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Chapter 28: Wait For Me At The Same Place (2)

Fu Yanzhi dropped a sentence and disappeared around the corner like the wind.

Zhao Yidong nodded clearly, then looked back and said without emotion: “Doctor Fu is handsome even if he walks.”

The colleague next to him couldnt help but laugh: “That must be the sign of our hospital.

I just dont know who can take it off.”

Zhao Yidong raised her eyebrows and thought for a while and said: “I think the beautiful cheongsam lady can.”

“But didnt the beautiful cheongsam lady get rejected and never come again”

Hearing this, Zhao Yidong was also silent.

The colleague continued: “Dr.

Su may be fine.”

Zhao Yidong raised her eyebrows: “Its unlikely.”

“How can it be impossible Dr.

Su and Dr.

Fu both have a common topic to talk about together, it would be more appropriate.”

Zhao Yidong was silent for a while, and suddenly asked: “What are you talking about”


Zhao Yidong expressionlessly said: “Is it normal for the heartbeat frequency today”


The colleague choked and turned to look at her: “You dont like Dr.


Zhao Yidong didnt explain much, but Yun Danfeng said softly: “It is general.”

They talked and walked towards the hall, but they didnt expect it.

Speak of the devil, and she appeared.

Su Wanying came here after a long time of psychological preparation.

She wanted a face, even if she likes Fu Yanzhi, she wouldnt come here at noon when there are a lot of people.

Once rejected, she couldnt help her face.

But today, she wanted to come over for verification.

“Doctor Su, why are you here”

Zhao Yidong asked: “Is there anything wrong”

Su Wanying smiled faintly and looked at her: “Where is Doctor Fu”

“Still busy.”

Zhao Yidong: “Are you looking for Doctor Fu in a hurry”

“Nothing in a hurry.”

She smiled softly: “Go ahead, Ill wait for Doctor Fu here.”


The two didnt say much to her, and continued to move forward.

After two steps, the colleague pulled at Zhao Yidongs clothes and said with a low voice: “This Doctor Su… couldnt she also hear the hospital rumor and came to meet Doctor Fu for lunch”

“Dont know, she used to come over after got off from work in the afternoon.”

The colleague thought for a while: “Maybe she found a competitor and felt a sense of crisis.”

Zhao Yidong: “…”

Ji Qing Ying arrived at the hospital at exactly 12:30.

She took the phone and sent a message to Fu Yanzhi, and then walked slowly towards the familiar side.

On the way, she also ran into Zhao Yidong.

“Qing Ying.”

Zhao Yidong greeted her enthusiastically: “Are you here to see Doctor Fu”

Ji Qingying curled her lips and smiled, greeted her and the nurses next to her: “Hmm, is he still busy”

Zhao Yidong: “He was still there when we went down, you can go up and take a look.”

She smiled, and muffled her voice: “I thought you wouldnt be coming.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Qingying raised her eyebrows and asked: “How come.”

Zhao Yidong was quiet, but urged her: “Then you quickly go upstairs.”


Ji Qingying didnt linger too much, and walked straight to upstairs.

Outside Fu Yanzhis offices, she saw a female doctor in a white coat standing on the side, looking down at the phone.

Ji Qingying wasnt the type who likes to talk and ask, so she didnt take the initiative to ask.

She glanced towards the office.

The door was closed, and Fu Yanzhi probably hadnt finished yet.

As soon as she retracted her gaze, a womans voice rang from one side.

“Are you here to see Doctor Fu”

Ji Qingying was startled, and looked sideways at the person.

It was the female doctor just now.

She nodded, adhering to the awe of the doctors profession: “Yes, are you a colleague of Doctor Fu”


Su Wanying looked at the woman in front of her, pursed the corners of her lips and said: “Why are you looking for Doctor Fu Are you the patients family”

Ji Qingying didnt answer the previous question: “No.”

Su Wanying understood it, and smiled quickly: “Thats a bit unfortunate.”

Ji Qingying looked at her.

Su Wanying pointed and said: “There was an emergency patient just now and Doctor Fu was on the operating table.”

She had a very light tone and made people feel very comfortable.

She looked at Ji Qingying and said softly: “It is estimated that it will take three or four hours to come out.”

Ji Qingying was stunned and smiled quickly: “Okay, thank you.”

Su Wanying watched her movements, and was stunned for a moment: “Are you still waiting here”

Ji Qingying nodded, smiled and said: “Three or four hours are not too long, Ill wait and see, its okay.”

Su Wanying: “…”

She bit her lower lip, but said nothing.

After a while, Su Wanying left first.

After the person left, Ji Qingying tapped on the screen phone, watched the chat with Fu Yanzhi and sighed deeply.

Fu Yanzhi did indeed accept an emergency patient here.

But for various reasons, he didnt go to the operating table.

After the system check, the patients family wanted conservative treatment.

Even if they suggested a high success rate of surgery, they still didnt agree.

The doctor couldnt force it.

It was just that the best hope would be passed on to the family, as for the rest, they wouldnt make the final decision.

After waiting for Fu Yanzhi to finish, it was already one oclock.

Back to the department, Fu Yanzhi took out the phone from the drawer and looked at it.

Not surprisingly, there was news from Ji Qing ying.

She arrived half an hour ago, and asked him whether he was finished.

After that, it was ten minutes ago.

She said, I will leave first.

Fu Yanzhi paused his finger and dialed the phone directly.


Ji Qingying just walked to the hospital gate.

“Where are you.”

Fu Yanzhis voice was as good as ever.


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