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Chapter 28: Wait For Me At The Same Place (3)

Ji Qingyings ears went a little numb as she looked down at the stairs below her feet, “By the gate.

Are you done”


Fu Yanzhi took off his white coat and asked in a low voice, “Do you want to eat in the cafeteria”

Ji Qingyings lips pursed as she replied with a question, “Will it hold up your work”

Fu Yanzhi calmly asked, “What”


Ji Qingying was silent for a while then looked up at the dazzling sunlight, “You know.”

Fu Yanzhi answered while walking out of the office, and closed the door.

“It wont disrupt my work hours.”

After saying that, he added, “As for rest time, thats for resting, where is the delay in that”

It was baffling.

Yet, Ji Qingying was pleased by his words.

The dark clouds above her head dispersed and the haze disappeared.

Her lips curled wordlessly as she found a comfortable position to stand in, “Then can I go back on my promise”

“What do you go back on”

Fu Yanzhi asked lightly, “Dont want to eat at the cafeteria”

Ji Qingying laughed, “No.”

She said, “I still want to eat at the cafeteria.”

She glanced, “Ill wait for you at the entrance of the cafeteria.”

“No need.”

Ji Qingying was startled.

Fu Yanzhi strode out, “Wait for me where you are.”

The gate of the hospital was crowded with people going to and fro, so Fu Yanzhi asked her to wait in place and with that Ji Qingying really didnt move.

Within two minutes, she spotted a familiar figure.

Fu Yanzhi wore a dark shirt today, which suddenly changed his temperament by a lot.

Indescribable but still a little overbearing.

The thought made her lips curl upwards again.

Fu Yanzhi approached and looked down at her, “Sorry.”

Ji Qingying shook her head to reassure him, “You had a sudden emergency patient come in right”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her in surprise, “How do you know”

“Your colleague told me.”

Fu Yanzhi said “Hmm” and led her inside while explaining, “There was an emergency but no surgery was done.”

Ji Qingying said “Ah” and asked curiously, “Why”

Fu Yanzhi was silent for a while and answered softly, “Many reasons.”

They suddenly fell ill and the operation fee wasnt cheap either.

For many families, this was the bad news that suddenly fell from the sky.

Although money was something to be spent and then earned, for many people, it wasnt just that.

And the hospital was a place where one could see a lot of such things.

Things which made them feel cold or warm.

Those who stayed here longer would become them warmer but similarly, they may also become more indifferent.

Ji Qingying just stared blankly.

She could hear the hint of helplessness in Fu Yanzhis words.

She raised her eyes to look at the mans face.

The outline of the face was still sharp, but he seemed a little bit tired.

Ji Qingying responded softly then suddenly stretched her hand forward.

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her, his gaze filled with a question.

Ji Qingying looked at him and said brazenly, “I just stood for a long time.”


“These pairs of high heels are new, they are hurting my feet.”

Fu Yanzhi paused and followed her words, “Then.”

“You can help me.”

She said, “My feet are painful, and I feel like they are unstable.

Im afraid Ill fall while walking later, what should I do”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He felt a little helpless, but it still seemed like he was incapable of refusing.

Ji Qingying didnt urge him to respond immediately.

About a few seconds later a hand stretched out in front of her and Fu Yanzhis voice brushed past her ear, “Grab it.”

The sun overhead felt hot.

Its rays sparsely penetrated the lush foliage on both sides and fell covering the two of them.

The reflections under the sun overlapped.

Ji Qingying smiled, and tried to keep her racing heartbeat under control, and stretched her hand to hold his.

The temperature of his body was higher than she thought.

Even through the clothes, the fact that their hands were in touch could be felt very clearly.

Moreover, she could feel the pulse beating in his wrist and feel the muscles of his forearm.

Ji Qingying lowered her gaze.

She looked at their overlapping shadows on the ground.

The smile at the corner of her lips couldnt be suppressed.

From the gate to the cafeteria, the distance wasnt too far, but not too close either.

When she was about to reach the door, she was worried that the fact they were close might have some bad effect on Fu Yanzhi and intentionally let go.

Fu Yanzhi on the other hand just looked at his empty wrist, paused for a little bit, and put his hand back in his pocket indifferently.

As he was about to go up the stairs, he suddenly heard a womans laugh beside his ear.

“Fu Yanzhi, why are your ears red again”

When she raised her head, Ji Qingying inadvertently saw how red his ears had become.

She couldnt help but point out boldly.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his gaze to look at her and replied woodenly, “Go over there and look in the mirror.”


Fu Yanzhi said, “Your face is red.”


The two looked at each other and realised that they were too close.

Even their breaths could be felt on the face.

Not to mention they could clearly see the fine fairs on the face and how fair and delicate the skin was.

Ji Qingying blinked then reacted.


She retorted with a blank expression, “The sun must be too hot, that it became so red.”

Fu Yanzhi approved of this reason and nodded seriously, “Yeah.”


There werent many people nor few people in the cafeteria.

Doctors and nurses who normally were resting at this time left early after finishing their dinner, but some, like Fu Yanzhi, come here after they were done.,

When the two showed up without surprise they attracted everyones attention.

The colleague next to Su Wanying exclaimed, “Wanying! Look over there! Doesnt that woman look like the one we saw at the entrance of the cinema last night”

Ji QingYing wasnt wrong last night.

When they went to see a movie someone was indeed watching her and Fu Yanzhi.

Su Wanying hadnt expected that Fu Yanzhi would appear at the cinema hall.

As she understood, even if Fu Yanzhi had an appointment with someone, it was practically impossible to ask him out to watch a movie.

But last night, she did see it.

At first, she thought it was just a similar figure.

But as she stared more Fu Yanzhi turned his head and she saw his face.

She wasnt wrong at all, it really was Fu Yanzhi.

That was why she had gone to look for Fu Yanzhi in the afternoon.

She wanted to verify and she wanted to try and work harder once more.

Lost in thought, Su Wanying was caught off guard when she suddenly raised her head to look.

Not far away, Fu Yanzhis tall figure and the woman in cheongsam came into view.


The colleague suppressed her voice and called out to her, “Is it her”

Su Wanying bit her lip, stared at the two people over there and said, “Its her.”

Ji Qingying was standing beside Fu Yanzhi.

She could feel the gazes of everyone from all the directions.

If it had been in the past, she would definitely ignore it.

But right now it was a bit difficult.

Because most of these people were Fu Yanzhis colleagues and she couldnt completely ignore them.

Thinking about that, she reached out and poked the arm of the gentleman beside her.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his eyes.

Ji Qingying said vaguely, “Everyone is watching you, dont you feel it”

Fu Yanzhi said “Yes”, took two plates next to him, and handed her one, “So what”

Ji Qingying: “Nothing.”

She faintly said, “I just deeply felt that Doctor Fu is indeed a man of the hospital.”

Fu Yanzhi: “No.”

“Why no”

Ji Qingying looked around and after noticing that someone took a photo with a mobile phone she retracted her gaze, “Everyone is looking at you, and someone is even taking a photo.”

“They arent taking my pictures.”

Fu Yanzhi walked forward and said calmly, “They are taking your pictures.”

Ji Qingying: “… Whats good about taking pictures of me”

Upon hearing this, Fu Yanzhi stopped to look at her.

She was stunned for a moment.

Being stared at by him like that she felt a little uncomfortable.

She asked vaguely, “Why are you looking at me like that”

A smile appeared in Fu Yanzhis eyes, “Looking at you, and trying to see whats good about taking pictures of you.”


Ji Qingying heard the teasing in his words, and the flush that had just dissipated on her cheeks rose again.

She seemed to be hit by happiness making her head feel all dizzy.

She was choked for words, but still unwilling to be outdone.

Pondering for a bit, Ji Qingying looked back straight and asked, “Then you… can you see it”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He didnt think that she would retort that way.

So he didnt say anything, but Ji Qingying refused to give up.

“Doctor Fu, what about you, do you see it”

She blinked, her eyes filled with her cunningness, “Speak.”

The author has something to say:

Beautiful lady Ji: What do you see

Doctor Fu: Im no match for her.


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