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Chapter 26: Hold Onto Her (1)

“Its not that the steak looks good, its because youre the one who cut it.”

His hand shook.

And so the steak was cut awkwardly.

Ji Qingying pretended that she didnt witness that and continued, “Your hands look better than those of all surgeons.

Do you know why”

She stared straight at Fu Yanzhi, and said word by word, “Because they are your hands.”

At first, those few words didnt seem to make an impact.

Those few words dont usually mean much if you listen to them casually.

But if you were to think about it more, there is appreciation in the underlying meaning behind them.


Before Fu Yanzhi could react, the young couple from the table behind them earlier could be heard talking to each other.

“You listen, see how other girlfriends praise their boyfriends.”

“Then you have to be as handsome as someone else to be praised like that.”


Ji Qingying also didnt expect that somebody would hear her so she became a little bit embarrassed again.

On the other hand, Fu Yanzhi had already turned back into his usual calm expression.

It was as if he hadnt heard anything.

Pursing her lips, Ji Qingying felt that she couldnt admit defeat here.

She also put on a calm facade and asked, “Do you still want me to boast”

Fu Yanzhi: “…No need.”

The steak in front of him had been cut, he picked it up and looked at Ji Qing Ying: “Give me the one in front of you.”

In front of him, the steak on the plate had been cut.

He picked it up and looked at Ji Qingying, saying, “Give me the one in front of you.”


Before Ji Qing Ying could do anything, Fu Yanzhi got up, reached out and picked up the uncut steak in front of her, and replaced hers with the one he cut.

Startled, she looked down at the evenly cut pieces in front of her and just smiled quietly.

“Thank you.”

Fu Yanzhi just looked at her and said in a low voice, “Eat.”

With his hand cut steak before her, Ji Qingying had nothing more to say.

She tasted it carefully, constantly feeling that this steak was better than anything she had ever eaten before.

The music flowed.

Both of them indulged in the comfortable environment and the distance between them quietly narrowed.

Even though they had finished eating, it was still quite early.

What Ji Qingying didnt expect was that they would leave at the same time with the couple that had been seated behind them.

And they entered the elevator together.

The quartet looked at each other inexplicably.

Just then Ji Qinying recalled the words she had said earlier and noticed the other two people staring at her.

Subconsciously she hid behind Fu Yanzhi.

No matter how cheeky she was, in front of Fu Yanzhi, she was fine.

But when it came to strangers, she still wanted to maintain a gentle image that was consistent with her appearance.

Of course, more importantly… she felt shy.

She was also a girl, even if she was thick-skinned.

Fu Yanzhi began to look at his mobile phone.

After noticing her movements, he raised his head to glance at her then moved his feet.

Ji Qingying was stunned.

She stared at his back that was facing her.

Fu Yanzhis back was very wide.

Because of the light-colored shirt, she seemed to be able to see the muscles through his clothes.

He stood upright, blocking the eyes of others in vain, hiding her figure behind him.

That empty space could only accommodate her and her alone.

Before she knew it, she came to like this newfound sense of security.

She kept staring at his back that was within her arms reach.

When the elevator doors opened and closed, someone came in from the outside, bringing with them a gust of wind.

That wind blew the scent on his body towards her and she could smell it.

She could smell high-grade cedar and the smell of disinfectant.

It was a smell that she came to like which made her want to indulge in it more.

But because there was still some distance keeping them apart, the smell didnt wasnt very distinct.

Probably because of the enclosed space.

Or maybe it was because she had drunk some wine earlier, Ji Qingying subconsciously, leaned forward a little bit.

Moving slowly, she stretched her neck and… sniffed.

The tip of her nose grazed against Fu Yanzhis shirt.

Moving as she did, she carefully observed Fu Yanzhi for any reaction with her heart beating like a drum.

It didnt seem like he noticed anything.

So Ji Qingying became even more courageous.

She was a little greedy and wanted to get even more closer to him to smell that scent which she couldnt describe correctly in a short amount of time.

In his case, it wasnt that Fu Yanzhi didnt notice her moving around.

Just that, even if he did notice, he couldnt stop it, or rather… he couldnt even move forward.

They were just going down from the upper floors with the elevator going down 40 storeys and people were getting on or off in between.

It didnt take too long nor did they go down faster.

There were many people in the elevator.

She was hiding behind him.

If he moved suddenly it would inevitably attract the attention of others.

Fu Yanzhi had known her for so long, and by now, he understood what her character was like.

When it came to himself, she acted boldly in public, but in fact, she was quite vulnerable, sensitive, and even shy.

When it was about others, Ji Qingying had an indifferent and yet gentle personality.

So the moment the tip of her nose touched his back, Fu Yanzhi stiffened.

His lips were pressed tightly as he opted to say nothing.

He thought she would stop there.

But he didnt anticipate that Ji Qingying would move closer.

And as she did, he could feel her breath on the skin of his back through the thin shirt.

Immediately, he felt an unspeakably tingling sensation spread out all over his body.

And then.

Ji Qingying discovered that her wrist had been caught by his hand.

Startled, she looked down.

The mans warm palm was holding her delicate wrist and his palm seemed to be sweaty and wet.

She blinked and looked up at him, “Whats the matter”

As soon as she said that, they had reached the first floor.

Others got off one after another, but they were going to basement 1.

The elevator got empty.

Fu Yanzhi released her hand and moved aside.

The gaze with which he looked at her while tilting his head was intense and meaningful, “What were you doing just now”


Ji Qingying felt her entire face going hot.

Her breath became stagnant while she pretended and blinked lightly at the question, “What”

She said, “I was a little sleepy just now and I wanted to find something to support myself on.”

Before Fu Yanzhi could respond, Ji Qingying pointed at him first and seized the opportunity, “Doctor Fu.”

She was surprised, “Why are your ears red”

And the final blow was, Ji Qinying asking confusedly, “Did you feel the elevator earlier was too hot”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

If you let her finish there would be a persuasive retort, while he seemed to be the only one chasing after the topic relentlessly as if he was in the wrong.

He didnt even know where to begin.

Fu Yanzhi had become accustomed to Ji Qingyings behavior where she beat him upside down.

Even when she said something potentially scandalous, she wasnt shaken in the slightest.

He looked at her deeply for a moment, then suddenly he smiled, “Its nothing.”

Ji Qingying was taken aback.

Strangely, Fu Yanzhis behaviour made her feel uneasy.

If Fu Yanzhi had continued to ask, she would continue playing dumb.

But when he changed his approach, Ji Qingying became easily nervous.

She kept feeling that he would find an opportunity to poke at her and get his payback all at once.


She didnt think Fu Yanzhi was the type to bear grudges.

Even after the matter of her not-so-sneakily conducted actions had subsided, Ji Qingying was still feeling a little bit frustrated.

Although she was seated in the car her eyes still wandered about wildly.

She was unspeakably nervous.

The parking lot was quiet.

Occasionally the car lights flashed on and turned off just as quickly.

It was only after a long while did Ji Qingyings senses recovered.

Thus she turned to look at the person next to her, “Arent you leaving”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her sideways for a moment.

Ji Qingying paid attention to his gaze and touched her face subconsciously, “Is there something on my face”

Fu Yanzhi didnt speak.

Suddenly, Ji Qingying stiffened up.

Fu Yanzhi had leaned over to her side, and his breath grazed over her face leaving her feeling a little tingled.

The smell on his body strongly wafted over to the tip of her nose again.

Ji Qingyings body became even more rigid and she dared not to move.

Even her breath felt like someone had clicked on the pause button.

Her eyelashes trembled and just when she wanted to ask him what he was doing, it seemed like Fu Yanzhi had figured out what she was feeling and he laughed vaguely.

Just then, he pulled the seat belt beside her and fastened it.

The crisp sound drew her back from her thoughts that were flying everywhere.

By the time Ji Qingying blinked——

Fu Yanzhi was sitting straight back in the drivers seat.

He stopped looking at her and drove their car away.

When they got out of the gate of the parking lot, he suddenly turned his head.

Caught off guard, both of their eyes met.

His gaze fell on her cheeks, and he asked lightly, “Is it hot”

Ji Qingying blinked and shook her head slowly, “No.

Im okay.”


Fu Yanzhis eyes were calm and without any waves in them as he looked straight ahead, and said without hurrying, “Your face is very red.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

Before she could answer, Fu Yanzhi suddenly asked, “Just now.”

He paused on purpose as if giving her time to react.

“What were you thinking”

The author had something to say:

Beauty Ji:

Doctor Fu: It is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge after ten years.

(1) Check-in (打卡) – According to a chinese.stackexchange answer, Facebook has a “check-in” function, where people can add their location to a post to tell people theyre at a specific place.

Basically, a super popular place one would want to check-off their list so acheck-in to let everyone know you went there.

(2) Basically when Ji Qingying says “因為那是你的手” before its a play on words that when heard casually means, “Because they are your hands”, but if you look closer into it, it means “Because you have a hand in them” which is even more of compliment.

So thats what the sentence means.


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