted to speak up, a couple could be heard conversing behind them.

“Shall we go check out a bar after eating”

“Theres a new bar around here”

“There is one, I saw it on Weibo this morning.”

“Lets go then.”

Their voices werent too loud or too small.

Just enough that the pair could hear them.

Ji Qingyings eyes twinkled, and she stared at Fu Yanzhi.

“Are you going to work tomorrow”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her, “Yeah.”

It wasnt that he didnt understand the desire in Ji Qingyings eyes, but a bar was… he stared at her with a heavy gaze, “A bar would be too noisy.”

Ji Qingying said “Oh”, sounding a little less happy.

“Okay then.”

She thought for a bit and said, “Then can I drink now”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

Ji Qingying glanced at the menu and ordered a glass of white wine, which wasnt high in alcohol concentration levels.

She liked drinking a lot and was a casual drinker.

So occasionally, she drank some red wine to fall asleep.

Fu Yanzhi basically wouldnt touch alcohol.

Not to mention that he had to drive at night when his shift ran late.

After a while, the waiter brought their orders.

Looking at the delicately presented food in front of her, she thought it looked pretty good.

And when the wine came, she took a sip.

The flavor was very good, so she took two more sips without looking at the expression on Fu Yanzhis face.

Savoring the taste, Ji Qingying commented, “Their wine isnt bad.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say a word.

He kept his head down as he cut into the steak.

Ji Qingying lifted her head and observed.

His movements were elegant.

Even though he was just cutting a steak, he seemed to be making art.

It was probably because of his occupation.

“Doctor Fu.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her.

Ji Qingying pointed and said, “The steak looks very good, you cut it so beautifully.”


Fu Yan Zhi said “Yes.


Ji Qingying was stunned, “What”

Lightly casting a glance at her, Fu Yanzhi said in a calm tone of voice, “Why dont you continue with your compliments”


His words made her feel a tiny bit embarrassed.

Regardless, she was able to adapt soon.

So as the corner of her eyes curled with her smile, she said, “So, you like it when I praise you”

She didnt wait for an answer after asking that question and directly stated, “In that case, I am going to continue praising you.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He didnt mean it that way.

Thinking about it, she always felt that all the cultural knowledge she learned in her lifetime, that could be used to praise someone, for her, should be used on Fu Yanzhi.

She pointed and said, “I just said something wrong.”

“Its not that the steak looks good, its because youre the one who cut it.”


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