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Chapter 29: Coming To You (2)

As soon as he sat down, he got a call from Lin Haoran.


“You and Beauty Ji went to the cafeteria for dinner”

As soon as Lin Haoran had figured out who the woman in the rumor was, Fu Yanzhi heard his surprised voice over the phone.

Fu Yanzhi closed his tired eyes slowly, and asked, “Is there a problem”

Lin Haoran choked.

“How can you say that”

He continued, “Do you think its not a big deal Rumors have spread all over the hospital now because you never took anyone to the cafeteria for dinner before!”

“Why are you so free”

Fu Yanzhi asked lightly.

Lin Haoran: “…This is called entertaining oneself while being busy.

You wont understand.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

Lin Haoran continued, “Dont mind that.

Whats going on with you guys”

Fu Yanzhi opened the files lying in front of him and asked as he glanced down, “What”

Lin Haoran felt choked again, “…Dont pretend to be stupid.”

Fu Yanzhi replied as he was reading and stated calmly, “She wanted to taste the level of the food in our hospital canteen, thats it.”


Lin Haoran, “Thats it”

He exclaimed as he got agitated by the reply, “She said she wanted to visit and you simply showed her around; You are saying thats it Dont mess with me! If something is not going on between you two, then I will surely cut my head off!”


Lin Haoran stunned for a moment, “What”

“I dont talk to headless people.

If it hadnt been for the sake of their friendship from their school days, Lin Haoran wouldve long blocked Fu Yanzhi by now.

He choked for a while and asked, “I just saw the pictures that are being passed around.

I am the one who knows you two on a name-to-name basis.

I can tell there is something going on between you and Beauty Ji.”

“What picture”

“You guys, together in the cafeteria.

Do you want to see how different you look from the usual” he asked jokingly.

Fu Yanzhi paused then turned the pen in his hand around twice before saying, “Yes, so hang up.”

Lin Haoran: “…”

One minute later.

Fu Yanzhi received more than a dozen photos on his phone.

All of them had been taken secretly.

Some of them were from when they had lined up and were chatting, some of them had been taken when they were sitting together for a meal… Even if it was a sneak shot, Ji Qingyings face could withstand the test.

Fu Yanzhis fingertips stayed on the screen for a while before he turned his phone off.

After leaving the hospital, Ji Qingying went home to work.

When she was done and had wrapped everything up, she went out to meet Chen Xinyu at the place she was working at.

As soon as Chen Xinyu came out, she saw a familiar figure standing by the fountain.

She smiled and went closer.

“How long did you wait for”

Ji Qingying looked up at her, “Not much.”

She stretched out her hands and hugged Chen Xinyu, “Okay, your personal comforter is here.”

Chen Xinyu couldnt laugh or cry.

As she smiled, her lips curled up, “Thanks.

But I really dont feel sad anymore.”

Ji Qingying glanced at her, “What do you want to eat”

“Hot pot.”

When it came to eating, the two have never had any arguments

At the hot pot restaurant, Ji Qingyings appetite was whet as she smelled the fragrances of the spices.

Chen Xinyu glanced up at her and asked with a smile, “How was the lunch at the hospitals cafeteria”

Ji Qingying thought for a while and said, “It wasnt delicious.”

Chen Xinyu chuckled, “Then this one is”


The two talked.

Chen Xinyu was curious about the development between her and Fu Yanzhi, so she couldnt help but ask, “Hows it going between you guys”

Ji Qingying looked at her, “What do you think”

Chen Xinyu, “…Development wise, the fact that he can take you to the cafeteria for dinner means there has been some progress.”

Hearing her words, Ji Qingying thought about it seriously for a while then nodded and said, “Forget it.”

“What do you mean”

Ji Qingying smiled while holding a cup and said, “Its only that he doesnt resist my approach.

Occasionally I make a request and he will agree.”

Despite his helpless indulgence, she could feel that he wanted to step back.

Even if it was a little bit.

But all of that was far from enough.

Chen Xinyus brows rose with her serious expression as she said, “Thats plenty then.”

She tried to convince her friend, “You can definitely get a little bit more.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

The two kept on talking as they ate, the atmosphere between them was very lively.

“By the way, when is the 3rd round of the tournament”

“In two days.”

Ji Qingying then asked, “Would you have time to attend the open competition if it was on the weekend”

For the final round, the competition would be completely open to the public.

The San Qing company organizers would invite people to come and watch the show and even give them the right to vote.

The participants would also get tickets to invite their friends and family to participate.

Chen Xingyus eyebrows slightly rose as she answered with a smile, “Of course.”

She added, “This is the first competition youve entered a competition ever since you graduated, so Ill make time even if I dont have some.”

Her words made the two of them smile at each other.

After a moment of silence, Chen Xingyu suddenly looked up at her.

Ji Qingying looked surprised, took a sip of tea, scriptwriter and asked, “Whats wrong”

Chen Xingyu sighed, “One pity is that Chi Lu is not present.”

With an “En.” Ji Qingying fell silent as well.

Chi Lu was their college classmate and roommate.

Although she changed her major after their freshman year, it had not affected their friendship.

Whenever Ji Qingying participated in a competition, Chi Lu was her exclusive model while Chen Xinyu was the cheerleader and the backbone of the pair.

“Shes so heartless.”

“How can she be so cruel and cut off contact with us like that” Chen Xinyu said.

Ji Qingying smiled and didnt say anything.

After a quiet moment, she suddenly said, “By the way, I think I know who that boyfriend of hers is.”

Chen Xinyus eyes widened and immediately asked, “Who”


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